Of missiles & money – don’t ask, won’t tell

Hagmann P.I.
November 10, 2010

By Douglas J. Hagmann

A person of normal sensibilities would have to be intellectually numb, overly medicated, or otherwise too preoccupied with keeping food on the table and the proverbial wolves from their door not to realize that there is something very, very wrong going on today.  By now, most Americans have heard about the sighting of what appears to be a missile, and a big one at that, apparently being launched from a location about 35 miles off the coast of Los Angeles near sunset last evening.  Video of the incident was taken from a KCBS news helicopter flying over the mainland at the time.

The manner in which this story unfolded should be a story by itself. The corporate media, quick to comment on the culturally indigenous dancing rituals of U.S. royalty, were quite slow on the uptake of an issue that has serious national security implications in light of our government’s response to this incident.

Today, Americans were treated with a number of explanations from our government officials, military pundits, and even media personalities about the incident. Those explanations range from the “embarrassing if true” to the “downright insulting,” with numerous variations in between. Ranging from having no information on the incident, to assurances that an investigation is underway, and my personal favorite, it is the contrail from an airplane that caused an optical illusion due to a problem of visual perspective, we are either in a boatload of trouble with regard to our national defense, or the hubris of the power elite is at an all-time high.

As news of the event began to appear in the media, I contacted several well-placed and trusted intelligence and military sources in an effort to determine the truth about the incident. These sources, as I was reminded by one during our conversation, are risking their careers to talk to me. And they talk to me not because of my charm or influence, both of which I admittedly lack, but because they care about the current status and future of our great country. And there is no better reason. I was less than reassured from what I learned today.

“There was an air of deep concern among the officials”

According to one source within the Pentagon, many of the top brass were in unscheduled, high-level meetings throughout the day. Although he was not privy to the information imparted during these meetings, he told me that “there was an air of deep concern among the officials,” and all participants had a DAWT policy (don’t ask because I won’t tell) policy. Surreal was just one of the adjectives amply used by my Pentagon source.

At the very least, according to this source, it was a missile. As to whether it was ours or theirs, he does not know. But he said “they do,” a reference to the brass. The rumors circulating “within the [Pentagon] rings” suggest that it was a deliberate launch of a missile from “Chinese property at sea” intended as a warning to the U.S. Although it was odd that he would not clarify the nature of the “Chinese property,” I can only assume that it did not originate from Catalina Island or U.S. military ships in the area, as we still own those, at least to my knowledge.

A domestic intelligence source speaking to me off the record acknowledged the event by his assurances that it was indeed “some type of large missile” and not an illusion or model rocket. This, according to information from his superiors, who are deeply rooted inside the beltway. He provided a lot of technical speak that amounted simply to this: the air traffic controllers were taken by surprise and clueless, there were no prior warnings of any scheduled military tests issued, and no one from the military has confided to his agency that “the missile” was ours and launched by mistake. In other words, it was not ours and it was no mistake.

It is sadly ironic that 47 years ago this month, the entirety of America and the world witnessed the murder of a U.S. president in broad daylight. To this day, despite video documentation and numerous eyewitness accounts of the incident, there is no reliable consensus about exactly what happened that day. There are those who believe our government not only lied about the murder of President John F. Kennedy, but some within our government had foreknowledge and were actually complicit. In 1993, it was the bombing of the World Trade Center; in 1995, it was the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City; and of course, in 2001, it was the attack on America.

From my perspective as a career investigator, it is my professional opinion that government-sanctioned lies have been woven into each of the official explanations offered for those incidents. One need not to believe in any wild conspiracy to recognize the deficiencies in the official investigations. The same goes for this missile “incident.” We are being lied to, either by commission or omission, or simply being told not to believe our lying eyes.

If you believe, like me,  that there is a lot taking place behind the curtain of power in a world run by International bankers and the power elite, then you will likely have trouble sleeping tonight. I cannot offer any additional factual or authenticated details of this apparent missile launch in this report, but I have my suspicions. Things do not take place in a vacuum. We are in dire financial trouble as a result of the International banking cartel and the Federal Reserve, and the majority of people are just now starting to awaken to this fact.

Our least transparent president is on a lavish overseas junket, effectively prostrating America before the world as it seems the earth itself is objecting to his presence. A trifecta of earthly revolt or heavenly sign, consisting of a volcano, earthquake and tsunami occurred in Indonesia in the shadow of his arrival. Back at home, it’s merely unexplained missile launches and a earthshaking monetary policy left in his wake. Meanwhile, the news at eleven reassures us that things are looking up.

Things are far from normal or good, regardless of how many more rallies might be scheduled in an effort to “restore sanity” in America.  Odd, that. A rally and appeal for the masses to “restore sanity.” Perhaps it was more of an appeal not to look behind the curtain, and to convince people that should we see anything that might resemble a missile off our shores, we should keep shopping because everything is all under control.

HAGMANN P.I. (Doug Hagmann)
Private Investigator for over 35 years. TV Host, Radio Host and Author.

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