Ontario, Canada Proposed Bill 94 Will Criminalize Criticism, Protests of (& Speech Against) LGBT Activities – $25K Fine

Hagmann P.I.
April 7, 2023
Ontario, Canada Proposed Bill 94 Will Criminalize Criticism, Protests of (& Speech Against) LGBT Activities – K Fine

Bill 94, (short title: 2SLGBTQI+ Community Safety Zones Act, 2023), introduced by MPP K. Wong-Tam, a member of the New Democratic Party of Ontario, and cosponsors MPP J. Andrew, T. Kernaghan, and MPP L. Vaugeois on April 4, 2023 in the Ontario, Canada, legislature would ban protests and criticism of LGBT activities within a designated 100-meter “safety zone.” The proposed bill would establish “community safety zones,” designated by the Attorney General, prohibiting anyone from performing “an act of intimidation” within 100 meters of the identified area.

According to this bill, “No person shall, within 100 metres of the boundary of a property where a 2SLGBTQI+ community safety zone is located,  perform an act of intimidation, including, (a) causing a disturbance within the meaning of the Criminal Code (Canada); (b) distributing hate propaganda within the meaning of the Criminal Code (Canada); (c) uttering threats or making offensive remarks, either verbally or in writing, with respect to matters of social orientation or gender roles; or (d) engaging in a protest or demonstration for the purpose of furthering the objectives of homophobia and transphobia. [Highlights by this author].

What might constitute “offensive speech, hate propaganda, offensive remarks,” or what might constitute “furthering the objectives of homophobia and transphobia” seems to be somewhat of a sliding target that leaves a lot up for interpretation. This tyrannical bill would effectively silence any opposition to the perverse sexualization of our children, silence dissent of any type, and ultimately be a platform to normalize the sexualization of children.

These people have no conscience.

Immediately below is the press conference conducted at the Ontario Parliment media center, followed by the actual six-(6) page working draft of the bill. Watch this freakshow until you can’t anymore. Then, speak out and stnd up against it.

The following is the actual text of the bill:

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