By Douglas J. Hagmann

The plot of a film noir of a half-century ago consisted of an unassuming man confessing to police his involvement in a number of murders in London while each remained unsolved. The murders took place over a period of a few months and were ostensibly performed at the hands of a serial killer.

He purposely gave police incorrect information about the killer’s signature which was publicly withheld by the police, although he learned of this critical bit of information through an obscure contact he had in the department. Soon, the police tired of his confessions and treated him as a serial confessor, rather than the murderer he was. When an innocent man was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death, the actual actor wanted to do the right thing to spare the innocent man, but no one believed him, including the police. Could this pattern of behavior apply to Bill Ayers with regard to his sarcastic admissions of authorship of Barack Obama’s highly acclaimed ‘Magnum opus’ Dreams From My Father? A recent private admission in an e-mail sent by Ayers suggests so.

I was provided with a lengthy thread of e-mail exchanges by Dan Popa, a private citizen who, for better or worse, decided to engage Ayers through that medium aggressively. The initial e-mails from Popa to Ayers were quite “spirited,” and included characterizations of Ayers’ wife, Bernadine Dorhn’s breath to that of a camel’s rear, among other things. To his credit, Ayers handled the unpleasant electronic impositions calmly, addressing legitimate issues with Popa while astutely deflecting the crass remarks with reason.

Then, on October 8, 2013, Ayers’ latest book, Public Enemy, Confessions of a Public Dissident was released. Included in Ayers’ book were the more salacious excerpts of Popa’s e-mails to Ayers, illustrating the unsolicited attacks and personal insults Ayers and his wife are being forced to endure. Upon learning of this, Mr. Popa was not pleased. To be fair, however, what might he have expected? The e-mails between Popa and Ayers continued, although something interesting happened during the exchanges during the spring. Mr. Popa abandoned the ad hominem attacks and began a serious dialogue with Ayers, who welcomed and embraced the newly found civility. In fact, Ayers and Popa began to agree on a number of critical issues, including the managed media and the policy of war. It was an astounding and very important evolution of their “relationship.”

After several more exchanges where civility and intellectual thought dominated, Mr. Popa asked Bill Ayers the one question that has been asked of him in numerous venues and answered by Ayers in either a sarcastic or cryptic manner. On Sunday, December 8, 2013, Mr. Popa wrote to Bill Ayers about the release of his new book, and posed the following:

“Now, why don’t you come out for REAL and admit you wrote DREAMS and throw a monkey wrench in Obama’s war plans by derailing him. If you are truly so war despising as you claim…PROVE IT. Give Obama a real Christmas present.” (emphasis by Mr. Popa and present in the actual e-mail).

On Monday, December 9, 2013, Bill Ayers answered Mr. Popa with the following response, copied in exact form from the exchange:

“I WROTE DREAMS!!! Read p 197 198 of Public Enemy. I wrote it, but nobody believes me.” Bill

While your first reaction might be to dismiss this admission as a continuation of Ayers’ cagey, sarcastic, and sometimes ‘playful’ responses to the seemingly omnipresent, rabid, right-wing ideologues who are often their own worst enemies, his reply should be considered in the context and within the venue it was made. It is here that a measure of critical thinking and analysis must be applied. Is this a genuine admission that Bill Ayers did, in fact, write Barack Obama’s most masterful work by comparison, Dreams From My Father, a book that Time magazine called “the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician,” and where the New York Times heaped praise on Obama as “that rare politician who can write … and write movingly and genuinely about himself?”

The reason this issue is so essential extends far beyond the obvious. It must not be equated with an average college student taking advantage of the more superior intellect of his classmate who completes an essay for his literary challenged peer. No, for it provides a window into Barack Obama as a man, as a leader, and as an icon to so many should this be the case. It represents the thin veil of an enormous lie, multiple lies, a veil that more and more people are beginning to penetrate the longer the lies persist. It also speaks to the mystery of Obama’s murky past, and some of those who helped elevate him to the messianic status he enjoys, only to be thrown under the proverbial bus once he had finished with them.

Think back to that movie plot where the man who really did something for which he needed to confess was rendered impotent and not to be believed by his own hand. Could it be that in this case, William Ayers the so-called unrepentant terrorist wants to come clean, set the record straight, and establish his legacy against the formidable odds of an illusion that so many people have accepted as reality?

Regardless of whether you agree with the ideology of Bill Ayers, his book Public Enemy is a profile of the consistency of his ideology. With Ayers, unlike the denizens of DC, much of what you see is what you get. His past belief in Barack Obama has been shaken, and there is a real sense of abandonment and a hint of despair from a man who wanted to see his ideology implemented by the man so well defined in Dreams From My Father.  Now unceremoniously discarded by his one-time lesser literary peer caused by the politics of unfavorable public perception, perhaps Ayers has become of victim of his own making.

Could it be that Public Enemy is Bill Ayers’ second-best work, second only to Dreams From My Father?

Could it be that Public Enemy is Bill Ayers’ second-best work, second only to Dreams From My Father? Could it be that Bill Ayers, a literary superior to his one-time understudy, is attempting to protect the advancement of at least part of his vision of a Progressive utopia? Perhaps the tire tracks across the back of Bill Ayers, left by the proverbial bus driven by Obama and his circle of insiders, serve to remind Ayers that the legend of Obama is so great that in his words, “nobody believes me.”

Clearly, painstaking analysis and anecdotal evidence that has been presented by others, including a detailed linguistic study by Jack Cashill, provide a legitimate and reasonable basis to question the authorship of the most celebrated of all presidential memoirs. Now we have a written admission, which if taken at its face, deepens the controversy. To be clear, we’re not talking about a college essay, but a critical historical document by which many honest and sincere Americans made a decision to put their trust, and the fate of their future, and the future of their country, in the hands of the author.

In light of this blatant admission memorialized in writing, sans the parenthetical snarky follow-up comments about royalties, Americans deserve the truth. Americans deserve genuine answers from the two people who really know the truth, if not for the sake of their own integrity and place in history, but for the sake of truth itself.

What say you, Barack Obama… and who is willing to ask the question?

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Allen K. Hulton is not a household name, nor is it his desire to have it become one. He is a man with a simple story, an account of incidents that took place over a period of several years while delivering mail in a Chicago suburb. He spent about 30 years delivering mail, years that would have been contiguous had he not served in the military during the Vietnam era.

His career as a civil servant is unblemished, as is his service to our country. At 69, he is articulate but unwilling to embellish information beyond what he knows to be true. His careful attention to detail and his desire to tell only what he can clearly recall without conjecture is a refreshing change of pace for me, after conducting countless interviews as a career investigator for nearly as long as Mr. Hulton carried the mail.

Working as a field investigator for nearly three decades has taught me who to ask when in need of reliable information about people of interest living in a particular area. Near the top of the list of sources is the mail carrier, as long as the carrier has been working a specific, established route for an extended period. Mr. Hulton is exactly that source. Speaking from my own field experience,  people would be surprised to know just how much mail carriers know about the residents on their route, but that is a topic for another time.

On Friday, 25 May 20112, I interviewed Allen Hulton about his chance encounter with Barack Hussein Obama well before he emerged on the political scene. I also interviewed him about his encounters with Thomas and Mary Ayers, the parents of domestic terrorists of the Weather Underground William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

Including the two-hour on-air interview on The Hagmann Report, I spoke with Mr. Hulton for just over three hours and spent an additional two hours verifying his bona fides. It’s ironic and telling that I know more about Mr. Hulton than America knows about Barack Hussein Obama.

Thomas & Mary Ayers

The well-known Weather Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is the son of Thomas and Mary Ayers. Tom and Mary resided in an upscale Chicago suburb of Glenn Ellyn, Illinois, at the time, Mr. Hulton was their mail carrier. Mr. Hulton delivered mail on this particular route for about 11 years, between 1986 and 1997.

Although he never saw or met William Ayers, Mr. Hulton recalls numerous conversations with Mary Ayers, and one conversation with her husband. The latter conversation seems to be burned into his memory. The now-deceased Thomas Ayers was the president of Commonwealth Edison, retiring in 1980.  At the time of their encounter, Thomas Ayers was not shy about promoting his anti-government, obvious pro-Marxist views to a government employee. It is not difficult to imagine why such a conversation would be memorable, especially as the affable Mr. Hulton stood attired in a government uniform.

Thomas Ayers spoke to Mr. Hulton, using words like peasants and the proletariat. It certainly was not your usual sidewalk conversation. Mary Ayers, on the other hand, was pleasant and not prone to discuss such topics, at least not under such circumstances. There appeared to be more to the Ayers household than the finely trimmed lawn of this suburban home would otherwise indicate.

Bernardine Dohrn

During Mr. Hulton’s servicing of the Glenn Ellyn zip code of 60137, he met Bernadine Dohrn at the Ayers’ household when delivering letters that required her signature. According to Mr. Hulton, Bernardine Dohrn stayed with the Ayers family for an undetermined period. Mr. Hulton had little conversation with Dohrn, stating that she did not seem to be much of a “people person.”

“I am absolutely positive that it was Barack Obama.”

This is the point that completely changes the official narrative of the living legend of the man known as Barack Hussein Obama II, or Barry Soetoro, whichever might be his actual legal name. It is so important that on 12 November 2011, Mr. Hulton signed and executed a three-page affidavit detailing his encounters with the Ayers family, Bernardine Dohrn, and a man he is absolutely certain to be Barack Hussein Obama II.

In the early 1990s and consistent with numerous exchanges of pleasantries and dialogue with Mary Ayers, she conveyed to Mr. Hulton her excitement about a “black, foreign student” who had an “unusual, foreign-sounding name.” According to the signed affidavit, Mary Ayers told Mr. Hulton that her husband was providing financial assistance to this student. She was obviously proud of the assistance they provided to this man.

At some point subsequent to that conversation and during the course of his normal mail delivery to the Ayers household, Mr. Hulton met this “black, foreign student with an unusual sounding name” outside of the Ayers’ home. He provided a physical description that matched exactly that of Barack Hussein Obama, later stating that “I am absolutely positive that [the man I met] was Barack Obama.”

During this encounter, Obama told Mr. Hulton that he took the train from Chicago to stop by the Ayers’ home to personally thank them for all the help they provided him with his schooling. Two things Mr. Hulton said that struck him about this man. First, he was described by Mary as a “foreign” student, yet he had no foreign accent whatsoever and spoke perfect English, which was not what Mr. Hulton expected.

The second part of this encounter is perhaps the most unusual and unsettling. It was during this conversation that Barack Hussein Obama, long before he entered the political arena and over a decade before emerging on the national scene as a presidential candidate, looked Mr. Hulton in the eyes and stated with the assuredness of someone who was just hired at a normal job, “I am going to be President of the United States.” According to Mr. Hulton, there was no question or hesitation in his voice, or doubt in his statement. Mr. Hulton admitted to be taken aback by his statement and the manner in which it was conveyed.

During my interviews with Mr. Hulton, it became clear to me that he believes that the statement made by Obama was quite different than the fanciful aspirations of a young man hoping to be President. It appeared to be a foregone conclusion, and all that was left to do was to make the appropriate arrangements.  Given the meteoric rise of Obama and all of the false narratives and unanswered questions, it would be foolish to discount such a possibility.

The Obama legend unraveling

The American people have been fed a false narrative of the life and times of Barack Hussein Obama. With the complicity of the major media and entrenched political leaders, the majority of people have accepted it without question. The denials of Barack Hussein Obama about his relationship with domestic terrorists ring false in the face of the mounting evidence against him. To understand the true agenda of Obama, it is important to identify his associates, including those who have helped him along the way.

This account, however, is not without its detractors who follow the step-by-step Saul Alinsky instruction manual on denying potential evidence by mocking the messenger. When this account was first made public, Media Matters for America, a Progressive website dedicated to perpetuating the legend of the least transparent President in the history of our Republic, rolled out still-green- behind-the-ears Ben Dimiero. Apparently, Dimiero’s ability to investigate false allegations about all things related to Obama rests on his 2006 BS degree in English, not from years of investigative training and experience.

In an article published there last month, Dimiero apparently found Mr. Hulton’s account “farcical and amusing,” an apparent working illustration of his BS (degree). Dimiero, however, failed to provide any evidence to the contrary, instead mocking the entire discussion related to the topic of Obama’s legitimacy and related facts.

To Dimiero and others complicit in the perpetuation of the Obama myth, I say to you that evidence is mounting against the official narrative of Barack Hussein Obama like a crowd of skeletons in a closet. One thing they don’t teach in English classes but is well-known among career investigators, skeletons don’t like closets.

And we intend to let them out for all to see.

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