Ep. 4422 Wokism, Nuclear Exchange Potential Rises Abroad & War Against Christians at Home | The Hagmann Report | April 12, 2023

Hagmann Report
April 12, 2023


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(PAGE) Continued from yesterday:  2023 Corporate Equality Index Criteria

VIDEO 1:  Vile hag gloats that you will be arrested for spending your own money in a clampdown on using cash   15s GAB video.

VIDEO 2:    NextGen 51s GAB

VIDEO 3:  SABOTAGE – Massive industrial fire in the city of Richmond, Indiana, located west of Dayton.  17s Twitter

VIDEO 4:  Taiwanese official: Military drills suggest China is getting ‘ready to launch a war against Taiwan’  CNN

VIDEO 5 :   China to set up temporary no-fly zone north of Taiwan on Apr 16: Reports

VIDEO 6:  Jeff Clark: “The Biden Admin lied about the White House’s involvement in the Mar-a-Lago raid.”  Bannon 9:35

PAGE 1:  Report: Joe Biden’s White House Involved in Raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Residence  Breitbart

PAGE 2:  America First Legal’s Investigation Reveals the Biden White House Was Involved With the Mar-a-Lago Raid and that NARA Misled Congress; AFL Launches Additional Investigation  

VIDEO 7:    “This Is A War For The United States”: Alex Jones Warns Of Coordinated Attack On American Republic   17:54 BANNON/JONES

Breitbart VIDEO 8:  Hawley Says the FBI Is ‘Infiltrating’ Churches, Spying on Americans

PAGE 3:    Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology”   LifeSite

PAGE 4:   Jordan Letter to Wray re Subpoena    HagmannPI Scribd

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