Checkmate: From global makeover to take over

Hagmann P.I.
May 9, 2013
Checkmate: From global makeover to take over

By Douglas J. Hagmann

We’re rapidly approaching a potential checkmate moment in the Mideast. There are 41 nations plus the U.S., for a total of 42 nations currently participating in military maneuvers off the coast of Iran. Despite all of the saber-rattling about Iran, we are being deceived about the coming global battle, which will almost certainly begin in Syria, not Iran.

What we are seeing is both deadly serious and under-appreciated by most Westerners, who have grown weary of wars and rumors of wars in the Mideast long ago. Exhaustion aside, the events continue to march forward, and the consolidation of forces and interests is forming until that final moment when we will have a single group of tyrannical global controllers left standing. A checkmate moment, where the aspirations of the globalists will have succeeded in a plan of global domination and consolidation of power, energy, and wealth, all obtained from the blood and bodies of our family members fighting a war without our consent.

It was during the darkest hours of last Sunday morning, during the time that exists when sunrise seems so distant and the stillness of the night that keeps most of humanity in the Western hemisphere in a deep slumber. Then I began to contemplate the best way to report the complexities behind the recent bombings near Damascus of missile storage facilities and the missiles themselves by Israel. Even at this early hour, the media already had their talking points well refined, preparing to hold captive their audience by asserting that the strikes took place in the readily accepted historical context of a limited Israeli action against their regional Arab enemy protagonists. A short, sharp, precise operation with a beginning and an end, all in a tidy time period. Except it’s not. Not this time. We are seeing something much different… a step toward global war.

I was troubled by this inaccurate description of events, like many of you who are reading this, as we know that what we are seeing is part of something much larger and much more ominous taking place. It was here, on this very site, that I wrote about the beginning of World War III… and that it would not start with Iran but with Syria. The death race to Damascus by an agenda so nefarious that it could only be ascribed to an unseen evil. Yet, my treatise was called hyperbole by some and described as the writings of an alarmist by others. While I discount the former, I happily embrace characterizations of the latter, knowing that we are witnessing events that cannot be “walked back.” We are watching the end stages of a larger agenda play out before us while those in power and the media want us to believe otherwise.

It was during this darkness that I decided to turn on my television for updates from the media with which most Americans are so enamored and by which they are so controlled. At this early hour, I stumbled across an infomercial selling DVDs of old television variety shows from a seemingly much simpler time, momentarily taking me away from my task.

Perhaps caught up by the motion of a man spinning several plates atop wooden sticks, my German Shepherd suddenly awoke from his light slumber and looked at the on-screen motion that seemed to be a staple of variety shows of the 1960s. His gaze was captivated by the spinning motion of the plates and the man frantically moving from one side of the table to the other, trying to keep all the plates spinning and airborne while adding even more. I watched my dog as he seemed mesmerized, staring at the television without blinking for at least a full minute.

When the man finally lost control of the spinning plates, and they all crashed to the floor amid the guffaws of the audience, my eyes met those of my Shepherd, who was now looking at me as if to ask what that was all about. It was an out-take of an act that was never broadcast, replaced by the successful act that concluded with all plates intact.

I suppose that seeing the reality of the events that never aired was the major selling point of the DVD. The things that are not broadcast during normal programming, the messes, the mistakes, breakage, and what really takes place behind the scenes, is carefully screened from the audience. I noticed that this man had two or three assistants who stood just outside of visual range, hidden from view, who quickly came to his aid after the broadcast feed was cut and once the curtain that separated the actor from the audience was closed. For my dog, however, the visual spell was broken once the plates stopped spinning and crashed to the floor.

There it is, I thought, in the dark of night and outside of the normal viewing times of network television, is the broader explanation of the events currently unfolding on the world stage.

The plate spinning of the Obama-Saudi-globalist cabal

If one looks beyond the two-dimensionality of the media and the talking points from Washington, the three-dimensional aspect of current events begins to emerge. Like the plate spinner whose first act began with one single plate on a stick, so too did the so-called “Arab Spring,” which would be more appropriately named the “Globalist Spring.” After the audience warm-up act in Tunisia, the complete act opened with Egypt, after which more plates from the Obama-Saudi-Globalist agenda were added, further captivating the attention of the world.

Like my just-awakened dog and the on-screen action that captivated his stare, people have been watching the spinner add more and more plates, awestruck at this talent exhibit. The audience anticipates a successful conclusion to this marvelous feat of balance and dexterity and is ready to cheer when the spinner removes the plates from their thin balancing posts, and the act successfully concludes neat and tidy to the television audience, with nothing broken.

Obama himself could be compared to the visible plate spinner in this act known as the Arab Spring. “Globalist Spring,” that is, where the fate of nations, like plates atop thin sticks, are spun as props entertaining a global audience.  Captivating the world with the many plates on sticks, he is the frontman entertaining the world audience while the producers, the media, and the globalists, quickly edit out any missteps, or broken plates, keeping the reality from the captive audience. Some breakage, however, cannot be edited out by the media and must be explained away differently. Such was the case with Benghazi, and as is the case with the Israeli airstrikes on the missiles in Syria. Their explanation in place of edits transcends the realm of perception to that of deception.

While the globalist-controlled media and power elite do their best to divert the public’s attention from Benghazi and attempt to convince their captive audience that the Israeli missile strikes are limited, localized events, the truth is that both occurred during the same stage act. Different plates, but the stage and the show are the same.

Obama, the visible plate spinner, like his TV counterpart, has a revolving cadre of out-of-sight assistants that have included Hillary Rodham Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, and a long list of others. In addition to his assistants, we must also consider the executive producers for the show now underway. Some refer to them as the puppet masters, others, the paymasters. However defined, they are the ultimate producers of this and all the stage acts we see. They are the individuals who control the money and wealth and now want to not only control but own the future.

While the masses continue to watch the balancing act, what is happening offstage that we’re not supposed to see?

For those not as easily entertained…

Readers might recall my many reports about Benghazi, and that this entire operation was nothing more than a covert weapons-running operation to arm anti-Assad terrorists to destabilize and take down the Syrian government. Whether we refer to it as “Death Race Damascus” or “Obama’s real-world game of Risk,” the operation has placed the world in the beginning stages of World War III. Notice that the Israeli missile strikes took place just outside of Damascus, and Syria is Russia’s “red line” in the sand.

Benghazi and the Israeli strikes near Damascus are not unrelated. The Israeli attacks in Syria are collateral effects of our covert operations throughout the Middle East and North Africa and, in that manner, tangentially related to Benghazi. Benghazi was, and is, all about Syria. And Syria is not Iraq or Afghanistan, or even Egypt or Libya. Those countries imploded, while Syria is set to explode and enjoin other nations into a regional and, ultimately, a world war.

For this reason, people need to fully understand the significance and secrets that full disclosure about Benghazi would reveal. You see, opening the curtains to expose the planners and producers of the Benghazi stage act would reveal secrets so closely held that it threatens the agenda of the Obama regime who are working on behalf of the Saudis and their globalist handlers. Such a misstep of full disclosure about Benghazi could cause a critical setback of an agenda advancing across the world stage where timing is critical.

For those not easily entertained or intellectually challenged by spinning plates, the situation playing out before us may also be compared to a game of three-dimensional chess. Using this analogy, we can view the multi-dimensional board and the movement of chess pieces required to set up World War III. One board consists of players involving North Korea, Japan, and China. In contrast, the second of three boards represents the entirety of the Middle East, and all of the proxy nations of China, Russia, and the United States.  But what about the elusive but critically important third board? It is on this level where the real story exists.

The third board: Who benefits?

It is here that one must pay very close attention to everything that is not being reported over the very visible reports we are intended to see. As I have asserted many times, we are in the midst of a proxy war that has created some very unusual alliances and some very dangerous opposition. Superpower nations are using allied nation-states to fight battles to jockey for their ultimate fighting positions. You can read about these alliances and the minutia of the battles elsewhere. Here, I am attempting to draw your attention to the larger picture, the end result, and the end game scenario… because the key to understanding the alliances and actions exists and only make sense in the larger picture of this 3-D global chess game.

The third board represents a field of play that is virtually misunderstood by most and, therefore, rarely mentioned in the context of the nation-building and reconfiguration we have watched unfold over the last several years. It is a process underway for a reason, but not for any noble causes we are being told to believe.

It is at this level where a select group of people is making their moves that prompt those of all others. It is at this level that the international bankers, the globalists, and the secret cabal of unseen forces are at work and playing to win. It involves a currency war, and a currency war is as much a war as one with bombs and bullets. We can see it with the international transfer of wealth. the manipulation of the gold reserves, and in other areas—but only if we look.

Quite simply, the motives behind global conflict can be found within the military-industrial complex operated at the highest levels of the internationalists, the bankers and financiers—the same surnames have been present in nearly all conflicts throughout history.

There is a firewall that exists between these global power elite and their objectives. It is the sovereign United States of America, much as it always has been in modern times. However, we have been weakened from within, and our sovereignty is being significantly eroded through multiple and tenacious assaults against our freedoms and liberties. This is the result of collective acquiescence and our lack of resistance to tyranny disguised as security and immorality in many forms presented as tolerance. We are thus left in a weakened state, with a collective majority unable to think clearly or fight to regain the Godly values upon which our nation was founded. This has been by design, not default.

As our national moral compass has been compromised, so too has our ability to recognize the other assaults to our sovereignty, or our willingness to speak out against our own destruction. Specifically, we have an occupant of the White House who, by the admission of an unnamed senior member of his own staff, has an agenda to “kill the U.S. dollar,” the most widely held currency in the allocated reserves of many nations. On what planet, on which stage, in what venue does the killing of our national currency make any sense whatsoever? That is a question that has yet to be answered.

The only sense one could possibly make of this treasonous act is the ultimate destruction of the United States as a nation, as the last firewall of freedom.  Who better to usher in our demise, then, is a man whose past is shrouded in mystery, and whose future intent is becoming clearer with each passing day. Ultimately, though, who would benefit from our destruction? Who benefits from a third world war, where millions will most certainly perish. The answer is clear, as we see parallel agendas of wars fought with bullets and bombs, and wars fought with food and wealth.

Once the plates stop spinning and nations have fallen, or the chessboard is cleared of the pawns, the only clear winners will be the architects who are behind this global perversity of power realignment. The winners will be the power elite, whose goal has always been to lock in their future by taking away ours. They will usher in a global currency and ultimately control the wealth of the world not only for this generation but for future generations.

So, while your focus is being directed to the flash-bangs of bombings designed to leave you stunned, understand the real objective. It’s a fight for the future—your future—and the future of your offspring, who we have permitted to be sold into bondage through perpetual shooting wars and money wars. It is imperative that you see we are in the beginning stages of a global makeover, and prepare accordingly.

HAGMANN P.I. (Doug Hagmann)
Private Investigator for over 35 years. TV Host, Radio Host and Author.

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