SPECIAL REPORT: Doug Hagmann on the NGOs Assisting the US Invasion, Stats on Crimes by the Illegals, CCP-Tied Chinese Infiltrating the US – WCN-TV

Hagmann P.I.
August 16, 2023

With Texas Governor Gregg Abbott acting as a US southern border “field commander” for the World Economic Forum (WEF – Abbott link), he appears to be facilitating the weaponized migration (i.e. invasion) of the United States by foreign nationals, including those tied to the Chinese Communist Party

There are over 10,000 illegal aliens entering the U.S. per day. That number is deliberately and continually rising as criminal illegal aliens, especially men of military age, flood the streets, institutions, and infrastructure of the United States. Invasion by men with CCP ties is up nearly 1,000% over last year.

In this episode, Doug Hagmann discusses the NGOs, the 501(c)3 organizations beyond Catholic Charities that are being paid to destabilize the US under the pretext of providing humanitarian aid. Please watch this episode and share as far and wide as possible.

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