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Senator Rand Paul was interviewed by Newsmax (Senator Rand Paul talks to Rob about Biden budget plans, covid origins, and Fauci) this week. Senator Paul spoke about recent disclosures demonstrating that Anthony Fauci was complicit – if not behind one of the most massive cover-ups in medical history. The following is a transcript of that interview – the discussion about Fauci begins at the 4:29 mark. Please watch the video AT THIS LINK (advance to 4:29).

TRANSCRIPT (4:29-7:18)

Newsmax Rob Schmitt: In the wake of the Energy Department admitting that COVID likely came from a lab, the Wuhan Lab, of course, a bipartisan house COVID committee has revealed a staggering amount of evidence that show that Tony Fauci and also Francis Collins pretended to be unaware of the lab leak theory as COVID hit the United States, and actually worked very hard behind the scenes to destroy it. Fauci got up in front of the entire country in the first days of COVID, when everybody was watching those press conferences, and cited a study claiming that the virus was likely from a wet market and not from a lab, and he hid the fact that he helped to create that narrative. 

Why do you think he would do that in the first days of the pandemic?

Senator Rand PaulWell, because he felt guilty about funding the research in China that became COVID-19. And so, I think his guilt and his fear of retribution or his fear of culpability led him to perhaps the most massive cover-up in modern medical history. 

From the very first days,  the end of January in 2020, he’s exchanging emails on January 31st, 2020, emails all night long. The next day he has a video conference, and in that conference, all of the virologists are telling they think it came from the lab and he convinces them that day  – we don’t know exactly how because that’s been redacted  – but he convinces them to change their mind and write an article for a scientific journal that then he uses to justify why this had to have come from nature. 

But there has been a lot of research done in the last two or three years. They – we’ve looked at 80,000 animals and none of them had COVID before the pandemic. We’ve also looked at the origins of this, and we’ve discovered that three workers in the on lab in November 2019 got sick with symptoms similar suspicious for COVID. We also learned that in 2018, the Wuhan lab was asking for money from DARPA, which is part of our Defense Department and they wanted to create a super virus that was a coronavirus with a furin cleavage site. What’s a furin cleavage site? It’s a peculiar thing that helps the virus invade the cell, and it just so happens to be in COVID-19. So, a year before the pandemic, the Wuhan lab is asking to create a virus that in the end look just like COVID-19. Coincidence? I think not.

Newsmax Rob Schmitt: I’ve got I’ve got 10 seconds left. You’ve asked three Senate democratic committee there to sign letters requesting documents on COVID origins. You’re getting stonewalled quickly. I mean, are they trying to protect Fauci? Why are they doing this?

Senator Rand Paul: Today we’ve asked a fourth Democrat chairman, and we’re going to keep bugging them till they give us these records. But the dam is going to break loose, and the FBI, the Department of Energy saying this is a good sign.

Newsmax Rob Schmitt: Senator Paul thank you so much, always good to see you.

Senator Rand Paul:  Thank you.

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