By Douglas J. Hagmann

Whether it was by design or mere happenstance, the bombings in Boston yesterday will be looked upon as a seminal event in America’s post-9/11 history. At this point, few facts regarding the bombings have been officially disclosed and verified, fueling widespread and rampant speculation about suspects and motive. In real-world scenarios, investigations take time, and certain information, when prematurely or improperly disclosed, create unimaginable difficulties for “boots on the ground investigators” who are actually committed to doing their job.

Those with experience know that the higher one goes in the chain of investigation and investigators, however, the efforts between getting to the actual truth versus satisfying any number of political agendas associated with the event becomes perverted to the point that it often becomes unrecognizable. Experience also confirms that the higher the profile of an event, the more that politics and political agendas play a role. This case is no exception and in the context of history, will be a pivotal event in many areas.

Few will argue that we are at a most vulnerable point in our national history, although many will disagree on the reasons. Our country is currently split along racial and societal lines, and strong ideological differences exist on nearly every important aspect of our culture. We are a country divided and are at a breaking point. This division is based, in large part, on the lack of integrity of our leadership, both past and present, and by our failure to demand truth and accountability.

History has shown us that we cannot depend on our government leaders to be honest with us on anything of importance, from our economy to wars and terror attacks. The political affiliation of the elected officials doesn’t matter, for they all refuse to answer straightforward questions with simple answers that don’t requirement careful parsing of words and responses regardless of political bias. Do we honestly believe that we will get the truth as it relates to yesterday’s bombing? Moreover, do we honestly believe that the media and talking heads will provide us with an unbiased accounting absent of a political agenda? History tells us no.

Considering the past behavior of those in high positions of power, are we wrong to be a bit skeptical in advance of their official narrative about the Boston bombing? Are we, as a nation concerned for our future and those of our children and grandchildren, acting out of line by asking certain uncomfortable questions about certain specific aspects of the bombing, or by openly noting that there exist a number of things that we’ve seen in past “terrorist” bombings that appear to be present in this event? For example, the concurrent training drill that reportedly took place at the same time of yesterday’s bombing, which is something we’ve seen in previous bombing events where unanswered questions linger, seems to fit a template of sorts. This is just one example of many that serve as “markers” that must be viewed in the context of history. Many more can be listed.

We must demand the truth behind the Boston bombings, absent of political agenda, but will we get it? Again, in the context of history, it is unlikely unless we are proactive and accept nothing less. As Americans, have we received the complete truth about the attack at Benghazi? Have we received the complete truth about events surrounding other life-changing events from the Oklahoma City bombing to the attacks of 9/11? The downing of TWA 800? Need I continue?

Based on the above, do we, as Americans of morality and conscience, have the reason and right to question, even in advance, whether we will ever get the truth on exactly what took place in Boston yesterday? It is my contention that it is not only our right to demand the truth, to demand accountability from our leaders and lawmakers who will undoubtedly use yesterday’s events to expand the ever-widening curtailment of our liberties, but it is our God-given duty to do so. We must accept nothing less.

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