How it Feels When YouTube Disappears Your Video

Hagmann P.I.
August 26, 2018

By Peter Barry Chowka

© By Peter Barry Chowka

YouTube’s policy of suppressing conservative broadcasters hit close to home early last Tuesday morning when a video I was on was suddenly taken down. It was there one minute, with 10,000 views and that number climbing rapidly, and then it just disappeared. Immediately, this action took the censorship of conservative views from the distant realm of somebody else’s experience to one of my very own. In a long career of writing and commenting, I had never encountered anything like it.

Every Monday, I contribute a one hour political analysis by video Skype to The Hagmann Report (HR). HR is a 3-hour nightly conservative television and radio program that streams live on a variety of mainline audio sites and, until last Monday, on its most prominent platform, on YouTube in HD.

The show is produced and hosted by Erie, Pennsylvania-based father and son licensed investigators, Doug and Joe Hagmann, who rebranded themselves in 2012 as political talk show hosts. Since they launched their program, the Hagmanns have built up a loyal audience of viewers and listeners, and each episode of HR is now regularly accessed over 100,000 times.

 Joe and Doug Hagmann

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