Exposing Those Who Control Our Nation

Hagmann P.I.
October 13, 2021
Exposing Those Who Control Our Nation

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Countries under Communist control crush corporations and silence their CEOs for criticizing their governments. Currently, in the US, we are witnessing the inverse of that approach.

In Communist countries, a state-run media exists. In the US, a media-run state exists. It’s a distinction without a difference, as both models result in a nearly identical crackdown of our freedoms.

CEOs of corporations, specifically those of “big tech” companies, are controlling the levers of power by silencing “America First” patriots inside and outside of government. Never has it been so apparent as the “Digital Night of the Long Knives,” when these oligarchs conspired to silence the President of the United States and countless other conservative voices in a wholesale, historical, and dangerous “purge” of dissenting ideologies.

Powerplay made by permanent or “deep state” oligarchs

What we saw in this purge was not an organic response or reaction to the events that happened at the Capitol last Wednesday. It was a power-play made by permanent or “deep state” oligarchs who have been waiting for just such a manageable and exploitable event.

Social media and the various internet platforms “came of age” when Barack Hussein Obama occupied the White House. During that period, the deliberate and most effective integration of power between big business, the corporate media, social media platforms, and government at the highest level of the permanent or “deep state” took place. Members of the Obama regime, including and especially from the State Department and National Security Council, combined with big tech to form what many people today refer to as the “shadow government.”

It was also during this period that big tech companies and media giants integrated with the authoritarian national security apparatus. This deliberate construct enabled selected key individuals at the highest levels of big government to shape public opinion by controlling news content. It was also during this time that “fake news” and oligarch appointed and approved “fact-checkers” came of age. Globalist oligarchs refined their control of whatever narrative was necessary at the time to turn public sentiment against a patriotic and unapologetic ideology of “America First.”

Asserting that platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are private companies and therefore not subject to First Amendment applications seems like a legitimate constitutional argument, at least on its face. However, the vertical integration with the permanent state has resulted in the virtual town square’s near-complete occupation, where only approved speech is permitted. This vertical integration of power is the precise reason that President Trump has been consistently antagonistic and vocal towards the media since he first announced his candidacy. We must also realize that there is no longer any meaningful distinction between the corporate globalist oligarchs of the social media platforms, corporate media, and the authoritarian state.

Scorched earth policy against 75 million-plus patriots, labeling us as domestic terrorists

This integration of power is responsible for perpetuating hoaxes such as Russiagate, the unwarranted and costly Mueller investigation, the chorus of media calling for President Trump’s impeachment, and the complete blackout of overt voter and election fraud.

What this big tech-authoritarian partnership has planned next, however, is far more alarming and dangerous than most people can imagine, yet many are cheering for it without reservation. 
Allowed to continue unabated, the full force of the American security apparatus will be used against anyone who ever voiced their support for Donald Trump and his “Make America Great – Keep America Great” agenda. The national security apparatus will target those who continue to embrace a populist agenda.

This corrupt globalist regime, a combination of the permanent state and big tech oligarchs, will not be satisfied to simply silence those who oppose a globalist agenda and support American exceptionalism. They intend to employ a scorched earth policy against 75 million-plus patriots, labeling us as domestic terrorists.

That is a point from which we can never return.

HAGMANN P.I. (Doug Hagmann)
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