Running down the clock on Benghazi

Hagmann P.I.
January 24, 2013

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Yesterday, Hillary Rodham Clinton provided unsworn testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee to answer questions about the 9/11 attack in Benghazi and the murders of four Americans.

Conducted as fact-finding hearings, many Americans were hopeful that the officials they elected to represent them were finally going to get to the bottom of a deadly event that has been mired in deception since the minute it began to unfold. Instead, Americans were sorely shortchanged by a combination of inept questioning and lengthy monologues of professional praise, the latter of which served as an effective tactic to run down the game clock while limiting any errant exposure to the truth.

I suspect that the majority of congressmen and senators will be sending their aides out today for a fresh supply of Chap-Stick, while Clinton’s aides will be busy applying soothing layers of a similar ointment to another part of her anatomy as a result of that shameless and widely inappropriate public display of affection. Every American with normal sensibilities should be outraged over the lack of accountability that was celebrated instead of prosecuted, and the exploitation of the dead for political capital rather than an honest quest for the truth.

It is telling that the elected officials spent more time fawning over Hillary Rodham Clinton’s alleged medical issues from which she’s recovered, rather than attempting to learn the truth behind the brutal, agonizing and possibly preventable deaths of four Americans. One result from yesterday’s hearings was immediately evident in the Progressive media’s reports, particularly by Lawrence O’Donnell, who crowed that Hillary Clinton had put to rest “conspiracy theories” associated with the attacks in Benghazi. Sadly, O’Donnell and his ilk are more concerned over the future political viability of their “sacred cow” instead of exposing the truth behind an event that not only took American lives, but has hastened U.S. involvement into a life-changing global conflict.

Again, truth has been pushed behind a political agenda that continues unabated in a situation that if exposed for what it was, would eclipse all other political scandals to date in terms of scope and significance. It appears to be the nature of Washington, the immorality of its denizens and power brokers, and the rampant lawlessness that has evolved from decades of unchecked power allowed by a slumbering populace and a complicit media.

A rip in the curtain

Once people understand that a full accounting of the events related to Benghazi would provide a rare glimpse into the agenda and activities of a rogue government operation of unfathomable consequence, it is easy to see why this regime is so intent on covering-up the truth. To understand the role the “special mission” in Benghazi played in providing arms to anti-Assad forces for the purposes of destabilizing Syria on behalf of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood is to see the larger geo-political picture in this high-stakes game of real-world Risk.

The attack in Benghazi ripped the curtain of secrecy, allowing the world to connect the dots into the Obama-Saudi plan for restructuring the Middle East – a plan that is being allowed to continue, compliments of an accommodating legislative branch of government and a fawning and obedient media.

Much like the events in Benghazi provided those with eyes to see the larger agenda by this unexpected rip in the veil of lies, there was one moment in the hearings that presented a similar opportunity to see through the veil of the cover-up.

Out of hours of “testimony” and pages of written transcripts, the most telling moment came in response to Senator Ron Johnson’s rewording of a question relating to the motive and origin of the attack. His persistence caused Clinton to raise her voice and flirt with hysteria, shouting:

“With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Her incomprehensible response offered a glimpse behind the curtain of deception, yet that tear in the fabric of lies was left open but ignored as if following the line of questioning would reveal too much.

The “difference,” Madame Secretary, lies at the very core of why there are four dead Americans. The question regarding what caused the attack is the foundation on which your house of lies has been built. Behind your unbridled hubris and feigned outrage that such a question should be asked exists the reason why the number of dead in Syria will not stop at 60,000, but will eventually rise into the millions. It is the very reason that Americans will, at some point in the not-too-distant future, lament their involvement into yet another war sparked by an American foreign policy designed by the Saudis and implemented by a dutiful Barack Hussein Obama and your State Department.

Shameless exploitation of dead Americans

As I watched the hearings and poured through the transcripts, my thoughts turned to the victims of the Benghazi attacks and their families. Having personally experienced the murder of a family member that went unsolved for over five years, I know the feeling of being denied the truth. I know the agony and heartache associated with unanswered questions. Although I cannot speak for the families of the victims beyond my own personal experience, I certainly suspect that your arrogance and overbearing pride, as exhibited by your response, has only exacerbated their pain.

You shed a tear as you recounted how you and your boss met the arrival of the bodies of the dead upon their return home, and how you stood next to the family members of the victims. In one moment you expressed sorrow and promised justice, yet wasted no time erecting a firewall against any meaningful disclosure that would allow for proper closure for the victim’s families.

To deflect questions away from the motive is to divert people from learning the truth, deliberately convoluting the facts and hiding the truth or from the victim’s families to every thinking American.

It is difficult to fathom how you could stand with your boss, shoulder to shoulder with the family members of the victims while knowing the secrets you continue to keep hidden. It is equally difficult to fathom how elected leaders have so easily acquiesced by failing to ask the proper questions, and turned fact-finding sessions into de-facto canonization ceremonies amid a moral, ethical and spiritual vacuum.

Yesterday’s shameless hearings have done little to reveal the truth. To those paying attention, however, it is becoming much clearer that the truth continues to be held hostage by the current foreign policy constructed by the Saudis and implemented by the Obama military muscle.

HAGMANN P.I. (Doug Hagmann)
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