Ep. 4393 Presentation: Proof of Infiltration, & Preparation for Invasion by the CCP; Gates & CCP Behind WHO

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March 1, 2023



PAGE 1:  US imposes sanctions on China, stoking fears of trade war  THE GUARDIAN 3/22/2018 – Fears of a trade war heightened on Thursday as the Trump administration slapped trade sanctions on China, including restrictions on investment and tariffs on $60bn worth of products. A Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman said Beijing would “take all legal measures to protect our interest” if the US took “actions that will harm both China and itself”.

VIDEO 1:  Did China Intentionally Release the Covid Virus? (Was COVID retaliation for Sanctions?) Stinchfield Tonight R/T=2:49

VIDEO 2:  The Evidence Supporting the Origins of COVID-19  Dr. Peter McCollough – John Fredericks R/T=1:19

VIDEO 3:  Steve Gruber Discusses COVID-19 Lies R/T=14:32

PAGE 2: TWITTER THREAD  Ed Dowd SOA Excess Deaths

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