Question the Deep State at Your Own Peril: Laura Loomer DETAINED by Police For Asking James Comey a Question

Hagmann P.I.
June 6, 2023
Question the Deep State at Your Own Peril: Laura Loomer DETAINED by Police For Asking James Comey a Question

“We’re going after the Deep State and bringing hell with us” – Doug Hagmann

Independent journalist and former congressional candidate Laura Loomer attended a question and answer session at disgraced former FBI Director and Deep State denizen James Comey’s book signing. Comey, the author of his new crime novel Central Park West, is presently on the book touring circuit selling his new book, interacting with fans, and signing copies of his novel. Yet, when confronted with the simple question by Ms. Loomer, “Why is a criminal writing crime novels?” Comey declined to answer. Instead, he scurried from the stage like a petulant child.

Because Ms. Loomer had the courage to confront the disgraced former FBI Director, Laura was detained by the Naperville, IL Police Department, as she recounted in her Twitter posting:

Laura Loomer is at the forefront of patriots holding the members of the Deep State to account for their actions. She is an indefatiguable warrior for American patriots. I am honoered to consider her a friend and an ally in the fight for the survival of our nation.

Doug Hagmann & Laura Loomer – Washington, DC

As reported by The Gateway Pundit: “I was just ILLEGALLY DETAINED by Naperville police in Illinois after I confronted the former, criminal FBI Director James Comey at his book signing for his new crime novel!” Loomer tweeted with photos from the event. “Comey left the stage after I confronted him about why a criminal is writing crime novels. Video coming soon!”

The conservative firebrand continued, “It’s too bad I was escorted out and illegally detained by the police after asking @Comey my question.”

“I really wanted to stay for the book signing and get my personalized books signed for my ‘friends husband’ Michael @GenFlynn, as in Michael Flynn and my dear uncle Roger, as in @RogerJStoneJr . Maybe next time!”

Read more at The Gateway Pundit and PLEASE SUPPORT Laura Loomer as she continues her warrior-like efforts.

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