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August 1, 2023

By Randy Taylor

The major stumbling blocks to keep the Globalists from taking over the planet are Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and the armed citizenry of the United States of America. Now you should understand the push to fund Ukraine in the war with Russia and why we may soon be at war with Russia if we do not dismantle this idiotic and dangerous administration in the White House. “   

Randy Taylor


     By now, your mailbox is full of clutter. Your web browser spits out another page about Patriotism, atrocities by the government, hijacked and stolen elections, Trump making a comeback, Trump getting yet another Indictment, presidential candidates, whether Michelle has a penis or not, transexuals and crossdressers dancing naked in the streets and in the classrooms, Joe Biden screwing up on the world stage once again— and your mind is just about ready to explode. You shut down mentally, and for good reason, lest you read one more email or article on just a few of the subjects I mentioned, you’d be looking for a rooftop somewhere in D.C., wanting to set the world straight again.


I know. I get it. I feel the same way some days. Trust me; this is all by design. It is the Globalist cabal’s method of distraction from the real issues we face today. Ah, you say, but these issues are important. Yes, they are. However, most are collateral issues designed to distract and deter us from the real problems. 

In fact, the issues I mentioned at the beginning of this article would not exist if not for the real problem, which is the men and women behind the proverbial curtain who stay just out of public view. To prove my point, I offer this. They actually have the audacity to come out and tell us what they intend to do to us and even put a “do or die date” on their objectives. They have shown us the Pandoras Box they will use to implement their evil plans— in advance. They tell us almost exactly how they will enslave and kill us. They do this because most of us are more likely to focus on what’s closest, what’s in our faces. That would be mainstream media, alternative media, podcasts, and email distribution lists.  

     If you participate in social media platforms, most news items are simply repeated, reiterated, and beaten to death by posters. Very few links are outside the category of “mainstream media.” So even though you have sworn off the drivel of mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC, WSJ, NYT, and others, you will inadvertently click on the articles on a social media platform. We do it. We’ve all done it. Ah, “mission accomplished” by the people, the thinkers, and the executors of the Globalists plan to strip us of everything, enslave and eventually kill us off so they can achieve the target population number these sick individuals wish to reach.  

And by burying us in this massive pit of distractions, we are steered away from the real issues, the ones discussed behind closed doors in places we will never set foot in, the round tables of “Godplayers”— those who believe that they are in charge of this planet simply because of their massive, and perhaps ill-gotten, personal fortunes. Somehow, they feel that they are the emissaries of planet Earth and then tell naive and ignorant people that they are doing it for the good of humanity. Those who are Free Thinkers and show signs of brain activity know this is a sick, selfish, and twisted lie. Playing with controlling the weather is not something that God wants to be done on the planet that HE CREATED. Starving the population intentionally around the world is not God’s plan. Killing millions and creating serious health issues for millions more by forcing poisonous mixtures into their bodies is not part of God’s plan. Killing babies in the womb is not part of God’s plan either.

So now that we have pulled the curtain back a bit, what do we see? Who started this? Who decided to put themselves in charge? What are some things we have seen that prove a very deadly plan is in place for all of mankind? 

Only after looking closely, identifying the evil ones, and designing a permanent response will we be able to stop it. KILL IT BEFORE THEY KILL US. The problem is that the enemy already has a head start by many decades.


So, who are the visible and recognizable enemies of humanity? Who should we be wary of going forward? It’s not hard at all to identify these persons that present an immediate and long-term danger to HUMANITY. Let’s start with their M.O. or their modus operandi. They do this just as a magician distracts an audience by pulling a coin from his ear. One must be able to rise above the fray and watch both hands.


The peripheral B.S. For instance, right in the middle of walking the United States and Canada into World War III, both governments started to really push the LGBTQ2S+ initiative in schools, on the streets, and in the mainstream media, as if on command. That was the distraction too. The war in Ukraine was a Globalist action, in play yet mini-mixed with a sexual deviation agenda to provide cover, the distraction. That said, we can go back decades and show both Globalists’ actions in play and the distractions they used. We must always focus on separating the two. The above example is pretty clear-cut.

Let’s go back to some things you are more likely to remember or be familiar with. One specific date must be remembered here: the birth of that overbearing, useless, criminal endeavor identified as the United Nations. The birth of the United Nations occurred after delegates from 46 countries met in San Francisco between April 1945 and June 26th of 1945. This was called the *San Francisco Conference and resulted in those 46 nations agreeing and signing a charter which resulted in the U.N. being officially formed. This conference was attended by 46 nations, 26 of which had already signed a Charter of the United Nations in 1942 that spelled out the Allies’ goals for World War II. This was the initial move, in my humble opinion, of the Globalists Plan

I’m sure it was the talking point in countries worldwide, as it was heavily criticized in some circles. No problem. On August 6, only a few months later, the distraction was released onto the world’s population as a nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. (I keep hearing the Bonnie Raitt song “Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About” in my head as I type this.) BAM! Another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki three days later. If this was not a huge distraction from what had occurred in San Francisco, then I cannot think of another. 

These were the first steps of relinquishing our sovereignty as a country. Then while people were still chatting about the atomic bomb, the United Nations was officially formed on October 24, 1945. Globalist move, distraction, and move again, just like clockwork. The best part was after the death toll of those bombs and the harsh realities of WWII that were felt all around the world, people were more likely at this precise time to trust the leaders that just ended the war, as opposed to questioning what was really going on with this new worldwide alliance as they moved the U.S. into the infancy of relinquishing their sovereignty. The Strategy of Tension worked perfectly. The members of this newly formed atrocity named United Nations were rubbing their hands together in glee. The Globalist process is now established.


Then we found ourselves drawn into the Korean War with guess who? North Korea and then, wait for it— China, one of the founding members of the United Nations. North Korea invaded South Korea, and because the U.S. was concerned that the Soviet Union and China were involved, the U.S. sided with South Korea. So much for United Nations. This should have shown everyone from the beginning that this United Nations notion was a dismal failure. If you check on various sites like, you can read about the globalization of South Korea. 


As the world entered the 1960s, the Globalist Plan for the world became much more obvious. One should note that by this time, the U.S. was in a defacto War with the Soviet Union which we fondly refer to as the Cold War. The Soviet Union, and later Russia, has never accepted the Globalists or their plans for the world and mankind. I’ll give them that. This and only this is why the Soviet Union, later known as Russia, has always been the ‘Boogieman.”China was a founding member of the United Nations and is quite fond of the New World Order as they envision rising to the top of the food chain and taking over the world. Remember this the next time the Washington DC pond scum refers to Russia as the enemy. But then you and I, as patriots, are also the enemy as we resist the Globalists and their New World Order.

JFK was a President of the People. He knew we were engaged in a defacto War with the Soviet Union; however, Kennedy was not included in the globalists’ plan. He was a fluke— a wild card. He knew he had to protect the U.S. from the Soviets and their Communist strategic expansion plans, although I don’t think he ever knew the underlying reasons. Unless you were an insider in the Globalists’ plan, it would have been difficult to even wrap your head around it.

Kennedy knew the CIA was up to no good and publicly announced plans to dismantle and destroy the Globalists Intelligence Arm, the Central Intelligence Agency. He, unfortunately, did not know just how powerful they had become, nor did he realize just how devious they were. The Global Cartel needed money for expansion and control. Kennedy wasn’t on board with this Globalist Plan to get involved in Vietnam and super fund the Military Industrial Complex, an integral part of the Globalist machine. Right after the Cuban Missile Crisis, without skipping a beat and to create the biggest distraction of the 1960s, they killed Kennedy in Dallas. The assassination was the work of the CIA at the behest of Johnson, Hoover, and other Globalist players. While the country was distracted and reeling in shock from the Kennedy assassination, thy started moving troops into Vietnam in 1964. The public reaction to this was rather negative, so the Globalists manufactured the Gulf of Tonkin incident. 

Meanwhile, between 1964 and 1965, race riots began nationwide in Harlem and spread across major cities in the US. Despite the actual and lasting damage they caused, these were distractions from the actual Globalist maneuvers, which were building up the U.S. presence in Vietnam, making sure that the Globalist War Chest was well funded by the Military Industrial Complex, and also through opium and heroin sales on U.S. streets with the drugs sourced out to the CIA and their opium producers in the Golden Triangle. To many, the 1960s were about sex, drugs, and rock & roll. However, the CIA and Globalists within the U.S. Government wanted you sedated, not to get high and protest the war in the streets, airports, and the U.S. Capitol, which made for bad optics.


Numerous events throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s are easy to track and reasonably easy to place into the working model I presented. Race riots back in the 1960s drew attention away from Vietnam. During the early 1960s, the federal government’s noticeable expansion into local affairs caused racial tensions. There was pressure on the government to enforce the recognition of civil rights for minorities. 

Be Clear on this. The Globalists didn’t give a damn about black people. They were using them to establish an integrated society, exactly like the population looks like today with this insane mass immigration. Things like this prevented problems for the Globalists, and they realized it had to be done. However, it would be on their terms only. The blacks and white needed to be integrated, although it had to be done in a very controlled manner. 

To enable fear and control in the black population, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4th, 1968, which erupted into riots in Detroit later that same month. I’m still not convinced that the right person was arrested, tried, and convicted in King’s murder. Many people and many media outlets felt that James Earl Ray, the alleged assassin, was framed. No surprise. The CIA was getting good at these matters. 

Bobby Kennedy was assassinated on June 5th, 1968. Just like his brother’s murder and in the killing of King, there was no clear-cut killer tried, convicted, or killed. The public had their doubts in all three murders as to who took the fall in each killing. Bobby Kennedy was killed so he could not ever become President. I think that assassination served as a warning from the Global Cabal to Ted Kennedy never to entertain the idea of running for President. The Kennedy Dynasty was pretty well destroyed at that point. Or was it?


It is imperative to differentiate between chance and planned events. The Globalists are very intelligent and have brilliant and resourceful people working for them. But remember this: they are indeed just people like you and me. Our largest problem with the Globalists and fighting them is that we do not know exactly who they are. We know about 95% of the Globalists tenant attend the Davos Summit each year, yet the remaining 5% are consistently nameless and faceless. 

Some mistakes have been made over the years, giving us the identities of the more elusive ones. For instance, the Aga Khan is now on that list. We only know this because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was tracked going to the Aga Khan’s island fortress for a vacation using Canadian taxpayers’ money, resulting in unwanted media coverage. We also found out through investigations that John Kerry was also present on the island at the same time. The other secret attendees evaded detection. However, it must be noted that the big climate change pushers for the US and Canada were present. This incident alone destroys Justin Trudeau’s lie that he was simply taking a vacation. Two politicians, two countries, one agenda— one huge lie. 

I also noted that some things are chance. For example, the Watergate burglars getting caught was by chance. What followed, however, was carefully orchestrated by the Globalists. They had Gerald Ford in reserve as the Vice President, and Ford had done well for the Global Cabal while sitting on the Warren Commission, peddling the lie that no conspiracy existed in the assassination of JFK to the American public. 

Ford was notorious for changing one key sentence in the Warren Commission Report. It helped solidify the lie that a lone gunman conducted the assassination. There were many irregularities while conducting the commission’s investigations, most notably evidence intentionally overlooked, key witnesses being ignored, and several key witnesses mysteriously turning up dead before they could testify. The Globalist Cabal at that time was still hiding from the general pubic, unlike today, where we know who about 90-95 percent of them are.

The reason I insist that the Watergate break-in was by chance is because J. Edgar Hoover died only a month before the night of the break-in. Not that Hoover and Nixon were still great friends, but because Hoover would not have allowed the fallout during his tenure. Hoover had engineered a complex and clandestine plan to discredit and weaken the left. History shows that Nixon was actively trying to oust Hoover, but the old man kept hanging on. Eventually, and much to Nixon’s glee, Hoover died of heart failure in May 1972. To this day, the notorious “Hoover Files” remains a mystery to many. However, the “word around the campfire” in intelligence circles indicated that George Bush Sr. ultimately came into possession of these files, allowing him to run Washington DC from behind Oz’s curtain for decades. Of course, this can never be proven, yet if you do the math from 1966 to 2018, the span of George Bush’s involvement in politics both on the stage and behind the scenes, this claim has authenticity.

Nixon made Bush the Ambassador to the U.N. in 1971, and, as the Global Cabal’s minion, Gerald Ford appointed Bush as Liaison to the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) in 1974. He was next appointed Director of the CIA under Gerald Ford’s reign. Amazingly, all our major problem areas of concern in this decade can be traced back to Globalist George H. W. Bush and the Globalist minion Gerald Ford. 

Be assured that the Hoover Files, which contained investigative evidence and blackmail material on every politician, their families, heads of state, heads of major corporations, political activists, lobbyists, and anyone and everyone who could be manipulated and exploited to do Bush Sr’s bidding, were being used. Much like J Edgar Hoover ran Washington DC from his office, George H. W. Bush ran Washington DC, American assets here and abroad, U.S. agencies and Bureaus, the U.S. Military, politicians, and world leaders to do his bidding, even after he left office. George H. W. Bush was one of the leading ideologues that kept the New World Order and its plans on track. 

How many of you recall the mysterious envelopes that were handed out to nearly everyone in Bush’s past, present, and future in his small, immediate circle while at his funeral? If you remember that moment, you remember the very strange or shocked looks and odd reactions by those who received them and the looks on the people’s faces upon seeing and looking at the contents.


Have you noticed how, until recently, there has been a balancing act between the left and the right in American and Canadian politics? The same could be said for the U.K. and Italy, and until recently, the  Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and France. The teeter-totter I speak of is the balancing act of Liberal Left Democrat and Conservative Right administrations in the Western world. This is by design. Remember, nothing is really left to chance. One could say that people want a change after four to eight years of any party’s reign. Thus, the alternate is “elected.” 

For decades in the Western world of “democracy,” the people have been taught that there are periodic elections and that they, through the process of “voting,” are allowed to choose the next leader. This worked wonderfully for the Global Cabal until November 2020, when the more than obvious winner, President Donald Trump, was intentionally cheated out of his rightful and duly elected second term as President of the United States. The OVERWHELMING ELECTION FRAUD was painfully obvious to anyone who would bother to examine the data. Very few did.

The methodology of “Teeter-Totter” political fronts was working fine until Donald Trump physically took office. The Globalists expected a small degree of resistance from Trump based on his non-political background. However, they were not prepared for the “real” Donald Trump. For one, Trump is an outspoken critic of China and the imbalance that was a part of every trade deal the U.S. had with China. Trump also went after Canada on the unbalanced NAFTA, which ruffled feathers, although the U.S. was getting screwed on the deal for years. However, the main thrust of President Trump’s executive power was his focus and battle against the illegal invasion of the United States on its southern border. 

Recall that I pointed out how Black Americans’ full integration into society had become a priority of the Globalists. However, in the 1960s, they wanted a gradual integration only done under the full control of the Federal Government. This was done by stripping states of their rights to govern civil rights and making civil rights a “Federal Mandate.” They did this in the 1960s to pave the way for mass immigration from third-world countries into Western societies. Even then, it was all by design. 

The reason that the southern US Border is an open door is to fulfill the Globalist 2030 Immigration plans. This plan is to bring every nationality and culture, primarily third world or uncivilized cultures (by Western standards), into the civilized Western culture to break down societal norms, create a mixed race ultimately, make populations more manageable, and give the governments more power to impose their laws onto the people. The people would now be at odds with each other, mostly over cultural differences, trampling established rights to accommodate the “rights” of uncivilized persons inserted into Western society. Their ultimate plan is to create a race of people, by attrition and mixing, that is not used to having liberties and freedoms, thus making them more controllable as a population. 

Only a few things stand between Globalists and their plans to dominate this planet. Those roadblocks are Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and the American People. All three are also under attack by tone Globalists, primarily the extreme Left and the compromised Right in each of these governments. 

The Globalists are doing everything they can to divide Western society with racial division, affirmative action, mass migration, and mass housing initiatives, giving the illegal newcomers priority treatment over the long-standing, existing people and cultures of the civilized world. As the Globalists mix the populations, these civilized Western countries slowly surrender their sovereignty to the governments. This is the only way the Globalists can take over and neutralize the United States and many civilized countries. The Globalists cannot do this by force for one reason only: the 2nd Amendment and an armed population. This is the only thing truly standing between the Globalists and their plans to enslave the U.S. population to do their bidding under the guise of “SAVING THE PLANET,” which is an outright lie. The people on the left and right that support these Globalists are enemies of the Republic and must be treated as such. 


Kind of hard to tell over the last few decades. Once again, it’s all by design. Looking back at major wars during the 20th century, a Democrat occupied the Executive branch nearly every time in office. It should be no surprise, as chaos is a tool of the Globalists. 

This changed in 2000 with the presidential fraud that was portrayed as an election close call between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Let me enlighten you. The Globalists went into action while this dispute was raging on between these two candidates. One of the chief conductors of the Globalist Orchestra was George H.W. Bush, former President and father to George W. Bush. There was a private chat between Al Gore and George H.W. Bush where a proposal was made that put George W. Bush in the White House. Al Gore was promised riches and power beyond his wildest dreams as a “Climate Czar” if he would concede to Bush. How do I know this? First of all, simply look at how this played out. Bush Sr. had to have Bush Jr. in the White House with former Halliburton Executive Dick Cheney to construct a massive puzzle piece in the Globalists’ Plan for world domination. 


This was such a critical piece of the Globalists’ plan for World Domination that it could not be entrusted to Al Gore. Gore wasn’t mentally stable after his Vietnam tour of duty, and his breaking point was unpredictably too close to have him driving the Globalists bus for this supercritical puzzle piece. 

The leaders of the US, Canada, China, and the majority of the nations of the world were on board with a one-world government. The stumbling blocks to this plan were hardcore Muslim nations that weren’t opposed to a one-world government as long as it was a MUSLIM CALIPHATE. This wouldn’t be the case, so Muslim leaders had to be toppled to install this one-world government. 

This invasion into the Arab world had absolutely nothing to do with democracy. Saddam Hussein fancied himself as the future ruler of Persia, much like King Nebuchadnezzar in the Old Testament. So, he was toppled and murdered. The Taliban in Afghanistan presented a serious problem, so we fought them to no avail. The country is still in shambles; however, the CIA has a very lucrative opium and heroin business there. They import it into the U.S. and Canada through various channels—the same story as when the CIA was in the Golden Triangle in Vietnam. The West was inundated with opium and heroin. This is necessary to fund the CIA to act as the enforcement arm of the Globalists. 

The U.S. used NATO as a proxy force and took out Gaddafi in Libya (October 2011), another hardcore Muslim hardliner who would not accept a non-Muslim One World government. During this time, the US was also moving in on Bashir al-Assad in Syria (March 2011), a former U.S. ally in the “War on Terror.”

Later in 2015, another former ally in the “War on Terror” was the President of Egypt. The U.S. was also considering engaging Iran, whose leadership would only accept a Muslim Caliphate as a one-world government. Before that could happen, and while the U.S. was using proxy forces to battle the Syrian government, Russia got involved by arming and supplying Syria with armaments needed to fight the U.S. equipped and backed “Syrian freedom Fighters” who turned out to be former al Qaeda in Iraq and ISIS fighters. Yes, we were now supplying the very people that supposedly attacked the United States on 9/11. The same thing was going on in Libya as the supposedly “NATO” tanks were flying al Qaeda flags live on television during the initial push into Libya. Many of us in the intelligence community were very taken aback. 

Our dealing with al Qaeda and ISIS were all done secretly by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Ambassador Chris Stevens was going to expose this intentionally as he was the actual broker for the dealings with al Qaeda and ISIS. This led to his murder in Benghazi in 2012, along with three other brave Americans, sacrificed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, then Secretary of State. Those three men were IO Sean Smith, CIA Operatives Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods, both former U.S. Navy Seals. Remember their names.

Please note that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, also has no desire to see the Global Cabal advance any further. This is one of the primary reasons that he moved on Ukraine as it is a central repository for Globalist Funding, Washington DC politicians, and other world leaders’ bribe money, drug money, arms trafficking, massive human sex trafficking operations owned by the Western persons, politicians, and agencies, along with offshore banking operations that make the Cayman Islands banks look insignificant. Ukraine also has a considerable amount of hardcore NAZI groups within its population. Unfortunately, at this time, the U.S., using NATO as a proxy and a scapegoat, is amassing troops, arms, aircraft, munitions, and even possibly portable nuclear arsenals for a war with Russia. This is another reason that the Globalists had to remove President Trump and will stop at nothing, including assassination, to keep Donald Trump from becoming President. 

Remember what I said: 

The major stumbling blocks to keep the Globalists from taking over the planet are Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and the armed citizenry of the United States of America. Now you should understand the push to fund Ukraine in the war with Russia and why we may soon be at war with Russia if we do not dismantle this idiotic and dangerous administration in the White House.     

Anyone who embraces this fake Climate Change Agenda, forced vaccinations, and unfettered mass immigration is not a patriotic American, whether by ignorance or willingness to do so. 

They do not deserve the Liberties and Freedoms afforded to them by Patriotic Americans. These same people are also willing to sell out the sovereignty of this great nation to these Globalists. These people must be stripped from any positions of power in all three branches of government. Many need to be indicted, tried, and convicted for a multitude of crimes against the country and crimes against humanity. To accomplish this, we Patriotic Americans need to pull together, place an individual that loves this country into power as President, elect legislators who will stand up to the Globalists, the corrupted Leftists, corrupted Conservatives, clean up the judicial system completely, dismantle the FBI, dismantle the CIA and restore America to its rightful place as the Leader of the Free World. It will be painful and costly to win back our country.

Only then will we be deserving of this beautiful gift that God gave us 247 years ago. 

Be Safe. Stay Vigilant.

HAGMANN P.I. (Doug Hagmann)
Private Investigator for over 35 years. TV Host, Radio Host and Author.

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