Farmers Pushback Against WEF in Germany – Western Media Blackout

Hagmann P.I.
January 11, 2024

The captured corporate media is actively censoring the dynamic pushback against the WEF and the Globalist Oligarchs’ agenda that is taking place in Germany – now with assistance from Polish farmers. The media and the Globalists don’t want people to see the effectiveness of fighting back. Farmers in Germany (the largerst economy in the EU) began their well-planned pushback this week due to the economic and agricultural policies announced by Olaf Scholz’s government – policies that cut diesel subsidies and tax breaks for agricultural vehicles.

The WEF and Western tyrannical Oligarchs – including from Klaus Schwab to Bill Gates, members of the Obama/Biden regime, and members of the Uniparty embedded in the US and Canada do not want people to see that their policies can be challenged and the people are fighting back. The German farmers were joined by rail workers, German truckers and now truckers from Poland.

As noted in this report, “the discontent within the farming community was previously demonstrated in a mass protest held in Berlin in mid-December, prompting the government to make partial concessions. In response to the outcry, Berlin agreed to retain the preferential tax treatment of agricultural vehicles and postponed the cuts to diesel tax breaks until 2026.”

Watch the Tucker Carlson clip with Eva Vlaardingerbroek – and share this news to overcome the censorshop by the Left.

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