Ep 4601: MUST WATCH – Current Mechanism of Tyranny In Progress & It’s Not What You Think | Sam Andrews Joins Doug Hagmann | Jan. 9, 2024

Hagmann Report
January 9, 2024


Guest Sam Andrews unveils his current investigative findings into a chilling mechanism of tyranny that is being conducted in states across the nation. In anticipation of the next “plandemic” or “scamdemic” – the pretext for lockdowns and limiting voting options ahead of the 2024 Presidential election, bills are being passed that centralize medical oversight to unelected commissions, boards or associations. Centralization and thus consolidation of power has always been the preferred method used to control populations and segments of the population. The medical industry, which comprises over 25% of our economy, is being redefined through state legislation that will cede authority and ultimately, control to federal buraucacies. The reason that this change is being made is due to the success of the best and brightest contingent of medical doctors who broke away from the official COVID narrative and exposed the real agenda behind masks, lockdowns, and censorship.

This episode is perhaps one of the most important and informative episodes we’ve done. Please watch and share widely as we all must work together to expose and stop this tyrannical overreach.

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