Ep. 4613: URGENT Broadcast – Steve Quayle & Jamie Walden – War From Within, War From Without – There’s NO Turning Back | January 25, 2024

Hagmann Report
January 25, 2024


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PART II: Jamie Walden (Omega Dynamics) and Steve Quayle (Steve Quayle) join Doug Hagmann to deliver one of the most comprehensive and evidence-laden messages about our nation – and who comprises modern-day Babylon. Our fate is in the crosshairs. Please watch/listen to the entire epsidoe and please SHARE this episode with others. CLICK HERE for Part I.

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Episode Guide (Time markers are approximate)

  • Star-00:06: Announcement – Also, Dmitri Dudeman from 1984
  • 00:04: Takedown of a reprobate nation – Communists from inside America soften our nation
  • 10:00: Texas’ actions – Is Abbott really on America’s side?
  • 13:00 Leave the World Behind movie – Setting up for kinetic invasion
  • 14:00 Civil War (movie) predictive programming – “Yard Farming” of US citizens
  • 16:00 Communist softening the US
  • 19:00 How will this play out? SCOTUS ruling, etc.
  • 23:00: Deception – Gov Abbott – WEF Meat Puppet
  • 25:00 Theosophy, Satanism behind Communism
  • 29:00 All is going to God’s plan – ammunition, etc.
  • 34:00 Normalcy, then it’s gone
  • 36:00 China Balloons across the US last year; refitting nuclear bases
  • 39:00 Grid X one and two
  • 40:00 Red Dawn, death gurgles of the metro-dollar
  • 48:00 To take out a president?
  • 53:00 Has any army been successful against an armed populace?
  • 56:00 It’s all about global genocide
  • 57:00 Deagle report
  • 1:03 Know God – distinguish the fight
  • 1:05 There’s nothing that can turn back what’s coming
  • 1:06 Daring feats of valor
  • 1:08 Book of Treasures Going into the land of giants
  • 1:10 The macro picture – The globalists are aware of God’s plans, which drive their actions
  • 1:17 2018 simulations – space directed policies – human chaos factor
  • 1:27: In closing Imminency & inevitablility
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