Accidental death or something more?

Hagmann P.I.
August 20, 2012

By Douglas J. Hagmann

There are coincidences in life, but I’ve learned not to trust many of them. This “coincidence” involves the untimely and tragic “accidental drowning” death of 46-year-old Jennifer Ann Gallagher-Pinson of Denver, Colorado, and was brought to my attention by investigative researcher and senior contributor Randy Taylor.

I initially heard about her death late last week. Still, the accounts appeared fairly straightforward, except that Jenny Gallagher-Pinson happened to be one of the key trauma nurses on duty at the University of Colorado Hospital, where the victims from the July 20, 2012, movie theater shooting were taken.  She treated many of the victims of the shooting during those early morning hours. After further research as a result of Mr. Taylor’s findings, however, the circumstances surrounding her death appear to be anything but straightforward.

A timeline of the events surrounding her death, created by a composite of several media outlets on two continents, suggests that anomalies exist with regard to the details surrounding her initial disappearance and death.


20 July 2012: Jennifer Ann Gallagher-Pinson was working in the trauma unit of the University of Colorado Hospital as victims from the movie theater shooting were brought in. She reportedly treated several of the survivors.

22 July 2012: Barack Obama visited UCH, where he met with some shooting victims and hospital staff. “Jenny” appears in a photograph standing in front of Obama.

6 August 2012 (Monday Evening): Jennifer Ann Gallagher-Pinson, her husband, Gregory, who works as a surgeon at Surgical Specialists of Colorado, their five-(5) year-old son Jack, and at least one other unidentified friend were on vacation at West Lake Okoboji in Iowa. According to at least two reports from news outlets in Ireland, Jennifer’s birthplace, and where her family resides, Jennifer and an unidentified friend reportedly took a boat out onto the lake after her husband and young son had gone to sleep.

Jennifer reportedly left the boat to swim, however, did not return. (Now, this is where the accounts become very sketchy).

7 August 2012: (Tuesday; 12:45 p.m. local time): According to the initial report, the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office, which is the law enforcement agency that handles emergency calls for this area, reportedly received a call from a family member who a female had “gone missing.” It is important to note that a different media report places the time of the emergency call closer to noon.

At some point before the Sheriff’s department could organize a water search, a family member reportedly found the body of Jennifer Ann Gallagher-Pinson under a dock on the lake. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

8 August 2012 (6:30 a.m. local time): The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release of the drowning that stated Jennifer was swimming the previous evening and was reported missing the following morning.

As verified by the authors, the Dickinson County Sheriff’s office is not commenting on this matter as the investigation into the death of Jennifer Ann Gallagher-Pinson appears to be ongoing, as well as it should.

The circumstances and conflicting reports at multiple levels by various sources of the Aurora, Colorado shooting, including those outlined by this author here, have raised a number of questions that appear to be inconsistent with the official narrative of the incident. Now, there appears to be a death of a nurse who was involved with the treatment of the victims of that shooting who has also died under questionable circumstances.

One is left to wonder whether this young wife and mother might have heard or seen something at the hospital and began to ask unwelcomed questions. Perhaps the shooting and the untimely death of this woman are unrelated. In these uncertain times, however, one would be well advised to be vigilant and question everything.

Whatever the circumstances, know that our prayers and sympathies are with this young lady’s family and co-workers.

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