Disarming America

Hagmann P.I.
August 7, 2012
Disarming America

By Douglas J. Hagmann

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Those are the words directly from the mouth of Rahm Emmanuel, uttered in 2009 while he was Barack Hussein Obama’s Chief of Staff. Although Emmanuel is gone from the White House, that sentiment, or perhaps more accurately described as a tactic, remains.

It is likely that the shooting at the Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee yesterday, two weeks after the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, will trigger an onslaught of calls by elected officials for “reasonable” gun controls. It is also likely that it will facilitate the implementation of other prohibitions, including but not limited to criminalizing any form of critical speech of certain religions perceived to be victimized by discrimination. Indeed, both issues have been on the agenda of Barack Hussein Obama and his globalist cohorts since the 1990s.

Preliminary media reports suggest the perpetrator of yesterday’s shooting be both a U.S. military veteran and a “white supremacist,” designations clearly identified by previous bulletins issued by the Department of Homeland Security as national security threats. Even before the identity of the perpetrator had been released, the establishment media was leading with these characterizations.

Additionally, the FBI has taken the lead in the investigation and has already classified the incident as “domestic terrorism” and a “hate crime.” The elements absent in the Colorado shooting are conveniently present in this shooting and will likely act as catalysts to redefine and limit our present rights under the facade of reason and tolerance. Despite calls by the very people to avoid exploiting this tragedy for political gain, that process is already in full swing.

Anyone who cannot see how things are lining up to implement broad, sweeping changes to the freedom and liberty of every American citizen is either blissfully ignorant or a party to the agenda. One has to look no further than the numerous freedom-limiting executive orders issued by Obama, the new lexicons of the Department of Homeland Security, and the militarization of municipal police agencies to understand that the enemy of the state is being redefined according to a political agenda dedicated to the destruction of our nation and her people.

It is important to connect the proverbial dots and not be impaired by the myopic rants of those who are either oblivious to the larger agenda or succumb to the emotional pleadings of the “well-intentioned.”  Things are often not as they appear, especially when one looks at the methods such incidents serve to institute the fundamental changes desired by Obama and his globalist associates. The agenda to disarm Americans is an important step in the fundamental transformation of America. It is but one step, albeit a major one, that has always existed, needing just the right time and the correct set of circumstances to accomplish.

Despite denials, you can be assured that yesterday’s shooting will be used to advance the agenda of “gun control.” It will begin with demands for “reasonable” controls over all new sales of semi-automatic weapons, bulk gun purchases, or magazines with a capacity greater than an arbitrary number determined by gun control advocates inside of the beltway. It will likely enjoy bipartisan support, and be advanced by an accommodating and complicit media. In the wake of the temporarily stalled United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, the fact that the killings took place at a Sikh Temple will not be lost as well.

From there, the tenuous grasp Americans have on our Second Amendment rights will be within reach by those intent to disarm us. Unless we open our eyes to what is taking place right under our collective noses, we will always remain one Supreme Court justice vote, one executive order, or one piece of “reasonable” legislation away from being unable to protect ourselves from further tyranny at the hands of our own government. Once there, our ability to maintain all of our other freedoms, including the freedom of speech, will be lost.

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