It’s time we became leaders

Hagmann P.I.
January 2, 2013
It’s time we became leaders

As responsible adults and leaders within our families, it is time to have an important and intellectually honest discussion about our immediate future. We need to talk about the very harsh realities facing us, and make some extremely important decisions on behalf of ourselves, our families and our country. We need to do it now.

I believe that the majority of people reading this have abandoned the youthful indiscretions associated with the annual change of the calendar and did some very serious thinking over the holiday. I suspect that many of you who are reading this feel that you are very much alone in your thinking, perhaps to the point of even second-guessing yourself in some respects.

I suspect that there are members of your family and people within your close circle of friends who refuse to believe that things are as dire as you tell them, while others have simply not taken the time to genuinely assess and comprehend what’s taking place around them.

In either case and despite the unpleasantness of the task, I believe that you must accept the responsibility of leadership to preserve and protect yourselves, your families and yes, even your country. Accepting the responsibility of leadership, however, first requires an honest evaluation of current events while dispelling the myths and lies we are being forced to accept as fact.

Media lies

Perhaps the most formidable obstacle to overcome, and to assist others to realize, is that we are constantly and deliberately being lied to by the corporate media in all of its forms. The syndicated media, journalists, commentators, panel members of news programs, and others whose faces and voices you commonly hear and recognize exist because they are permitted to exist, regardless of their political affiliation. Some agreed to operate within certain confined areas of discussion, while others exist to openly advance the stepping stone of Socialism for a seat promised at the table of global governance.

Knowing that the media is lying to us and convincing people otherwise are two distinctly different issues. From an early age, we’ve been trained to believe what is reported on the network news or in newspapers, for they alone have established the standards of truth and integrity. Perpetuating lies and disinformation through the media is much easier today than ever before, as we have an older generation that continues to trust the information provided by the major networks and the print media typified by “The Old Gray Lady.”

Meanwhile, a younger generation relies on comedians by profession for their news – people like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and others who appear to be the trendy antithesis of the old-school media stalwarts. In truth, their objectives are the same, and they stand against God and Constitution.

Those of us leading the charge for truth find ourselves battling this eclectic mix of entrenched and trendy formidable opponents as they continue to tell us that everything is fine and getting better. They have entranced large portions of multiple generations like accomplished magicians performing their stage magic. The performers and supporting cast know that they are taking part in an illusion so convincing and captivating that it replaces rational thinking with an alternate reality.

Meanwhile, political pundits of all stripes are comfortable using their face and talk time and print space with political theater to convince others that there is a viable solution to save our country through a particular political party or candidate. The answer, we are told, lies in the results of the next election or the next congressional vote, as if they are broadcasting the play-by-play action of a football game to a captive audience.

As true leaders, however, we are able to see well beyond the playing field and over the stadium walls. We are seeing everything outside of the stadium being razed and burned to the ground while everyone else is fixated by the action on the field. We must not only resist this futile fixation, but assist others in overcoming their political myopia and normalcy bias so we can discuss our plans to save ourselves, our families and our future.

What’s wrong

We need to see through the magician’s fog as the media continues to report economic conditions that originate from cooked books and have no basis in reality. The media continues to report the partisan struggle to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff while he reality is that our fate has already been decided, and the perception of partisan acrimony is akin to a professional wrestling match. The adult reality is that the “game” is rigged, and has been rigged for the last century.

The days of the U.S. dollar are numbered, and the collapse you will ultimately witness is by design. Once our currency is lost, so too is our sovereignty. Then, our freedom, as well as the freedom of our children and their children.

We must discuss what others won’t.  We must expose the counterfeit banking system, the fraudulent debt and the corporate fascism. We must demand redress of those who have placed us in this position of slavery, and abandon allegiance to anything except God and our Constitution.

At the same time, our liberties remain under assault under the guise of security. The powers are laughing at us, and sadly, many among us don’t believe it, have fallen under the spell, or have accepted it as a “new normal.” The powers have seen that the average American will not only forfeit their Constitutional rights, but their own human dignity at the hands of the TSA. Many men have abandoned their role as protector of their own families and allowed, without objection, their own wives, daughters, mothers and sons to be sexually molested or exposed to radiation at airports.

Against the backdrop of such historical and shameful acquiescence, this tyrannical body of leaders, empowered and emboldened by our historical acquiescence, is now coming for our guns. It’s for the children, they will say. The same children they have aborted away or sold into perpetual bondage through a corrupt economic system.

The safety of the children permitted to survive and perpetually mortgaged, absent of any objection, will trump our Second Amendment rights and vastly curtail our First Amendment rights faster than banning a Big Gulp in New York City. Count on it.

Accepting your task

It is therefore up to us, to you reading this column, to accept the mantle of leadership. We must have a discussion, right now, far more meaningful than sound bites and bullet points, partisan politics and business as usual. From this discussion, we must chart a plan of action.

While the majority of the population is entranced, entertained or clinging with white knuckles to their normalcy bias, we do not have the luxury of time nor the ability to keep drawing new lines in the sand as we are being forced backward into a state of subjugation and slavery.

We need to decide right now where our line in the sand is and even make plans to recover lost liberties. We must make our individual stands known so we may become the collective resistance against the tyranny that is about to be unleashed upon us. We need to replace our virtual “beer muscles” some have developed as anonymous keyboard warriors with genuine courage and a plan of action to restore our God given rights and freedoms established by the U.S. Constitution.

If you are reading this, you are a leader. As leaders, we must unite and discuss how to accomplish this, and do it now. While we still can.

HAGMANN P.I. (Doug Hagmann)
Private Investigator for over 35 years. TV Host, Radio Host and Author.

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