Evidence of the Islamic terror threat within our borders

Hagmann P.I.
October 1, 2014
Evidence of the Islamic terror threat within our borders

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Following the attacks of 2001, I set out to “make a difference,” which was to assist our government by offering my services in my capacity as a multi-state licensed investigator. Okay, hold the chuckles, snickers and laughs at bay for a moment while I briefly explain my thinking at that time. In 2001, I had 16 years of investigative experience under my belt and several years of experience with the inner workings of certain government “operations” that the majority of people don’t even know exist.

I engaged in covert activities as an operational asset for a few “three-letter” government agencies on matters unrelated to terrorism. Accordingly, I made some very valuable contacts, and became an operational asset in the realm of counter-terrorism. I assembled a group of other investigators and together, we infiltrated password protected Arabic language forums and discussion groups, and I conducted covert surveillance operations of various Muslim sites inside the U.S. that appeared to be engaging in activities that included paramilitary training.

From shortly after 9/11 through 2006, I was busily conducting covert surveillance of certain Islamic centers in urban and rural locations inside the U.S. I secured photographic and videotape documentation of what could be best and most accurately described as paramilitary type training at two locations, and turned over significant amounts of data, witness statements, videos, and photographs to a Washington, DC location. I felt like I was doing my part to make the U.S. safer for my children and future generations. That is, until I realized that nothing was as it appeared to be.

Something is wrong

As time progressed, I noticed, as did others in our group that nothing was seemingly being done with the evidence we collected, assembled and submitted. One might ascribe this to mere incompetence or perhaps improper timing as investigations of the actors we identified might be in progress. That excuse fell flat when it became obvious that not only was our information being ignored, but our efforts were also being marginalized at nearly every turn.

At one point, for example, one of the investigators who spent four years to successfully infiltrate an Islamic terrorist forum kept “bumping into government ops people” inside the forum. Disturbingly, he noticed that there were more than a few of government agents using pseudonyms who were the actual posters of terrorist manuals, tactics and other material. After conducting our own research and discussing the situation with other government officers with whom I (and other investigators) had a long-standing relationship, it was clear that this was not being done for legitimate investigative purposes, however (e.g. to ferret out additional terrorists). It was pure dissemination of critical information that put others at risk.

When an inquiry was made by this investigator to his “handler” in DC, the investigator who asked why alleged “good guys” would be engaging in this type of dangerous, if not downright seditious activity, he was “outed” on the forum and subsequently banned from further access, negating four years of hard work and putting him and his family at risk. He quit that day.

Another investigator quit shortly thereafter after stating that he could not identify the good guys from the bad, conveying a similar account.

Muslim terrorists on American soil

I had very similar experiences with the results of my covert surveillance operation on Muslim paramilitary training camps within the U.S. For a 40-month period, I intermittently conducted surveillance and field investigation of several separate and unrelated locations in the state of New York, including but not limited to surveillance of the Jamaat ul Fuqra headquarters at the foot of the Catskill Mountains in a rural area near Hancock, NY. The covert surveillance and field investigation of this compound itself was conducted from May 2004 through February 2006, following a series of covert site inspections in 2003.

In late January, 2006, I submitted my written interim report of findings to the appropriate federal agency. Before the ink was even dry on my report, as they say, I was notified by a friend inside the Department of Homeland Security (who later became an invaluable confidential source) that the head of the group once designated by the U.S. Department of State (a designation that was later lifted), Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, who resides in Pakistan, was made aware of my investigation and was preparing a public religious pronouncement against me.

As you might imagine, I was shocked, as the dissemination of my very extensive investigative report was extremely limited. Despite this limitation, Gilani reportedly knew details that only someone in possession of that report could possibly know. And based on my findings, he issued a very public religious statement against me and another investigative researcher. The statement can be accessed on Gilani’s site at this link. It is important to note that Gilani was once a suspect in the kidnapping of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was later beheaded.

It was at this time, concurrent with the outing of other investigators as noted above, that I knew something inside our own government was terribly wrong. It was obvious that we were being fed a big lie, or at least part of one, about the government’s involvement in terrorist activities. As I continued my investigation into this “leak” and other anomalies, I began to see the enormity of the lies being told to the American people. You see, this was not just happening to me, or to us, but to other outside investigators and even the “good” officers, agents, and others working within a number of federal investigative agencies. Whatever was happening was deliberate, and it was coming from very high places.

What I found is that the “Islamic threat” to the United States is indeed genuine. What I also determined, however, is that this threat is being carefully “managed” by a criminal cabal of globalists that exist within as well as outside of our own federal, state and local governments. As such, it has been deliberately used by members of our own government at multiple levels and by ranking members, past and present, of both major political parties, for obvious as well as more subtle yet equally nefarious purposes. I ask that you consider this statement and all of its ramifications thoughtfully and carefully.

I understand that this is not news in 2014. Despite my investigative experience, though, it was news to me nearly a decade ago.

It is also of critical importance to stress that while this investigation determined and confirmed that the Muslim threat is legitimate, it is merely one component of a vastly larger, more convoluted and complicated threat rooted in an extensive criminal conspiracy that has existed for decades in some instances, and even longer in others.

Opposing views

A bit of digression here is both relevant and warranted. Even the most cursory scan of Internet websites will reveal that there are individuals, groups, websites and others who downplay or even deny the threat posed by Islamic terrorism in all of its forms. Even a cursory understanding of history supports this assertion. Accordingly, this very dangerous and perilous position is either birthed from ignorance or is an act of deliberate deception.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are those who deny that any conspiracy exists whatsoever and cite only the acts of Islamic terrorism and Muslim terrorists. While they are not incorrect in their identification of Muslim actors and events of Islamic terrorism, their investigation and reporting is flawed by not looking beyond the obvious. Paraphrasing my good friend, author and researcher Steve Quayle, they see “the fruit of the evil, yet refuse to identify the root of the evil.”

Today, it seems that these two opposing views, one that it’s all and only Muslim terrorism without external influence, while the other insists that there would be no Islamic terrorism without government complicity and “false flags,” dominate the discussion regarding security to our nation. The truth, I believe you will see from my investigative findings, exists in the middle of both assertions.

Not new: The Muslim threat in the U.S.

It is important to understand that the Muslim threat to the U.S. did not suddenly develop with the attacks of 2001. To understand the proper context and structuring of the threat as it exists today, we must go back to at least the time of World War II and earlier. The relationship between oil and energy (e.g. ARAMCO), the U.S. and Western intelligence agencies, and internationalists did much to expose the U.S. to Islamic terrorism. The role of the CIA and its predecessor, as well as other Western intelligence agencies, is integral in one’s comprehension of the Islamic threat we currently face in the U.S.

Farther back in time, we can cite the letter sent from Albert Pike to Giusseppe Mazzini dated August 15, 1871 about his vision of three world wars, with the third war being intentionally orchestrated by the proponents of a one world order to pit the Islamic world against the West. The letter, despite the controversy surrounding its authenticity, certainly appears to be farsighted and accurate.

While the complete history is important to fully comprehend so we can understand how we arrived here, it is beyond the scope of this investigative series.

As we fast-forward to today, however, we must at least understand that the threat by Islamic actors in the U.S., while genuine, has been orchestrated to a large extent by multiple administrations and congressional leaders over a long period. The infiltration of Muslim terrorists or their sympathizers and facilitators into federal agencies is a much more recent development, taking hard root under the oversight of George W. Bush and of course, exacerbated under Barack Hussein Obama and his cadre of socialists, who relate most closely with Islamic ideology in many ways.

It is the desire of this writer that the reader study the real history of Islam and the globalist agenda to understand the backdrop of the current threat that faces us all today. Once the merging of a global world order and Islam is fully understood, not only will the threat to the citizens of U.S. be understood, but so too will the entire geopolitical situation as it exists today. For it will be by the Islamic scepter that a global, one world order will be ushered, and the freedoms once enjoyed by U.S. citizens will be reduced to a mere memory. And that does not happen overnight.

What I have compiled is evidence of paramilitary training that has occurred, and continues to the present, of Muslims and Islamic terrorist groups operating inside the U.S. with virtual impunity. They have infiltrated many levels of federal, state and local governments and without hindrance from federal investigation.

What I will introduce in this investigative series will be photographic evidence to show some of these groups in action. I will also provide documentation that the U.S. government has known about this threat since 9/11, if not long before.

Part I: Muslim paramilitary training in the U.S.

I received information that paramilitary style training was taking place at rural locations across the United States after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. One group in particular caught my attention: Jamaat ul-Fuqra.

Incredulous that this type of activity could be taking place in the wake of the 2001 attacks, I officially opened an investigation of this organization in 2004, following a series of on-site inspections of the locations where they were purportedly operating.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra: The background; an investigative primer

Jamaat ul-Fuqra (JF) or “community of the impoverished”, a terrorist organization operating in Pakistan and North America, was formed by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarik Gilani, (a/k/a Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, pictured at left) in New York in 1980. GILANI also refers to himself as “the sixth Sultan Ul Faqr.” The stated objective of the JF, according to GILANI, is to “purify” Islam through violence. While Gilani is primarily based in Lahore, Pakistan, their operational headquarters is in the U.S.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra was established and organized to counter “excessive Western influence on Islam” through any means necessary, publicly embracing the ideology that violence was a significant aspect in its quest to purify Islam. JF has identified the enemies of Islam as ALL non-Muslims and ANY Muslim who does not follow the tenets of fundamentalist Islam as detailed in the Qu’ran.

A document written by GILANI and published by the Qu’ranic Open University in the U.S. instructed his followers that their primary duty was to wage Jihad against the “oppressors of Muslims,” namely those who are identified as enemies of Islam by the criteria detailed above. Members of the group have been consistently described as Islamist extremists with extreme animosity toward their enemies.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra openly recruits its members through various social service organizations in America, including “religious” recruitment from the prison systems, (A large segment of JF members have been convicted of criminal acts, including murder and fraud) and selects individuals to live in compounds operated by agents of the group. Those individuals then agree to abide by the laws of the Jamaat ul-Fuqra which are considered to be above local, state and U.S. federal laws. Senior members are sworn to enforce the laws of the group.

In 2004, the organization appeared to consist of over two-dozen “Jamaats,” or private communities that are loosely connected and scattered throughout the United States with an estimated 5,000 members here domestically. This writer/investigator found that an investigation of the group conducted by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office in the early 1980s determined that several of the JF communities actually operate covert paramilitary training compounds, one of which had been located in a mountainous area near Buena Vista, Colorado and another that has been identified through this investigation ‚Äì their organizational headquarters in a rural area of Hancock, New York.

A primary “front” for the terrorist organization is the Muslims of the Americas, Inc., and its school known as the International Qu’ranic Open University, Inc., through at least 2009 has its primary base of operations at 2732 Roods Creek Road, Hancock, (Delaware County), New York 13783.

The headquarters is situated on approximately 70 acres of remote and secluded land on the western edge of the Catskill Mountains, about 40 miles southeast of the city of Binghamton, New York. On-site investigation confirmed that this facility is known as “ISLAMBERG” as depicted in the following image:

The front organization for Jamaat ul Fuqra, the Muslims of the Americas, Inc. has been directly linked by court documents to that terrorist organization. The Muslims of the Americas is a tax-exempt organization formed in the US in 1980 by GILANI and operates communes of primarily black, American-born Muslims throughout the United States.

Investigation confirmed that its members commonly use aliases and intentional spelling variations of their names, and routinely deny the existence of Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Its members have been known to travel to Pakistan for paramilitary training, training in the use of weapons and explosives, and “survivalist training,” although this investigation found evidence to suggest that the current encampments inside of the U.S., specifically the location in Hancock, NY offers such training so members do not have to risk travelling abroad following the increased scrutiny in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra members have purchased isolated rural properties in North America to live as a community, practice their faith, and insulate themselves from Western culture. The group has established rural encampments that US authorities allege are linked to murder, bombings and other felonies throughout North America.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra has been investigated by US authorities for charges ranging from links to al Qaeda to laundering and funneling money into Pakistan to finance terrorist activities. The organization supports various terrorist groups operating in Pakistan and Kashmir. Sheikh Gilani himself is directly linked to HAMAS and Hezbollah.

Throughout the 1980s, JF was responsible for a number of terrorist acts across the United States, including numerous fire-bombings. Research of incident reports found that the early targets of JF in North America were ethnic Indians and targets linked to various Indian sects. In July 1983, Stephen Paul PASTER, a front ranking JF member, was responsible for planting a pipe bomb at a Portland hotel owned by followers of the Bhagwan Rajneesh cult. Following his arrest in Colorado, PASTER served four years of a 20-year prison sentence for the bombing. He was also suspected in two other bombings in Seattle in 1984: the bombings of the Vedanta Society temple and the Integral Yoga Society building. Current intelligence suggests that PASTER is now based in Lahore, Pakistan where he trains Fuqra members in the use of weapons and explosives.

Following the Portland bombing, two Fuqra members reportedly killed Mozaffar AHMAD, a leader of the minority Ahmadiyyah sect in Canton, Michigan. Both suspects in the murder, however, were reportedly killed by a fire they later set at the Ahmadiyyah mosque in Detroit, Michigan. The JF is also suspected in a series of fire bombings of Hindu and Hare Krishna temples in Seattle, Denver, Philadelphia and Kansas City.

During a search of a storage locker in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1989, federal agents recovered a large cache of weapons, ammunition and documents linked directly to Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Found were numerous handguns, semi-automatic firearms, explosives, pipe bombs, bomb components and several larger bombs.

Some of the seized documents described the activities and code of the “Muhammad Commandos of Sector 5,” who were reportedly involved in arms training and intelligence gathering. The documents included maps, lists of targets (facilities and individuals) in Los Angeles, Arizona and Colorado. The named targets included oil and gas installations and electrical facilities, U.S. Air Force Academy and other military sites, individuals in 12 states and Canada.

Publications issued by JF were also seized during this search and included “Guerrilla Warfare”, “Counter Guerrilla Operations”, “Understanding Amateur Radio”, and “Fair Weather Flying,” and “Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching.”

In 1991, five operatives of Jamaat ul-Fuqra failed in their attempt to bomb a cinema and a Hindu temple near Toronto, Ontario Canada and were arrested at the Niagara Falls border crossing. Customs agents found evidence and plans of the intended targets and bomb-making instructional manuals. A Canadian jury convicted three American JF members of conspiracy to commit mischief and endanger life while a fourth suspect, who arrived in Canada from Pakistan shortly before the planned bombing, fled to Pakistan after the arrest of his colleagues.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra was linked in a Congressional testimony to the planning of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. An individual who was convicted for his role in the bombing, Clement Rodney Hampton-el, was admittedly a member of Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Various members of the terrorist organization are suspects in at least 10 unsolved assassinations and 17 firebombing cases between 1979 and 1990.

The founder of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, Sheikh Mubarik Gilani, was formerly in Pakistani custody for the abduction of US journalist Daniel Pearl. Intelligence sources have determined that Daniel Pearl was attempting to meet with Gilani in the days before he disappeared in Karachi. Pakistani police arrested Gilani on 30 January 2002 and detained a number of his associates. Further, intelligence sources suggest a link between Jamaat ul Fuqra and Richard Reid, the now infamous “shoe bomber” who attempted to ignite explosives in his shoe while aboard a Paris-to-Miami passenger aircraft on 22 December 2001.

Colorado law enforcement agencies convicted five members of Jamaat ul-Fuqra for defrauding the Colorado government of approximately $350,000 through bogus workers’ compensation claims. That amount was laundered through the Professional Security International (PSI), a Jamaat ul-Fuqra security firm, and Muslims of the Americas, where some of the money was sent to Pakistan. The licensed security firm in New York enabled terrorist operatives to secure federal licenses to purchase (and carry) weapons. Additional licensed security firms, based in New York, are also tied to the terrorist group.

A security firm referenced by the National White Collar Crime (NW3C) report as an organization associated with Jamaat ul-Fuqra is “786 Security” located in Brooklyn, NY. It is operated by Husain M. ABDALLAH who has been identified as one of the early organizers of ul-Fuqra. It is notable that the company is based in Brooklyn, where Sheikh GILANI began his American recruitment efforts. According to records from the New York Secretary of State, “786 Security” is an inactive listing; the company was transferred to ABDALLAH’S name.

Other companies associated with Jamaat ul-Fuqra and its front organizations are known to this investigator but are purposely omitted here due to the ongoing investigative status.

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