Helter Skelter amid a perfect storm

Hagmann P.I.
December 22, 2014
Helter Skelter amid a perfect storm

“Look out… Helter Skelter… She’s coming down fast… Yes she is.”

Two police officers were executed in New York City by a lone gunman on Saturday who was reportedly exacting revenge for the deaths of two black men by police, one from Ferguson and the other from Staten Island. The bold execution of two uniformed officers sitting in a police car in broad daylight, in a city that has one of the most oppressive gun control laws in the nation, is destined to quickly become one of a series of seminal events in our nation’s history.

This is not a column, however, about the two police officers executed in cold blood, nor is it about the deaths of the two black men during (or consequential to) their encounters with white police officers. It is about something much bigger and much more nefarious in its origins. Most people are just not thinking big enough or refusing to see how the citizens of our nation have been, and continue to be, psychologically manipulated and carefully programmed into a planned state of chaos, followed by order through more centralized oppression. Americans are about to be caught in a perfect storm created by the global power brokers. The formation of this man-made storm began long ago.

Tell me, tell me, tell me the answer

For those too young to remember, Helter Skelter was a song made famous by The Beatles on their “White Album,” but infamous by the murders perpetuated by the Manson family. The words Helter Skelter were written in the blood of one of the victims of the brutal homicides that gripped Los Angeles and the nation in August, 1969. The song, particularly in the mind of Charles Manson and his entranced followers, referred to an apocalyptic race war between blacks and whites in the United States.

Most Americans believed, and continue to believe, that Manson and his followers were merely insane, and his cult persona was the artifact of a hippie generation of drug-addled degenerates. After all, it was much easier to accept that such horror was nothing more than a “one off” and the cause celeb for the highly promoted yet totally ineffective “war on drugs” initiative. Anyone suggesting that a deeper plot existed was relegated to a “time out” on the grassy knoll with other conspiracy wing nuts.

For anyone with a comprehensive understanding of the rogue intelligence aspects of the Marxist-controlled origins of the Haight-Ashbury movements and the activities of Laurel Canyon during that same era, we knew the events we are presently witnessing would someday arrive. Although it’s taken over four decades of the Marxist-Progressives to keep the embers of the psychotropic experiments aglow, they were always burning beneath the surface and being exploited at every turn by useful idiots embedded in and facilitated by the programmed mass-media.

Today, few have any understanding whatsoever of the “Grand Game” of the globalists. They fail to understand how the seemingly disparate pieces of the big picture puzzle fit together and are falling into place. They don’t understand the deeply evil, dark and deceptive underbelly of the agenda at play, nor do they recognize their roles in advancing the objective in which they are captivated.

Today, we are witnessing the manifestation of an initiative started decades ago. It is part of a larger initiative to destroy the United States from within, by those within and without. It’s death by a thousand cuts. Bloody and slow, but effective nonetheless, and perfect for a distracted, misinformed and mind-numbed populace.

Most Americans, even those who consider themselves awake, are not aware of the events that led us to this point in time. They cannot be blamed, for the “Grand Game” of the globalists is not openly acknowledged, discussed, or readily understood beyond an acceptable level of discussion of the tactics of Saul Alinsky and the Cloward-Piven strategy. That, however, is merely the visible veneer of something much deeper.

Additionally, any open discussion of a conspiracy to program the population of a nation is met with snickers and marginalization from insiders and unwitting participants, as exposure of the plot cannot be tolerated as it would threaten the end game objectives of the complete and utter destruction of American society as we know it.

Tracing the origins

How many people in America are familiar with the Tavistock Institute and its network that’s heavily embedded within America? A network that involves think tanks and non-governmental entities that are beholden to our own intelligence apparatus and involved in the distribution of mind altering drugs and programs involving unwitting participants. How many know, or would intellectually accept the fact that the aforementioned Beatles and the subculture of decadence was actually a product of the Tavistock Institute, manipulated into our society for the deliberate destruction of our morality?

To understand the events of today, it is imperative that we understand the whole truth of how we arrived here – who and what brought us to this point. History as it really happened, not as we have been programmed into believing.
It is critical to comprehend that our spiral of self-destruction was crafted by those serving an evil, satanic cult of carnage for their own diabolical objectives.

Many people in America are just now beginning to see through the thinly veiled agenda. They are hearing accounts of CIA involvement in drug smuggling, weapons running, and accepting that the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies have deposed leaders unsuited to their goals. While that’s a positive advancement, the lie runs much deeper and is even more insidious. It’s a start nonetheless.

Programming, mind control and conditioning were once subjects limited to science fiction, or to Mel Gibson type characters in movies like Conspiracy Theory. Look closer, dig deeper, and do your own research while it is still possible, and you will begin to see how we’ve been gamed and brainwashed into a paradigm of lies.

Just one instance that illustrates just how easily we can be manipulated exists in the financial world. Do record-breaking stock market highs amid an $18 trillion deficit, high unemployment, and a record breaking dependency class make any sense to you? Many more examples exist almost anywhere and everywhere you look, if you dare to look. Unfortunately, most will remain clueless as they watch the cable news channels, and listen to political cheerleaders on talk radio discuss the promising changes that could be captured by the next election.

Meanwhile, the dry tinder lining the streets of America is about to be set aflame. And that tinder is in your neighborhood, on your street, and surrounds your property. You will not escape the conflagration if you aren’t prepared.

Endgame Objective

The end game objective is quite simple. It is the takedown of the United States from within, using multiple avenues of destruction, for the purpose of creating a system of global governance. This system of global governance will unite the world economies as well as the world’s religions under global Communism.

A speed bump to this objective is the United States as it exists, barely remaining a Constitutional Republic. The objective is to finish us off as a nation. What are some of the means and methods being used to accomplish this?

  • It is the deliberate orchestrated “Balkanization” of our country through the process of illegal immigration, which is less about democratic votes than it is about tearing down our national identity. It is the killing of our currency, which will neuter whatever remains of our national sovereignty. This also serves to wipe out the middle class, resulting in only two classes of people: royalty and those who serve them.
  • It is the destruction of our health care system, which promotes eugenics, population reduction and control on the “life” side, while destroying a large swath of our nation’s economy on the economic front. It is the consolidation of power under this system, placing authority into the hand of the IRS under an already destructive system of progressive taxation.
  • It is the eradication of our civil liberties, our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms, and our right to live in a free and open society.
  • It is to start and cultivate a civil war much worse than the first, using both race and religion as catalysts to tear our society apart and provide the excuse to implement even more draconian measures against the citizens of our nation.

It is here, at that fateful intersection in Brooklyn where two police officers were executed, that history might show the opening shots of the ethnos versus ethnos began. If not here, it will be close. If not now, it will be soon, for the table has been set for the globalists, and their American entrée is nearly ready to be served.

If none of this makes sense to you today, or seems too “far out” there, don’t worry, it will become much clearer soon enough.

Prepare. Pray.

HAGMANN P.I. (Doug Hagmann)
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