Source: NY and NJ Bomb signatures “nearly identical”

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September 18, 2016
Source: NY and NJ Bomb signatures “nearly identical”

By Douglas J. Hagmann

According to a federal law enforcement source close to the investigation of the bombing in Manhattan, it was disclosed that the “signatures” of the bombs, both detonated and undetonated, possess enough similarities to suspect they were constructed by the same maker. In addition to “having the ability to be remotely detonated,” the same components were used.

Specific information about the bombs was not being disclosed to avoid compromising the integrity of the investigation, although this source stated that the investigating agencies have a “suspect pool” based on the construction of the explosive devices. That does not mean that the bomber might be easily solved, or the bomber readily identified, cautioned this source.

“There are many factors that are considered in addition to the make-up of the actual devices. Obviously, the location of the devices is considered, which speaks to motive,” added this source.

Asked whether the bombs were considered to be anti-personnel type, this source stated that “all bombs are considered to be anti-personnel, but yes, there were certain characteristics that would place these devices in that category.”

“I think it would be a good bet to anticipate additional bombs, or at least attempts, so I would advise everyone to keep alert, especially in urban areas. The [federal agency] will likely be sending out an advisory to the departments in the northeast soon,” added this source.

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