The 229-page transcript of Hunter Biden’s six-hour deposition before the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committee (where he appeared on Wednesday, February 28, 2024) was released today. According to the New York Post (LINK HERE), “At long last, first son Hunter Biden affirmed during his Wednesday impeachment inquiry deposition that his father, Joe, was “the big guy” referenced in an email about a business deal with a Chinese state-linked energy firm that yielded millions for Biden family members and other associates, more than three years after The Post broke the story — but rejected the notion that the president was ever penciled in for a 10% stake.” [Highlights by this author].

This admission stems from information contained in communications on Hunter’s abandoned laptop – “the laptop from hell” that the corrupt DC Swamp and their mouthpiece media pundits asserted was “Russian disinformation.” They all lied as now proven by Biden’s own acknowledgment in testimony under oath. The stooges in the increasingly irrelevant corporate media – from MSNBC to Fox – along with the swamp creatures in the intelligence community, must be held to account for covering the Biden Crime Family’s personal enrighment at the expense of our nation and national security.

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As published in the Wisconsin Christian News

By Douglas J. Hagmann

As I’ve written in previous columns exclusive to Wisconsin Christian News, I was given two complete copies of Hunter Biden’s hard drive from the laptop he left at a Delaware repair shop. Subsequently, I extensively reviewed and cataloged the voluminous correspondence between the Bidens and foreign nationals, especially the Communist Chinese. In addition to the salacious, pornography-laden pictures and videos with alleged prostitutes and underage girls exists a forensic roadmap that provides essential information about the Biden family’s (especially Joe Biden) financial schemes. This information also appears to provide prima facia evidence that Biden’s blundered withdrawal from Afghanistan could have been influenced by his family’s dealings with the Communist Chinese.

Although detailed, the evidence trail is not difficult to identify. Unlike some criminal trials where motives are elusive, means are questionable, and opportunities appear limited, many motives, means, and opportunities are present to explain Biden’s withdrawal method.

BGY: Communist Chinese “Secret” Weapons (The Means)

Guo Wengui, a/k/a Miles Guo, is well known to the international spy community as a multi-billionaire businessman and whistleblower to the tactics of infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into various governments and international NGOs. He disclosed one such CCP tactical course of spying known by the acronym BGY, which represents the colors blue, gold, and yellow. Blue refers to network attacks and intelligence gathering through the internet; gold to financial bribes; yellow to the use of sex, gambling, drugs, and other similar activities to compromise elected officials, news organizations, and others in positions of power and influence in the West.

Wengui has alleged that the CCP has infiltrated numerous Western news organizations, political offices at the federal, state, and even local levels inside the U.S., or has control and influence through the compromise of targeted individuals. Having power and control over the most coveted prize of all, the Executive Branch of the U.S. government has long been a CCP objective. It now appears to have been achieved through the installation of Joseph R. Biden in the Oval Office.

Recent state audits of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election have alleged CCP hacking in conjunction with other means of election tampering and voter fraud, favoring Joseph Biden. The hacking is representative of the “blue” tactic. Along with the blue, the gold tactic can explain the actions of certain secretaries of state, governors, and other election officials. That the facts of election tampering, voter fraud, and related issues have been censored by the mainstream media are also indicative of the CCP’s blue and gold tactics of infiltration.

It would appear that such control has been achieved with the installation of Joseph R. Biden as the U.S. President, and the means to achieve this goal was the BGY strategy of the Communist Chinese Party.

Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive (Proof of Motive)

During Joseph Biden’s tenure as America’s vice-president, he was involved in a number of international financial dealings and schemes through his son, Hunter Biden. As I reported in a previous issue of this publication,  the New York Post published an article on October 15, 2020, titled, Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm.[i] That column provided significant information about Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China that also involved his father.

One email thread, in particular, appears to detail an equity distribution arrangement between members of the Biden family and other associates, where “20 will go to H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” The “big guy” was subsequently identified as then U.S. Vice President Joseph R. Biden.

The following graphic was published by the New York Post in that report and accurately represents the email thread found by this investigator on the Biden hard drive:

The objective here was to buy access to and influence the nation’s second-highest elected public official. This becomes even more obvious when one considers that Hunter Biden had exactly zero experience with energy and energy development firms yet was generously compensated by a firm closely tied with the Chinese Communist Party.

If the above dealings are indicative of the “gold” CCP tactic, then the videos and photographs of Hunter Biden engaged in drug use and sex with underage girls and prostitutes certainly fulfill the “yellow” tactic.

The Opportunity of Afghanistan

It would be a legitimate question to ask why the CCP would do anything to interfere with U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan when President Trump had already arranged a pull-out while in office.  Moreover, President Trump’s scheduled withdrawal (May 1, 2021) was even more ambitious than Biden’s (9/11/2021). The reason is that President Trump set certain conditions of withdrawal that kept the Taliban at a manageable level and would respond with force if such conditions were violated.

Biden, however, changed the conditions of withdrawal, thus violating all previous agreements and empowering the Taliban to the benefit of the CCP. This provided the Communist Chinese Party the needed opportunity to fortify an existing business relationship with the Taliban.  Just two weeks before the American pull-out, a Chinese delegation met with the Taliban in Kabul to discuss, among other matters, the issues of security and economic growth.

Border Security: China shares a short but strategically important border with Afghanistan in the Xinjiang province. By controlling the Taliban, security of the China-Afghanistan border is assured, preventing a surge of violent jihadists into Xinjiang. Notably, the CCP has detained an estimated 3 million Muslims (Uyghurs, Kazakhs, etc.) for “re-education.” This is noted to be the largest mass incarceration of people since World War II.

The Belt & Road Initiative: China was already positioned to make an exclusive entry into a post-U.S. Afghanistan. Recent intelligence reports found that the Taliban are solidifying an engagement with China on an extension of the $62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is the Belt & Road Initiative’s flagship project.

Rare Earth Minerals: The Chinese Communist Party have long had their eyes on Afghanistan’s valuable mineral deposits.  In 2007, the United States Geological Survey discovered vast deposits of iron, gold, copper, cobalt, and lithium, all important for modern industrial needs. In 2010, the media reported these finds, identifying Afghanistan as one of the world’s richest mining center of significant value to any country controlling it. Absent U.S. oversight, this treasure of rare earth minerals is expected to be under the control of the CCP.

Motive, means, and opportunity. What else might explain the U.S. surrendering to a terrorist organization, leaving Americans behind enemy lines, providing the terrorists with $85 billion in military aid which they will in return use against us, and blocking the evacuation of Americans, except that Biden is acting as a proxy for those who seek the destruction of the U.S.

Perhaps if Hunter Biden’s hard drive was properly examined by our national security apparatus and possible criminal activity investigated, along with proper reporting by the media, the U.S. would not be in the position it is today.

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