Evidence that the Silencing of Assange Connects Directly to the Clinton Camp

Hagmann P.I.
October 21, 2016
Evidence that the Silencing of Assange Connects Directly to the Clinton Camp

Fingerprints of Fabrication – More Effective than a Drone Strike: Exposing the Anatomy of a Take-Down

Julian Assange, the man behind Wikileaks and a threat to the criminal cabal of globalists working inside of the U.S. government, is the subject of multiple investigations, including two most recent, extremely serious and very curiously timed charges. In fact, it is suggested that these charges served, at least in part, as the basis for Assange recently losing his internet access.

press release dated 18 October 2016 from Wikileaks details the charges, summarized as follows: “An unknown entity posing as an internet dating agency prepared an elaborate plot to falsely claim that Julian Assange received US$1 million from the Russian government and a second plot to frame him sexually molesting an eight year old girl.” Both are heavy duty accusations, to be sure.

In society and especially within prison systems (well, except for some Middle Eastern countries), pedophiles do not fare well. Mere accusations are often sufficient to make one a very poor life insurance risk. Accusations of espionage, including and especially to such levels of enrichment, can also be a death sentence.

Why not just drone the guy, one might ask? Well, that could work, too, however, the mere stigma from accusations of espionage and pedophilia might well be considered the “daily double” of professional extermination, without the property destruction and bloodshed. Such charges are far more convenient and effective than a drone strike, as no tears are shed for such societal dregs. As an added benefit, there’s a whole lot less explaining that needs to be done.

It is important to note here that the American public has been inundated with accusations that the nation state of Russia is behind the Podesta and DNC hacks. Recall that Hillary Clinton asserts that all of our intelligence agencies are pointing to Russia as the culprits behind the digital break-ins, involving Assange by association with the Russian operation. How utterly convenient, then, to see charges levied against Assange that he is the intended recipient of one million dollars. For the mindless spectators listening to the media pundits, case closed.

For the independent thinkers among us, not so fast…

Neutralizing Assange – From the Pages of the Benghazi Cover-up Playbook

While scrutinizing the accusations against Assange, I sensed something very familiar about the origins of the claims against him. In fact, it was reminiscent of the attacks in Benghazi (which I’ve investigated and written about extensively), where the blame was attributed to an obscure internet video produced and uploaded to the internet by an equally obscure individual.

Stated differently, I’ve seen this same template, or identical method of operation before. In that instance, the origin of the video appeared to have been birthed by factions within the U.S. government itself, and by individuals working with or peripherally, at that time, to the Central Intelligence Agency and related organizations. Now this, possessing many of the same characteristics related to Benghazi. It appears to have been copied from the same “playbook.”

In the case of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and had a working relationship with the CIA and former and current national security advisors. They wrote the playbook and used it to mitigate the public relations disaster that would accompany allegations of weapons smuggling through the CIA compound in Benghazi. With regard to the Benghazi attack, I was clear that all was not what it appeared.

Now with regard to the charges against Assange, my investigation revealed that all is not what it appears. It is, in fact worse. If proven correct, the charges are not only spurious, but can be traced to political operatives inside the inner circle of Hillary Clinton campaign and equally important, intelligence operatives within that same circle. Simply put, Hillary Clinton, along with her inner circle of political and intelligence operatives appear to be present at the epicenter of both the Benghazi cover-up and the Assange accusations.

I do not write this lightly and understand the implications by publishing my analysis. I am therefore relieved upon finding the research of citizen journalists posting to Reddit, who appear to be arriving at similar conclusions. It was during my broadcast last evening when a listener sent me the link to the same Reddit thread I found earlier, giving me a bit of comfort knowing that others are beginning to take notice.

I must fully credit the posters at Reddit, some who would make great investigators based on their thoroughness and persistence. The cyber unit at the FBI would do well to pay attention, for there are some very talented cyber-sleuths who I would gladly welcome into my organization given their abilities and tenacity. Most of the so-called journalists of today could not find their way home with a map and a GPS, but I digress.

Fingerprints of Fabrication

A fully documented investigative report would span many pages and contain numerous end notes serving as exhibits logged into evidence. For the sake of space and time, I’ll provide a simple overview of the general analysis based on my extensive research and investigation.

Central to the charges against Assange is a company identified as ToddandClare (toddandclare.com), an online dating site that reportedly offered Julian Assange, through his attorney of record, a million dollars for his participation in a video ad for their company. The money, it was alleged, would come from the Russian government and was initially made on or about 15 September 2016.

The Assange legal team obtains information about this entity, responding that it appeared to be an elaborate ruse to entrap Assange. Follow-up emails ostensibly from that same entity pose an October 31, 2016 “deadline” regarding their original offer, although contain certain characteristics of those emails suggest something more nefarious is taking place. It is critical to note that the odd timing of this “offer” corresponds with Wikileaks obtaining the yet unreleased Podesta emails.

On October 4, 2016 – the same day of Assange’s press conference where he was expected to disclose serious revelations involving the Clinton campaign, that same entity, ToddandClare, a participant in the United Nations Global Compact program known as KATIA,a screening project to protect women from online predators, apparently filed a report against Assange for the alleged online sexual molestation of an eight-year-old girl. Again, it is critical to understand the timing of the actions referenced.

Three days later, Wikileaks begins the incremental release of the Podesta emails.

As the news of the serious allegations made against Assange were made public, citizen journalists and amateur investigators posting to Reddit began their efforts to uncover who is behind the entity known as ToddAndClare. The findings posted on Reddit generally corresponded with my investigation being conducted in-house, with a few minor and inconsequential differences.

What was discovered and published on Reddit, and found through my use of proprietary databases that restrict access to approved investigative agencies, is a relationship between ToddAndClare and certain staff members of a database aggregator, trends analyzer and global think tank identified as the Premise Data Corporation.

The Premise Data Corporation is a highly praised and well-connected company whose co-founder is identified as David Soloff. Mr. Soloff happens to be a friend of Hillary Clinton, and is seen in pictures on social networking sites posing with Hillary Clinton.

In addition, Larry Summers is listed as being on the board of directors at the Premise Data Corporation. Summers is also associated with the Center for American Progress, which was founded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

So there you have it, exposed are the latent digital fingerprints of fabrication and connected to the Clinton Cabal, not Russia. There is more, but this should be sufficient to see that things are not what they appear.

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