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It was historic. It was energizing. It was telling. As the Fake News Media is engaging in a non-stop campaign of rhetoric and accusations against President Donald Trump, his “America First” agenda and his supporters, it was a clear illustration of what is really happening all across our nation: The Democratic Party is self-destructing. They are losing what’s left of their base and are in a panic as the mid-term elections approach.

Don’t expect to see favorable pictures or honest video footage (except here) from the Walk Away March held this weekend in Washington, DC. The Fake News media was conspicuously absent Saturday when a large group of former members of the Democratic party and supporters of President Trump held a march and rally deep inside in the belly of the beast. The Hagmann Report was there to document the event and support those in attendance.

Former card-carrying members of the Democrat Party

Cold temperatures, wind and saturating rain kept only Leftist protestors away from this event but did nothing to dampen the resolve of the people who’ve shunned the ideology of the party of hate, division and intended destruction of our great nation.

The Walkaway March was a weekend event. It kicked off Friday night with a gala and dinner at the Trump International Hotel where about 500 people were in attendance. Brandon Straka, the face and founder of the march, cheerfully greeted people on the red carpet as reporters from various media outlets including The Epoch Times, CRTV, Alicia Powe (Gateway Pundit), The Hagmann Report and others documented the event.

The people who attended the gala and dinner were jovial and candid, as they found like-minded people from all over the United States who “walked away,” ripping up their Democratic voter cards in favor of President Trump’s pro-American agenda. They exchanged stories of events that led them to their decision and described the surprising level of intolerance exhibited by co-workers, friends and even their own family members. Such shunning and shaming by the “party of tolerance” only strengthened their resolve.


Keeping America Great by returning it to a nation under God and a Republic guided by the Constitution

Despite adverse weather, attendance at the rallies (beginning at John Marshall Park and culminating at Freedom Park) was as strong as the resolve of these former card-carrying members of the Democrat Party.

A stream of people filled the march route that extended about eight-tenths of a mile long, often engaging in patriotic chants and songs.

Some carried signs, others carried flags, and some held their Bibles. Clearly, it was a classy display of American greatness under God and a President who cares deeply about our nation.

Everyone was happy and positively energetic, which is in stark contrast to the opposition rallies that are seemingly ever-present on cable news networks.


#Walkaway March Full Coverage

Speakers at the event, (in person or via remote) included movement founder Brandon Straka and key organizer Tracy Beanz, Stacey Dash, Diamond & Silk, Joy Villa, Mason Weaver, former Clinton staffer Buzz Patterson, Pastor Mark Burns, Tomi Lahren and Herman Cain. The message was clear: Keeping America Great by returning it to a nation under God and a Republic guided by the Constitution.

This unified movement – a whole greater than the sum of its parts – is something that the Fake News Media does not want you to see. While the media is obsessively attempting to drive a wedge through the heart of America, real, patriotic Americans are “walking away” from such toxicity and lifting others – and our nation – to greatness.

Please help us document a historic moment in American history. Please watch and share the video- click here.


By Douglas J. Hagmann | Published at Canada Free Press

Every single thinking American owes Diamond & Silk an enormous debt of gratitude for providing their testimony before the House Judiciary Committee last Thursday. Internet sensations Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, known respectively by their Internet personas as “Diamond & Silk,” provided clear, concise and indisputable testimony, under oath, that substantiates widespread claims that the social network platforms Facebook and YouTube are actively engaged in censoring anyone who is promoting President Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” agenda.

In a hearing titled “Filtering Practices of Social Media Platforms,” Diamond & Silk testified about their experience with the social media monopoly Facebook as being labeled “unsafe to the community” to deliberately obtuse congressional members such as Shelia Jackson-Lee (D-TX) and Hank Johnson (D-GA).

The visceral hatred of President Donald Trump and by extension, his supporters was on full and undeniable display during this hearing. The blatant contempt for Diamond & Silk was overtly illustrated by the dismissiveness and condescension exhibited by some members of Congress to these invited guests.

Instead of being shown even the most basic level of appreciation for their voluntary testimony about a critically important issue that impacts every American, ranking Democrats were demeaning and disrespectful. Representative Hank Johnson even shamefully suggested that their appearance before Congress was a tactic to raise their public profiles to increase their income.

Meanwhile, Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee spent her allotted time trying (unsuccessfully) to prove that Diamond & Silk were being untruthful in their testimony; first, pertaining to a timeline of events regarding notifications by Facebook, then regarding a legitimate travel reimbursement by the Trump campaign. When both accusations failed miserably against the well documented, factual and very precise testimony provided by Diamond & Silk, the exasperated Sheila Jackson-Lee resorted to “lecturing” the witnesses about their decorum before Congress. Viewing the exchange, it is obvious that Sheila Jackson-Lee should have been the recipient of any such admonishment.

To add further insult, Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) audaciously asserted that Diamond & Silk could be subjected to perjury charges.

Amid all of the absurd accusations and attacks levied against them, Diamond & Silk served all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, most adeptly as witnesses and ambassadors for the truth regarding political censorship and the First Amendment rights of all citizens.

We can and should take pride in the proficiency of Diamond & Silk proving before Congress and all of America, through their testimony under oath, that pro-Trump, pro-Constitutional Conservatives and Christian Conservatives individuals and groups are being actively targeted for censorship across the largest of social networks – including and especially Facebook and YouTube. However, the issue of censoring the pro-Trump Conservatives and agenda continues unabated. In fact, it is getting worse.

Silencing Pro-Trump Political Candidates

Just as Diamond & Silk previously appeared on The Hagmann Report, so too did Republican Conservative and pro-Trump candidate for the U.S. Senate Erin Cruz. Ms. Cruz is running against longtime Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein in California.

Last week, Ms. Cruz announced on her Twitter feed that she was informed by Facebook that she was being temporarily suspended for allegedly violating community guidelines in a post she reportedly wrote two-years ago. This ban reportedly impacted her Senate Facebook page as well as her personal pages just weeks before the June 5th primary.

Media Reaction & Bias

Following the testimony of Diamond & Silk before the House Judiciary Committee last week, the mainstream media reported their appearance in less-than-flattering terms. A search of news sites indexed by Google showed a prominent bias against the prominent social media political commentators and unsurprisingly, against President Donald Trump.

It is here that we again see the absolute visceral hatred of President Donald Trump, as the corporate mass media reported in lock-step that Diamond & Silk were indeed paid by his Presidential campaign and therefore, guilty of lying to Congress. At issue in this instance is the alleged reimbursement of $1,274.94 (for airfare) previously referenced by Sheila Jackson-Lee. Now consider this uber-aggressive approach against Diamond & Silk against the backdrop of testimony provided to Congress by various FBI and DoJ officials involved in the Russian “collusion” investigation by some of the very same “journalists.”

The news coverage is also in stark contrast with that of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who had the appearance of a lost schoolboy during much of his Congressional testimony.  Zuckerberg, who was not under oath during his testimony, asserted that designating Diamond & Silk as “unsafe for the community” was merely a “technical error.”

Obviously, the media has no interest in questioning the technical errors that appear to plague only those individuals or groups who promote or favor President Donald Trump and conservative ideology. In fact, one “news” outlet that did address this issue managed to “discredit and debunk” the censorship of pro-Trump conservatives on Facebook by using data furnished by… (wait for it)… Facebook. 

Free Speech is Under Attack

The fact that our God-given rights as detailed in the First Amendment are under attack by the Liberal Left and the anti-Trump crowd can no longer be denied. It strains credulity to accept the asinine explanation that labelling Diamond & Silk “unsafe for the community” was a technical error. We are seeing too many instances of the deliberate censorship of pro-Trump conservatives across the social networks.

As I’ve previously noted, shadow banning, target algorithms, manipulation of search results, de-listing and demonetization are just some of the tactics being used by those who want to censor conservative opinion. Soon, it will be the outright prohibition and criminalization of all speech that fails to conform with the ideology of the political Left.

Our freedom of speech is unquestionably under attack. We must not remain silent. We must fight against the tyranny of the political Left to protect our liberties. If we don’t do it now, it is unlikely that we’ll have another chance.

We can win on the numbers alone. Together, we must stand up and speak out, stronger and louder than ever before. We must refuse to be silenced, stand in solidarity with Diamond & Silk while supporting each other as we fight against the Liberal Left’s constant assaults on our God-given rights. We must not be constrained by their rules, for they certainly aren’t.

We must win for the sake of our nation, the free world, and if not for our sake, for our children and future generations.

We will not be silenced.

Diamond & Silk are scheduled to appear on The Hagmann Report on Monday, April 30, 2018 to discuss their Congressional testimony and how they plan to move forward in these hostile times. The Hagmann Report is broadcast live Monday-Friday from 7:00-10:00 PM ET on The Globalstar Satellite Radio Network, BlogTalk Radio and YouTube.

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