By Douglas J. Hagmann

Everyone will recall the collective gasp of the Hillary Clinton supporters and the ensuing media outrage when Donald Trump refused to say whether he would accept the results of the Presidential election. His statement was made against the backdrop of a rigged election, fraudulent votes and voting machines that curiously overruled voters’ selections. Nonetheless, Hillary Clinton, along with her backup vocals like Chris Mathews, Rachael Maddow and other media sycophants continuously expressed outrage that Donald Trump would even think about jeopardizing our “democratic voting process.”

Hillary Clinton and her Marxist supporters who are threatening our Representative Republic

It is now Hillary Clinton and her Marxist supporters who are threatening our Representative Republic through the petition website Immediately following Donald Trump’s election victory, a petition was launched to sway the Electoral College to “Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19.”

The Electoral College will meet and vote on December 19, 2016, to certify the Trump victory as defined within our Constitution. Remember, the United States is a Representative Republic and not a Democracy, no matter how many times journalists want to change our constitution through language and the repetitiveness of their lies.

It is typical for the Clintons and those in their camp to do the exact opposite of what they say publicly. This has been proved through the Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to big money interests behind closed doors confirming that what she says and does in public is not consistent with what she says to (and does for) her private, big dollar supporters and special interest groups.

Unable to comprehend such duplicity and blinded by their idolatry, these useful idiots, including the Hollywood elite are pushing for the Electors of the Electoral College to cast their ballots for Clinton on December 19, 2016. They believe that they have the chance to change the outcome of the election, an event that would surely throw this already heavily divided country into a very real civil war, something the Marxists Progressives have been longing for. In fact, my own government insider admitted as much exactly as I have documented in my previous reports.

As to the petition to the Electoral College, it should be noted that they currently have over 2.2 million “signatures” and are gaining on their goal of three million.

No one should think that the globalist power structure, for which Hillary Rodham Clinton is the face, will willingly cede their power

No one should think that the globalist power structure, for which Hillary Rodham Clinton is the face, will willingly cede their power. They will not go quietly into the night. Instead, they will utilize the tactics of their patron saint, Saul Alinsky, whose book Rules for Radicals was dedicated to Lucifer himself.  We are seeing this play out on the streets of Portland, Los Angeles, New York and other cities in between.

Thousands of intellectually impaired malcontents and morally bankrupt lawless anarchists, or a generation of Clinton, Obama and Sanders supporters, are mere cannon fodder for the Clintons and the larger criminal cabal that has allowed to exist for so long. However, they are too blinded to see that they are pawns in a much larger globalist agenda to retain their power and elite status.

Again we see the lies of the “leftist” media and their card-carrying Socialist comrades deceptively claiming that these protests are both spontaneous and organic. They are neither, and are as spontaneous as the attack in Benghazi was in 2012. They are well planned, organized and funded by the same people who refuse to cede power. The media is even reluctant to call them for what they are: organized riots, complete with injuries and property destruction. Left unexposed, these riots will not only continue, but spread.

Very dangerous times for America

Make no mistake, these are very dangerous times for America. The danger is real and must not be understated. The criminality of the Clinton cabal, supported by foreign big money interests, is slowly being exposed for all to see. Many in the orbit of this cabal have much to lose, and include elected leaders on both sides of the political divide.

The organizational structure of this cabal is being identified through Wikileaks, and it is as perverse as it is vast. Do not expect those involved in the deepest recesses of this criminal enterprise to slink quietly away. It is not their nature. It is not the nature of evil.

Prepare. Pray. And by all means, “Saddle for Battle.”

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