There is a war for your DNA. Read Xenogenesis by Steve Quayle – written long before the “plandemic” of 2019. Consider the objectives of those pushing the jabs and the tyrannical mandates that were used by the globalist engineers of chaos. Watch the above clip from the longer interview. Prepare for the next round of bioweapons. Also, read the following thread and demand the complete and unredacted transcripts NOW:


It’s likely that you’ve seen him, heard him, or heard of him. Tom Renz is a warrior in the fight against corruption, fraud, and tyranny. He’s a practicing attorney who put his practice second to exposing and fighting against government and quasi-government corruption and overreach. Perhaps you’ve seen him testify before Congress or read his latest findings that detail his research into what most people call the COVID-19 vaccines. He’s been interviewed many times across many platforms, but how well do you really know this fighter?

It has never been more important than today to identify those who are really on our side – those who cannot be bought or those who refuse to submit to government tyranny for a promise to be free of threats and to be left alone from harassment by rogue elements of a tyrannical system. 

In a world where reality is getting more difficult to separate from the lies, establishing true allies has never been more important. Attorney Tom Renz is a true ally, intensive researcher, and a voracious fighter for all our freedoms. The last three-and-a-half years have come at a cost to Attorney Renz. He’s sacrificed his anonymity so we can retain ours. He’s appeared on numerous high-profile broadcasts to make a stand in our stead. 

The purpose of this interview is to introduce you to Tom Renz – the man in the fight. He was the first attorney to step up and step out against the illegal mandates pushed by the government – those who are elected and those who are the unelected bureaucrats who believe that our freedoms can be taken from us. Doing so at a cost to his practice and taking away precious family time, working an average 18 hours a day, seven days a week, while helping raise his two children as his wife is battling cancer. 

We need to know who we can count on to stand up for us. Someone who will not waiver in his ethics or principles. Attorney Tom Renz is that man – an unsung hero who is willing to dodge the many slings and arrows in this new generation of warfare.

Please join Tom Renz and Doug Hagmann as they cover a wide range of topics in this introductory interview. Join us as we’re building an army so our children and their children may experience the joys of growing up free, including being free from the worry of being enslaved by our self-appointed overlords and their minions. 

Attorney Tom Renz pulls no punches as he describes the fight as being a costly one in terms of both money and manpower. 

You’ve heard his many technical discussions and his revelations which we touched upon during our time together. In our discussion, we emphasize the human factor – and what all of us must do to overcome the oppressive plans of our enemies – the foes of liberty. We talk about trust, and how important it is to select the right person for the right job at the proper time.


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