Ep. 4420 Wars of the Apocalypse Forming, Social Media is Covert Arm of Government, Limited Hangouts | Doug Hagman | April 10, 2023

Hagmann Report
April 10, 2023


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VIDEO 1:  America Has Been Shaped By Christianity

VIDEO 2: John Kirby (Twitter) No Chaos

VIDEO 3:  Dr. Shiva: Elon Musk’s Backdoor Censorship Ecosystem Is Silicon Valley’s Fascism Rebranded

PAGE 1: V A Shiva:  Dr.SHIVA’s Historic First Amendment Lawsuit to Win Back Freedom: First Case in U.S. To Show Government MADE Twitter Silence Political Speech 

VIDEO 4:  Don’t listen to your friends; IT’S HAPPENING NOW!  Note – not shown this episode

VIDEO 5:  Investigative journalist, Marc Morano, explains how Covid lockdowns were used to prime people for the incoming climate lockdowns

PAGE 2:  GP: Western Sanctions and the War in Ukraine Creating a New World Order, And China is Leading the Parade


PAGE/TWEET 3:  (GORKA – TAIWAN):  Chinese warships have encircled Taiwan under the guise of “military exercises.”

PAGE 4: Epoch Times:  Sen. Lindsey Graham Says He Would Support Sending American Troops to Taiwan

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