Hagmann P.I. Interactive Meeting Membership

Hagmann P.I. Interactive Meeting Membership

The cost for the Hagmann P.I. Interactive Meeting is $25. If you would like to pay more to further help support us you can name your price!

Interactive Meeting Specs:
· Monthly 2 hour meeting
· First Sunday of every month starting at 7pm et
· Interact with Hagmann and other like minded people
· Three ways to connect…video, audio and by phone
· Receive 80% off a Hagmann P.I. Forum Membership!

Minimum amount: $25.00 every month

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What to expect:
The Hagmann P.I. Interactive Meeting is a great place to share your thoughts, ideas and skills with Hagmann and other members of the meeting. We discuss everything from the current political environment to prepping for future events. The purpose here is to create a place where like minded people can gather together. It can be hard to find that in our communities and workplace environments. This is a place where we can learn, share and grow on a regular basis together.

How it works:
Once added to your cart you will be required to create an account and set a password. After checkout you will be able to login to your account. Once you are signed into your account you can click on your memberships tab, and click on the Hagmann P.I. Interactive Meeting to connect the first Sunday of each month. A few months a year we have to push the meeting back to the second Sunday of each month because of holiday weekends or personal matters, but we will let you know when that happens.

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