Of Obama, Christians, and crucifixions

Hagmann P.I.
August 21, 2012

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Like most “average” Americans barraged by a daily onslaught of news headlines, sound bites, and printed blurbs in newspapers and on the internet about current events, I’ve found it easy to become rather desensitized to the majority of “white noise” that has become the daily news. As such, it’s easy to lose sight of significant events or “game changers” amid the chatter of everyone behind a microphone, television camera, or typing at a news terminal.

Now add to this explosion of news and knowledge one’s own career where we “average” people are busy trying to make a living, keep the lights on, food on the table, and the proverbial wolves from our door, it’s easy to lose sight of important events taking place right in front of us. Done by design, it’s also easier to be deceived and fall for big lies as well as the smaller ones.

I’ve recently spoken to several people who, for the reasons stated above, were shocked and horrified about the news reports out of Egypt describing the barbaric crucifixions of opponents to the newly installed President Mohammed Morsi by “radical Muslims.” The people I’ve spoken with include those from both sides of the political divide and naturally have opposing viewpoints about the same headlines. Such dueling views caused me to seek truthful, unbiased answers to the geopolitical movement known as the Arab Spring, the obvious springboard for events taking place across the Middle East.

To that end, I’ve researched and studied everything I could and read so many U.S. foreign policy documents that I thought my eyes would begin to bleed or my head would explode, noting that either scenario would delight my critics. I did not want answers based in partisan politics. I simply wanted the truth, and wanted the truth simply and plainly. I now find myself severely troubled at what I’ve found.

The crucifixion of Christians and death of truth

Current news reports from Egypt describe the crucifixions that are presently taking place in a similar manner to the beheadings of a decade ago were described. There is a deliberate element of sanitation and secularization of the news from Egypt by both those in power as well as those reporting the news, which is consistent with my previous findings. News reports describe the victims of this horrific and barbaric ritual as radical political opponents to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi by a small portion of equally radical Muslim proponents. It certainly sounds simple enough, at least for a sound bite or a drive time report.

Much like the gruesome beheadings at the hands of al Qaeda, however, there is a much deeper and more sinister component to these activities that you will not hear in the corporate media. Even most of the conservative press is deliberately shying away from the truth. What many are saying is that this persecution is an Arab Spring that has “run amok.”

Most analysts and talking heads are stumbling all over themselves to explain that the crucifixions in Egypt are a largely secular or “partisan” response to the opposition of Mohammed Morsi. They downplay the Christian and Jewish religious characteristics of the victims, noting that they are only dissidents who just happen to be non-Muslim. They further degrade and dilute the Judeo-Christian aspect of the persecuted as unintended consequences of a power vacuum created by the toppling of Hosni Mubarak and the implementation of a new, democratically elected government. Such claims are myopic, naive or deliberately disingenuous.

Closer investigation of what is taking place in Egypt tells a much different story and does not comport with a plan gone awry, but rather a plan coming to fruition.  Equally alarming, at the epicenter of the plan is none other than Barack Hussein Obama and a cadre of globalists who are in progress of reshaping the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East and the entire world. Research has taken me from the crucifixions in Egypt to halls of the White House, to Barack Obama and his closest advisors, to the U.S. State Department and Hillary Clinton and her closest advisors, and back outward to a greater cabal of international globalists wielding untold power, influence and of course, money.

It is becoming obvious to even the most hardened cynics that Arab Spring is not what it purports to be.  Since Arab Spring began in December 2010, the corporate media has compared the “movement” to the anti-Communist revolutions in the late 1980s. Despite the orchestrated chaos, death and the foothold gained by radical Islamic organizations including al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama himself has identified Arab Spring as a success in his foreign policy. After all, the removal of oppressive dictatorships is a good thing for the people of the various countries where change is occurring. Except when it’s not, and especially if you are a non-Muslim.

Arab Spring: A building block of the New World Order

If Arab Spring is not what it purports to be, what, then, is it?  My unbiased research found it is but one element of an asymmetrical plan for global domination, a tool to rein in the Middle East under a central power while systematically squeezing Israel at the same time. It is part of the (dare I say it?) “New World Order,” or one world governance that has been the objective of the real, multi-generational power brokers who control global finance.

It is reasonable for the reader to ask if this is not some fanciful delusion of a conspiracy theorist, for I had to confront that same question myself. Based on the following, however, I believe the facts make the case for the existence of a larger and darker agenda.

Students of global governance understand that faith and religion, like sovereignty, present serious obstacles to a one world system of governance.  Therefore, the crucifixions in Egypt should serve as an important “visual” to the larger agenda that extends far beyond political opposition in that country alone. It is a harbinger of things to come.

History has shown that while Islam cannot coexist with democracy, it can operate with socialism and can be used to advance the socialist agenda. Islam has been used by the National Socialist Party in Germany in their quest for world domination. It is well tolerated by the globalists, and is presented as the sole acceptable “religious” doctrine by the United Nations. For this reason, it is being used to throttle freedom of speech under the guise of tolerance, and even make the mere criticism of Islam and international crime. The proponents of this international effort are closer than people think. In fact, they have infiltrated all departments of our own government.

It could be said that the shadows being cast from the crosses holding the Christians in Egypt extend across the world and darken the White House. How long will it be before the subtle persecution of Christians and values in America will be like those in Egypt?

The Muslim Brotherhood: influencing foreign & domestic policy

To achieve the objective of a one world global governance, religious freedom and national sovereignty must be eradicated. The United States of America has stood in the way of those objectives, and those seeking global domination known that the best way to destroy the U.S. is to do so from within. The Muslim Brotherhood admits that their objective is to infiltrate and ultimately destroy religious freedom and the U.S., and shares that goal with the global elite.

While the Muslim Brotherhood had its tentacles around previous administrations, the beachhead they established under Barack Hussein Obama and his key advisor Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian native, his Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and numerous other unelected advisors is significant. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood had an early showing within the Obama occupancy of the White House by special invitation from Barack Hussein Obama himself. Invited to offer Muslim prayers at his inauguration, Ingrid Mattson, then-President of the Muslim Brotherhood connected Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a group also named as an unindicted coconspirator in the largest terrorist funding trial in U.S. history, delivered the Islamic prayers.

Then on June 4, 2009, within the first six months of Barack Hussein Obama’s occupation of the White House, he delivered a speech to the Muslim world at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo. The significance of that speech cannot be overstated, as it laid the foundation for the Arab Spring itself. With the full knowledge and approval of the Obama White House and State Department, top members of the Muslim Brotherhood were invited to that speech, and Egyptian lawmakers from the Muslim Brotherhood were in attendance. The now infamous Cairo speech served to facilitate a new acceptance and official recognition of the Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological forebear of Hamas and al Qaeda, by the U.S., compliments of Obama.

Concurrent with Barack Hussein Obama’s Islamic outreach overseas, members or associates of the Muslim Brotherhood were becoming entrenched within the U.S. government. At the U.S. State Department, for example, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “body woman” during her presidential campaign, Huma Abedin, was appointed to the key position of the Secretary of State’s Chief of Staff. Abedin has finally become the focus of a recent investigation by U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann and four other members of Congress due to her peripheral ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another example includes Kifah Mustapha, a former employee of the Holy Land Foundation with direct and longstanding ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist group Hamas. Despite his well known terrorist connections, Mustapha was admitted to a six-week “Citizen’s Academy” hosted by the FBI as part of its “outreach” to the Muslim Community in September 2010; he was also given access to the top-secret National Counterterrorism Center and other secure government facilities, including the FBI’s training center at Quantico.

In October 2010, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano appointed Mohamed Elibiary, a guest speaker at a 2004 rally honoring the late Ayatollah Khomeini to the DHS Security’s Homeland Security Advisory Council. Out of 26 council members, Elibiary was inexplicably the only member to be given access to a highly sensitive DHS database containing hundreds of thousands of intelligence reports intended solely to aid law-enforcement agencies.

There are others, but it should be clear by these examples that the Muslim Brotherhood is firmly rooted within all departments under Barack Hussein Obama. Given the known objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood, their influence on domestic and foreign policy should not be difficult to accept.

As far as Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood go, Obama announced his intention to bypass congress and provide $1.5 billion in American taxpayer-funded aid to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. While it is true congress approved the financial aid with the stipulation that the U.S. State Department signed off on the deal, Obama stated that he would act outside of congress. In other words, the check was as good as written. The Clinton State Department has raised little objection despite the ruthless persecution by Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Based on the limited facts presented above, and there are much more untold, it should be clear who and what is behind Arab Spring, and the motives of the same. If Obama and his cabal of sycophants continue to promote Arab Spring as a success and tolerate the persecution of Christians, it should be clear what’s in store for the Christians and Jews of America.

The time for Christians and Jews in America and throughout the West to speak up is now. To quote Thomas Mann, “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.”

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