“Two years into a war that’s reshaping the entire world, most Americans are not informed. They have no real idea what’s happening in this region. But they should know they are paying for most of it in a way they might not fully yet perceive.” -Tucker Carlson

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By Douglas J. Hagmann | Published at Canada Free Press

You don’t have to like him or even agree with him, but every American who cares about the U.S. Constitution, especially our First and Second Amendment rights, needs to understand what is taking place in the legal arena against Alex Jones and InfoWars.

Speaking from personal experience, all is not what it appears to be.

To be completely transparent, I’ve met Alex Jones and have spoken with him on numerous occasions. I’ve been a guest and guest-host on InfoWars during the last few years, however I have no business or financial relationship with him or his organization. We agree on some issues and disagree on many others. On those issues which we disagree, I respect his right to his opinion.  More importantly, I respect his right to openly and publicly express his opinion, which is the cornerstone of our rights as Americans.

Presently, Alex Jones is the defendant in five-(5) defamation suits that are in various initial stages of litigation in Texas.  Three of the lawsuits were filed by the parents of the victims of the December 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting. Another lawsuit involves the August 2017 “protest” that turned deadly in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the other involves the February 2018 shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Although it is beyond the intent and scope of this article to discuss the specific issues of each case, I believe it’s important to take note of the interesting timing in the collective of cases.

Since the election of Donald Trump as President, Alex Jones has become the political Left’s (and even many on the Right) favorite social and political punching bag and a lawsuit magnet. Over the years, he has weathered many blows delivered by powerful organizations and people intent on silencing him. These multi-faceted attacks have increased significantly since Donald Trump became President – a fact that I believe is not coincidental and merits further investigative scrutiny.

In addition to the onslaught of litigation, Mr. Jones and InfoWars are also fighting censorship by the social media giants, from YouTube to Twitter and Facebook. I would urge readers to note here the timing of these arbitrary attacks as well, as these platforms have removed the ability of InfoWars and Alex Jones to respond to numerous false accusations, taken as fact by many, to respond. 

In tandem with his temporary or permanent banishment from the social media platforms, one should also pay very close attention to the celebratory atmosphere and frenzied cheers that exist across social media by those hoping to ultimately silence Alex Jones. In many cases, it’s not about the message, but simply silencing the man. For some, perhaps a sad majority, it’s simply Schadenfreude. It speaks more about those rejoicing and “piling on” than it does about Alex Jones.

In addition to the civil litigation, social media banishment, and the relentless attacks by late-night comedians, talk show hosts, and other talking heads who have little to no standing of their own to cast accusations, yet another carefully constructed narrative has been thrust without evidence or merit against Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and others who have a professional relationship with him. As a consequence of his support of President Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Roger Stone and even I have been accused of “Russian collusion” that somehow managed to change the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election.

While most rational people are able to see through such transparent and patently false accusations, there is a growing movement of the political Left that has been petitioning the existing Special Counsel to investigate these claims. I am intimately and personally familiar with such accusations, as I have legal documents that have been filed against me that reference my association with InfoWars as the primary basis for such charges. Rebuttal of these charges sounds easy but consider the resources of time and money that must be diverted to fend off such specious accusations. Also, consider the deliberate social and political toxicity created by these meritless claims.

Alex Jones and InfoWars certainly do not need me to come to his defense. No, he needs every thinking American to stand up for his right to speak about issues of public concern and importance.

This is the war, and in this war, there cannot be any bystanders, for it will be through your silence that you surrender your own rights to express your viewpoints, ask unpopular questions, and hold the “accepted” media to account.

Contrary to what is being reported, this is not about speech that reportedly provokes others to act uncivilly or unlawfully. If it was, consider the political pundits and media mouthpieces who have stoked the visceral and unbridled hatred of President Donald Trump and his supporters. They would be held to account for the actions of the anti-Trump protestors and rioters who have injured many as a result of the hatred they spew across all of the network programming.

It should be clear that this is about stifling public debate about issues and events that we’re told not to question and merely accept what the mainstream media and government tell us through the platforms they control. It’s about prohibiting anyone from questioning the narratives pushed by those who control the airwaves and platforms, who have been the guardians of the larger plans to control a population by controlling the information available to them. This is the reason only a handful of corporations own the “accepted” media outlets. It’s much easier to control six, then say 600.

The political Left is no longer satisfied with suggesting that you simply change the channel. Those who disagree with the social and political Left must be silenced by any means necessary. And those behind the movement to silence InfoWars regard you as intellectually inferior. As the viewer, listener, and consumer of the “objectionable” information, they don’t believe that you have the ability or intelligence to decide for yourself what to believe.

Looking through a much larger lens, it is about silencing not just a man but a movement. A movement that seeks to inform and in doing so, disrupt what has long been impervious to disruption. It is akin to the Left’s reaction to the election of Donald Trump, the disruptor of all disruptors to the status quo of politics as usual. It’s about the weaponization of our legal system and the refinement and reinvigorated implementation of the tactics of Alinsky and Cloward & Piven.

The Socialists-Communists in America are desperate. Desperation breeds danger. They’ve reached critical mass and are using whatever means necessary to stop the exposure of what has been operating in the shadows for so long. The Communist utopia they so desire cannot withstand the disruption caused by Alex Jones, InfoWars and any other free-thinker with a microphone and platform.

The Bottom line is this: If we don’t stand up in support of Alex Jones now, who will stand up for you or me when our own rights are taken from us? 

Think bigger.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Our nation and all of humanity stands at a critical crossroads in history, with Syria as the epicenter of a looming global conflict that will leave no one untouched. Despite a nearly unanimous consensus of the American people against military action in Syria, elements of our government are determined to override the will of the people and push us headlong into war in Syria, which will lead to a much greater conflagration than most are willing to believe or imagine.

As I have extensively written over the last 12 months, we are being pushed into World War III. This war, like others in the past, is based on lies and “false flag” operations, some of which have occurred, some thwarted, and others that loom just over the horizon.

Regular readers of my columns and listeners to my talk show know that the information I’ve provided about Syria and Benghazi has not only been proven accurate, but provided months in advance of the reports by the corporate media and even most conservative talk show hosts. I mention this not for self-aggrandizement, but to validate the credibility and authenticity of my “intelligence insider” who has provided me with this information. He has been extremely accurate on every aspect of what is taking place behind the veil of lies packaged for Western consumption. For the first time ever, this insider has agreed to speak on the record in an exclusive 90-minute interview about what is really taking place behind the curtain of lies and deception.

Despite the risks, he has agreed to lend his voice to the growing opposition to the madness we see taking place at the highest levels of our government, and tell us exactly what appears to be playing out in real-time. The Western-backed uprising in Syria has claimed the lives of around 150,000 men, women and children, and displaced some five million people. If permitted to continue, some estimate the deaths of four million people in Syria alone, with death spread on a wholesale level across the globe. And it’s being done in your name.

The information you will hear in this interview will forever change the way you look at the world today. This source talks explicitly about the incident at the Dyess Air Force Base involving the reported unauthorized shipment of nuclear warheads from that base. The incident at Dyess was broken exclusively by Anthony Gucciardi & Alex Jones of Infowars last Tuesday, on the same day that war hawk Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made a speech citing the need for the U.S. to attack Syria. During that speech, Graham made the extraordinary and almost surreal statement that failure by the U.S. to intervene could result in nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists, and that “could result in a [nuclear] bomb coming to Charleston Harbor.” Coincidence?

Consider the incident at Dyess with the details provided by this insider about a little-known incident that took place on Friday, March 8, 1968 involving a rogue Golf II Russian submarine with nuclear missile capabilities and a failed launch against an American city – a false flag event that could have forever changed the course of human history. Never heard of it? Or if you did hear about it, was it the truth?

We have rogue elements within and outside of our government pushing for war. The time clock is running down, and we must wake up, wake others up and take a stand.

This insider did, putting himself and his identity at risk. Why? Because we’re running out of time to stop this madness.

Please listen to this incredible interview here. Meanwhile, please spread it to others so we can collectively stand up against the rogue elements who are intent on exporting death at wholesale levels in your name. In our name. For the sake of all of humanity, it must be stopped.

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