As headlines scream of impending global conflict and economic collapse, devoting print space to the recent baseless and ludicrous accusations of sexual harassment made against Sean Hannity might seem trivial to most readers. However, it is neither trivial nor irrelevant to today’s dire headlines.

It is critical to understand exactly what is happening, who it is happening to, and most importantly, why it is taking place to see these events in the context of the bigger picture. It should then become abundantly clear that there is a much bigger agenda afoot with severe implications for all of us, particularly for the conservative Christians and moral conservatives whose only agenda is to expose unchecked evil and criminality wherever it exists.

The accusation of sexual harassment against Sean Hannity gives us a window into the tactics of the Progressives and the cultural Marxists who are determined to silence the truth-tellers. His response to these tactics serves as a force multiplier for all of us without his reach in a war that has been raging for some time now – one that has claimed many causalities.

Should you be unaware of the specific event that I reference, the facts of the incident are pretty simple, at least on the surface.

On Friday, April 21, 2017, a female Michigan blogger and former Fox News contributor appeared on The Pat Campbell Show on KFAQ in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the wake of Bill O’Reilley’s departure from Fox, she made accusations suggestive of sexual harassment against Sean Hannity that reportedly happened over a decade ago.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have known talk-show host Pat Campbell personally for almost 20 years and consider him one of the best in his profession. Moreover, I know him to be morally and ethically sound and highly principled. I also know the accuser, whom I will not name, as doing so would only elevate her desperate need for relevance and self-importance. I, along with a cadre of other well-known politically conservative writers and commentators, have received her inane and baseless accusations of (among other things) plagiarism.

Last Monday, Mr. Hannity opened his show with a strong rebuttal, denying her claims about this issue and others raised in the past. He said he would respond with appropriate (and, in my opinion, well-deserved) legal action. He also stated, nearly verbatim, many of the same things I have been reporting on my radio show for the last year – that there are individuals who have been tasked with transcribing nearly every word spoken by the politically conservative hosts in the media (and many more prominent voices in the “alternative media.”)

One might ask why someone would engage in such a mundane and tedious task. Multiple reasons exist, yet all lead to the same objective: Silence and forever shut down conservative voices exposing the criminality and evil of the Progressive, Communist Left.

The process is to de-contextualize our statements and republish the content in such a manner that would simply but effectively impeach our credibility. Such is consistent with the Progressive’s use of the phrase “Fake News,” which has already become a tiresome moving target of meanings.

Another purpose strikes at the heart of shutting down independent researchers whose only goal is to report the unvarnished truth: to use such de-contextualized material as a weapon to dissuade potential sponsors and to “scare off” existing sponsors, thereby silencing the conservative voices by cutting off our revenue.

Yet another is to use such material as the basis for meritless lawsuits, which ultimately exist not to win but to distract, disrupt and financially bleed and bankrupt the targets of such action.

Regardless, the end-game objective in this asymmetrical war is to shut down the truth-tellers by any means necessary.

However, what happened this week is bigger and more important than any person or incident. Lisa Boothe, a columnist for The Washington Examiner, explains it well in her earlier column. She wrote:

“The body count is piling up and it is time to fight back. We have seen the Left stop at nothing to systematically destroy the lives of the people they disagree with. They will propagate falsehoods, demagogue, and even resort to violence to shut down conservative voices — all the while getting cover from the media. And while the Right should never engage in the violent tactics of the Left, they should also never allow their voices to be stifled.”

In addition to pointing out the attacks by the Left and their intended conservative targets, she also identified Conservative Christians as additional, if not more prized targets:

“The Left systematically attacks Christians. Twin brothers David and Jason Benham lost their HGTV show because of their religious beliefs. Chip and Joanna Gaines, who host HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” came under attack because the church they attend disapproves of homosexuality. The entire Duggar family’s parenting and values were questioned and criticized because of the sins of one family member.”

Interestingly, many accusers’ public profiles are ostensibly conservative. Some even appear to be Christian conservatives or outwardly possess Judeo-Christian values. Yet, they identify with and use the tactics of Saul Alinsky in their schizophrenic attacks against those whose only allegiance is to truth and expose the evil and criminal deeds of the power elite.

Some do it as they desperately strive to stay relevant while struggling with their low self-esteem. In this instance, the German word “schadenfreude” comes to mind. It is used to describe the pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. I reference this term as I believe it to be a psychological “qualifier” that permits alliances among unlikely people and groups that would not ordinarily exist.

Others do it for personal enrichment. Some do it as a political blood sport. Regardless of their initial motive, most eventually find one another as they swim through their odious and fetid swamp, creating unlikely alliances with the goal of shutting down anyone refusing to conform to their version of reality. And they do it “by any means necessary.”

The Bigger Picture

Until I (along with some close colleagues) began drawing fire from various bloggers, authors, detractors, disruptors, serial stalkers and litigants, I was blissfully unaware of the level of orchestration that exists among the most unlikely people. It was only after my own investigation did I find certain connections that defy rationality.

Nonetheless, such “unholy alliances” exist and flourish, for there is a much greater objective among the participants. As the layers of superficiality and deception are pulled back, it becomes clear that the goals of these individuals, “opposition research” groups and other assailants of truth are the same: Silence the truth.

From the riots at Berkeley, the disruptions at various town hall meetings to baseless accusations against the truth-tellers made by individuals and entities of all political biases, only the tactics differ.

Unless we unite and push back against these broad, insidious and deliberately obscure Alinsky tactics that promote a Communist agenda to silence the truth, there might be no one left to speak.

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