Of Pillows, Pantsuits and Pickles

Hagmann P.I.
August 25, 2016

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Persistent, nagging rumors of Hillary Clinton’s physical ability to hold the office of U.S. President were permanently put to rest this week after she appeared on a late-night television talk show. Until she appeared with Jimmy Kimmel, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton seemed to be in a “pickle” regarding rumors of her physical fitness. Yes, the pun is unapologetically intended.

To assuage the fears of the public, or at least those who rely on such late-night talk shows for all of the important news of the day, the pantsuited-sans-pillowed Clinton passed the newest medical test approved by ObamaCare: the dreaded pickle jar test. Exhibiting her herculean strength while exposing her acute gravitas deficiency, “H” passed this most sophisticated medical test with flying colors, and flying colored balloons. Case closed, at least as far as the most moronic among us are concerned.

Her shameful mockery of the highest elected office notwithstanding, “H” has yet to publicly release her current medical records. Criminal behavior analysts would describe her late-night antics as “deflecting” to avoid directly addressing the issue. To any astute and responsible parents who have raised teenagers and as such, who should be intimately familiar with these tactics, her pathetic display proves nothing except the gullibility of the masses and how well-entrenched the leaders on both sides of the political aisle really are. They have taken to the airwaves to openly mock those of us who are awake and sober-minded and are being helped by their co-conspirators in the media.

The co-conspirators of the Communist globalists have been outed by Canada Free Press editor Judi McLeod in her revealing report about the tactics of censorship by company-turned-verb “Google” regarding this and other Clinton-related “conspiracy” topics. Adults in the room have long known that a criminal cabal has existed inside the beltway for decades. Yet we’ve been instructed by the facilitators of fabrication to sit down and shut up, or instructed to keep silent about such things as Obama’s constitutional eligibility, his Muslim background, and the statistically anomalous Clinton/Globalist body count.

We must not talk about such things, for it makes us look like conspiracy kooks, or perhaps now, conspiracy ‘cukes. We have been forced to accept the ridiculous and the absurd, where incidents of Islamic terror are excused as workplace violence, and marriage between a man and a woman is castigated instead of celebrated. We live in a country where lawlessness among the elite exists in plain sight and operates without any fear of accountability, for it is well-protected by a network of so-called Progressives who are quick with the newly created pejoratives inserted into the lexicon of our language.

I have no doubt that the vilification of the truth seekers and truth tellers will continue by many behind a microphone or camera, and most of those sitting behind a keyboard who are separated by only a few degrees from the purse strings of power. Despite the clarity of evidence, members of the mind-numbed public will find it hard to accept the truth over the briny dill of deception.

Yet, the establishment leaders and their media lapdogs of manipulation, the majority who have sold their souls and our nation for a comfortable lifestyle, are running scared. This is evident by their need to manipulate the social construct that they themselves have created, for those who know the truth remain a formidable force. 

This force consists of God-fearing, bible-believing, pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-Second Amendment Americans who have been pushed one too many times by foe and friend alike. We are the antithesis to the whining masses of self-entitled Socialist and Communist morons and apologists for the establishment Republican neocons whose grip on power is now under threat.

We are the people who recognize immorality, criminality, and lawlessness when we see it. We are unabated by accusations of intolerance, for we have tolerated too much for too long.

We see through the pantsuits, pillows and pickles as the props of the elite, for they only entrance the entitled-minded masses who have yet to intellectually evolve.

We see through the Orwellian censorship, for it cannot be hidden by bulky pantsuits, propped by pillows, or concealed by a jar of pickles. These explicitly Communist tactics are cheap parlor tricks that have been allowed to exist and flourish under the warped globalist mindset of the elite in power, leaders of all political parties who have sold their souls for a seat at the table of the tawdry.

Somehow, we’ve managed to survive eight years of Barry Soetoro and associates in the Oval Office, his ascendancy to power greased by the entrenched Republicans and protected by a compromised “conservative” leadership. I doubt that we will survive under a third term, which is exactly what Hillary and Huma will provide, except it will be much worse.

As informed citizens, we represent a serious threat to the power base they have established. We are only a threat, however, if we dare to stand-up, speak-up, and push back against their criminal enterprise.

Exposure? Pushback? Quick, cue the ‘cukes!

Meanwhile, I’ll be taking an unopened jar of pickles to my next doctor’s appointment to illustrate my robust health and fitness should there be any question. It is most fitting under ObamaCare.

Prepare. Pray. Saddle for Battle.

HAGMANN P.I. (Doug Hagmann)
Private Investigator for over 35 years. TV Host, Radio Host and Author.

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