By Douglas J. Hagmann

I wrote this column nearly ten years ago in September 2013, six years before the COVID lockdowns, For verification purposes, the original report can be found here. Fast-forward to today with 20/20 hindsight, were the warnings on target? Consider the 2016 election and the disruption by Donald J. Trump as president. I contend that things would have turned out much differently had it been a Clinton presidency.

Please read the column and decide for yourself HERE,

By Peter Barry Chowka

“It’s very easy to tell the truth when you don’t have anything to hide.” Rochelle Richardson, Diamond and Silk

Consumers of New Media news content should not rest easy.  The platforms that you rely on to counterbalance the perpetual fake news and relentless false narratives are being systematically silenced, bled dry by lawfare and now those of us who work endless hours to parse through the news, brainstorm the programs and frame the content are being scrutinized and added to lists of “influencers.”

“Media Influencers”

April 5, 2018 was a dark day.  Cary O’Reilly, writing for Bloomberg Government, penned an article that jolted the spines of New Media personnel worldwide and instigated a queasy feeling that many of us have yet to shake.  O’Reilly’s article is titled Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists, Bloggers.

There are a number of components to this story.  Essentially the DHS is seeking bids from private companies that will monitor 290,000 global news sources and subsequently craft a database of “media influencers” based (in part) on the “sentiment” of the respective news sources.  Currently, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is entertaining seven separate bids from seven private “big data” companies.  Secretary Nielsen does not generate income; she can only spend her ever expanding budget, a budget paid for entirely with your ever expanding tax obligation.

This article will educate and inform each of you with the big picture and then I will utilize my position as the Producer of The Hagmann Report to present definitive examples of precisely how this Hitlerian compilation of “media influencers” is already affecting the content creators who many of you have grown to trust for your news and information.

Please bear with me as I break from my typical writing style and shift to first person.  My strategy is to map out the plan as reported by Bloomberg Government, Forbes and Activist Post (among many others) and then I will shift the focus of this piece to the direct impact on platforms as diverse as Diamond and Silk, Steve Quayle, Lisa Haven News, Vets 4 Child Rescue and The Hagmann Report.

The Tyrannical Plan to Silence Us

Bloomberg Government reported:

The US Department of Homeland Security wants to monitor hundreds of thousands of news sources around the world and compile a database of journalists, editors, foreign correspondents and bloggers to identify top “media influencers.”

It’s seeking a contractor that can help it monitor traditional news sources as well as social media and identify “any and all” coverage related to the agency or a particular event, according to a request for information released April 3rd (2018.)

The data to be collected includes a publication’s “sentiment” as well as geographical spread, top posters, languages, momentum and circulation.  No value for the contract was disclosed.

Not only has the Federal Government given themselves permission to do another totally unlawful end-run around our First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights, but corporate America is lining up to flip the bird to the Constitution and profit from an historically proven terrible step toward tyrannical, authoritarian control.

Profit Over Liberty

Excerpted from the same brilliant report, as written by Cary O’Reilly on April 5, 2018:

The DHS request says the selected vendor will set up an online “media influencer database” giving users the ability to browse based on location, beat and type of influence.  For each influencer found, “present contact details and any other information that could be relevant, including publications this influencer writes for, and an overview of the previous coverage published by the media influencer.

It is my sincere hope that each of you reading this are getting angry and with all due respect, I fervently pray that your blood cooks to boiling temperature.  Need I point out that said “media influencers” have broken no laws?  As in, zero?  This far supercedes the relinquishing of our basic civil liberties that the Feds mandated and we willingly gave up, post 9/11 when men who consider themselves brave inhabitants of the land of the free effectively said “yeah, that’s cool.  You can look at my wife and daughter naked.  We need to get on the plane and get to Disney World.”

It is called the Overton Window.  Without undue discourse on where the name comes from or the history of the concept, it breaks down to this: the controllists know full well that in order to move society to their ultimate endgame goal, the easiest way to do so is to move the sheeple three steps toward tyranny and then allow a minor victory that appears to organically motivate one step backward, thus keeping the torches and pitchforks at home.  The problem, the evil genius of the Overton Window, is that the flock is still moved two steps in the direction that they did not want to go.  History is also replete with one war after another that had to be fought in order to move a given society back to the natural state of law and man, as created by God.

When the Great Depression/ World War Two generation was still the primary labor force and voting bloc in this country, the idea of hiring corporate tech-thugs to start putting journalists on a list, or lists, would have been more than enough to foment a call to arms.  Forget 1776 momentarily; this would not have been acceptable in 1995.

Yet here we are.  The DHS is admittedly accepting bids from the private sector in order that over 290,000 media platforms be scrutinized so thoroughly as to include the contact information of whoever wrote, spoke or edited a given story.

Trump Era Department of Homeland Security

Aaron Kesel writing for activist on April 9, 2018 noted the following:

It seems that the Trump era DHS has forgotten the First Amendment not to step on the press and press-related freedoms, which it will by intimidating journalists, keeping dossiers on us all, and even compiling a list of bloggers who merely utter the entity’s name.

All of this is part of the department’s so-called “media monitoring” that was posted on the federal job finding site (Federal Business Opportunities.). The Job ad shows that the DHS is looking for “media monitoring services.”

Kesel goes on to enumerate some of the specific types of “coverage” that the DHS is interested in:

Online, print, broadcast, cable, radio, trade and industry publications, local sources, national/international outlets, traditional news sources and social media.

Tin Foil Hat Wearing, Black Helicopter Conspiracy Theorists

When asked for comment by the DHS, they ignominiously stated that anyone who has a problem with the program, that is, anyone who has a problem with direct violations of their First and Fourth Amendment Rights is a, “tin foil hat wearing, black helicopter conspiracy theorist.”

Aaron Kesel pushes back nicely in the aforementioned piece when he reiterates:

They (DHS) want the government birth name of every Facebook and Twitter user that mentions the words DHS.  What’s more is they will also have the ability to target everyone discussing a mass shooting or terrorist attack.  

Moreover the criteria for DHS “media monitoring services” includes (but is not limited) to:

…ability to analyze the media coverage in terms of content, volume, sentiment, geographical spread, top publications, media channels, reach, AVE, top posters, influencers, languages, momentum, circulation.

Basically their criteria covers everything that we value and utilize to fight in the daily news-brawl of matching pennies against multi million dollar budgets and self-taught truth seekers who consistently outperform “trained journalists” and leave them stumbling around, looking for their missing clown shoe.  We will continue.  And the highest bidder will make tens of millions of YOUR dollars, divvied out by the Department of Homeland Security, to spy on the New Media voices you have grown to trust and by default, to spy on you.

The “Influencers” and How We Are Being Unlawfully Criminalized

The second part of this article will feature two components.  I will incorporate direct quotes from: Craig “Saw Man” Sawyer, Lisa Haven, Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann and Tracy Beanz  (all of whom were kind enough to speak with me offline and help me distill and clarify the witch’s brew that is this latest attack on liberty.)  I will also explain in detail what happened to me professionally, that not only wasted the limited time and money that our listeners and viewers underwrite, but could have compromised any number of working relationships with several hundred guests, with whom we conduct business regularly.

I personally encourage each of you to take a few moments with this article and follow the links.  Put together the puzzle pieces like I did and you will arrive at the same “ah ha!” moment alongside many New Media personalities whose content you have vetted over time, discerned for factual accuracy and basically trust.  It is professionally irritating, immediately concerning and most importantly, it is historically horrifying.

Diamond and Silk, Media Influencers

Can anyone argue that Diamond and Silk are the most influential spokespersons in the New Media?  I first discovered Diamond and Silk (Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson) in the summer of 2016.  I remember it was hot and muggy in Washington State and I was in a grumpy mood when a thumbnail came up on my YouTube channel that featured two African American women, a screenshot captured them in the middle of a rant while sipping Kool-Aid from an enormous wine goblet.  I was hooked before I even heard their comedic genius and culturally daring commentary.  I had no clue on that summer day, as I sat jobless on the Olympic Peninsula, that less than a year later they would be regular guests of President Donald J Trump and debut guests on the Hagmann Report, having responded promptly to the invitation proffered to them.

Who could have guessed in the heady post-election days of 2016 that Lynnette, Rochelle and (somehow) myself would be victims of the systemic assault on the free market of ideas, as perpetrated by mainstream news, Facebook, Google and leftist muckrakers who cannot accept that Hillary’s coronation proved to be a scantly attended party where the “belle of the ball” collapsed in a Chardonnay puddle and had to send her pedophile campaign manager out to tell the left there would be no pantsuits and no tiara in the White House?

Incremental censorship is relentlessly foisted on Americans by a handful of tech companies, a pit of propaganda vipers who slither through cyberspace scheming for vengeance since we, the New Media, used their platforms to put our guy in the Oval Office.  It is payback time and the piper came seeking his due on April 30, 2018.

The Diamond and Silk interview presented Hagmann Report viewers and listeners with multiple examples of how these two thoughtful, lovely and absolutely hilarious women have been silenced by the social media snakes in every manner possible. In the course of our half hour visit with these #MAGA-nationsuperstars we learned that their Facebook posts are “black holed” regularly.  Their YouTube channel has unsubscribed tens of thousands of their fans based on algorithmic whimsy and Twitter unabashedly politicized satire and dished them more of the same.  Why?  Because the left in America cannot stomach the fact that two African American women hold conservative ideals and support President Donald J Trump.

Lest we forget the complete government complicity in this ongoing disaster for freedom of speech consider what Lynnette Hardaway had to say in response to Doug Hagmann’s opening question regarding their congressional testimony; testimony given under oath:

“You have Mark Zuckerberg, which took our data, sold it to the highest bidder — he wasn’t under oath.  You even have people like Hillary Clinton; they’re not under oath, but you take two African American females who don’t even match the status of these two (Zuckerberg and Hillary Clinton) and they put us under oath like we (are) some type of common criminal.”

Lynnette Hardaway continues:

“It is very sad how this congress treats the American people, yet they work for the American people.”

Amen, Lynnette.

When asked by Doug Hagmann about censorship, Ms Hardaway remarked:

Let’s give you the ways that we’ve been censored — we had, back then, 1.2 million followers that liked to follow our page, that were not receiving our notifications, not receiving our content.

In the digital age of information exchange, Diamond and Silk are a business.  What business, big or small, can absorb a 1.2 million consumer hit and remain viable?  This is a simple but profound question.  What right do the social media platforms imagine they posess to steal content regardless of political persuasion?  That’s right, I used the word “steal.”  All of the socials make big bucks on the backs of Diamond and Silk.  We should surround these sisters with love, support and respect.  They built a unique and uniquely powerful platform in their living room with an iPhone, a pitcher of Kool Aid and the courage to share the truth with the world.  And everything in Facebook land was copacetic until Diamond and Silk’s truth starting landing with the people who need it most.  There is no way in hell that the Democrats are going to willingly relinquish their hundred year hold on Black America and the truth (as hilariously hammered home by Lynnette and Rochelle) that  has the power to free millions of African Americans from the big, fat lie that the Democrats give a damn about anything but enriching themselves.

Hey, Maxine Waters, you selfish idiot, are you picking up what I am laying down?  I know your town and I know those streets in California’s 43rd Congressional District.  The only street that Maxine Waters pinches her nose and travels in Inglewood, California is the one that leads to the bank.  Her bank.  Her constituents are nothing to her but convenient dupes and a vote.  When God empowers voices like Diamond and Silk, the Maxine Waters, the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s and the Sheila Jackson Lee’s get nervous; because truth bombs decimate their multigenerational ghettos built on lies.

I digress.

Rather than gobble up words transcribing the entire April 30th interview with Diamond and Silk, simply review it in its entirety here.  Please keep in mind that YouTube distorts our publicized views so egregiously that after the interview, we received more emails regarding Diamond and Silk than we did views, credited on YouTube.

Lisa Haven, Media Influencer

Lisa Haven, Founder and Host of Lisa Haven News is a welcome voice in many of our living rooms, cars or earbuds.  She is a fearless fighter for freedom from fake news and she willingly takes risks that no one at Fox News would ever consider.  She also gets it right a lot.  Lisa enjoys over 288,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and played a critical role in helping me discover early on a Friday morning, two weeks ago, that I had most likely landed on Google’s “media influencer” list.

I spoke with Lisa offline and explained what I was experiencing (an experience that I intend to share with all of you at the end of this piece.) I asked her for her take on the condition of the New Media, a solid year into the social media censorship that is exacting a significant toll on our ability to consistently bring to you all the real news; news that you must be apprised of in order to make proper decisions for your life and the livelihood of your family and loved ones.  Lisa Haven News steps, bold as brass, in front of the cameras everyday in a spirit of genuine altruistic concern for not only the patriot community, but for all Americans.  After all, Lisa grabs something that politicos like Maxine Waters will never admit: we pay for the exact mechanisms that are being used to deceive us!

Lisa, in her own words:

“Mass censorship of conservatives and patriots isn’t coming.  It’s already here.  My channel has been targeted.  Yours will be next.”

Before we move on, I will remind you, respectfully, that the foul collaboration between DHS, Facebook and Google is not going to stop with “media influencers.”  No.  That is just the next step, the next push of the Overton Window, moving us into an inescapable control grid of falsified information that naturally results in society making the wrong decisions.  Errant decisions are made at kitchen tables nationwide, often with longterm awful consequences because you were lied to through the baseline knowledge (propaganda) upon which you made said decision(s).  The goal of the legitimate New Media is to equip you to break this cycle.  We stand squarely next to the engines that run this country.  You are that engine.

It is mission critical that each of you understand that we have the numbers and consequently we have the power.  Consider Lisa Haven’s parting shot as we wound down our conversation”

“Those who do nothing to stand against the attacks on our First Amendment will rain down tyranny on our once free land.”

Craig “Saw Man” Sawyer, Media Influencer 

What do you get when you take one of the best snipers in the US Marine Corps, combine him with a US Navy SEAL and then infuse his heart with fire from Almighty God to stand in the gap between innocent children and those who would torture, rape and kill them? In the most heinous cases, the same Luciferian reprobates consume the adrenochrome infused blood and/or make talisman trinkets from victimized baby bones.  What do you get when a former spec-ops badass coordinates a team who are committed to stopping this darkest, filthiest of crimes?  You get a man who you better hope you can outrun: Craig “Saw Man” Sawyer.

I met Craig just over a year ago at Pastor Paul Begley’s Conference, outside of Chicago, Illinois.  Like 99.9% of those who meet the “Saw Man” I was immediately impressed, standing face to face with a warrior whose eyes emanate clarity with all that he observes in a manner that comes solely through years of extensive, intensive training and an anointing from God.  A lot of Christians have a very hard time with this and I consequently have a very hard time with them: God chooses, equips, anoints and tasks Christian warriors.  Craig Sawyer is one of them.

To be clear, the Body of Christ has many parts, all of which were designed to work in perfect symbiosis.  The multi-milinnea problem is that we get in the way of the perfect function that The Lord designed.  Some are called to wear their knees raw in prayer closets.  Others are commanded to pick up the sword and vanquish evil.

When I met Craig we enjoyed great one on one fellowship on a Saturday afternoon and in honor of the fact that throughout several hours of discussion he never once alluded to his military career, I will refrain from doing so here.  Craig is on THE mission for which I believe he will be most remembered on earth and most welcomed in The Kingdom.

Craig Sawyer did not set out to be a “media influencer” but he is most certainly accomplishing that when he is not busy kicking in doors and cuffing pedophiles.  Saw Man burst into the New Media approximately 18 months ago in an explosive interview with Alex Jones on Infowars.  He and I spoke a fews days later.  When he explained his mission, I threw the full support of the Hagmann Report behind his organization, Vets 4 Child Rescue, said support that remains firmly intact today.

When I discussed my ambition to pen this article and asked Craig if he would be willing to comment on the record, he readily agreed, but with a very significant caveat.  He simply asked that I present his remarks with the following fact: Vets 4 Child Rescue is an apolitical organization.  In my opinion, that is exactly what the organization should be.  What better common ground can we attempt to occupy with the left in this country than the shared agreement that our kids are sacrosanct and any attempt to hurt them in any way will result in a world of hurt coming down on a pedo-perp’s warped head?

To reiterate: in eighteen months working with Craig Sawyer and his fine team of veterans, sheriffs, cops and D.A.’s, their single mission focus has nothing to do with politics.  Vets 4 Child Rescue has everything to do with putting sexually sick people in a concrete box where they are kept away from the most defenseless among us, our kids.

When asked his opinion about the censorship that is crippling the New Media, Craig said the following:

“What you described with Google is an attempted communications coupe.  They haven’t been able to get Trump railroaded out yet, so they’re trying to suppress the strong patriot voice — diabolical.”

Vets 4 Child Rescue will remain.  The organization will strengthen.  Craig Sawyer, although he is the last guy who would ask for such a thing, will continue to influence the media.  Why?  Because he applies his strategic, tactical and intel gathering skills to busting pedophiles and he refuses to allow the MSM plastic heads to quiet the gut wrenching information that organizations like Vets 4 Child Rescue consistently reiterate by their actions, which demand that child trafficking be reintroduced into the national conversation.

Saw Man’s team work in a very difficult and very dark environment but they get results.  Serving to influence the media is a byproduct of doing what it takes to remove the men pictured below from the streets.  Take a good look at each of these faces.  What they all share in common is a desire to rape underage kids and each currently has at least one indictment against them in St. George, Utah.  Removing these scumbags from society before they could get their hands on your child is what firmly ensconces Mr Sawyer and his crew as not only guardians of the community, but media influencers as well.

Steve Quayle, Media Influencer

Steve Quayle is inarguably one of the paterfamilias of the patriot and preparedness minded movement.  Long before the Ron Paul Revolution, long before the advent of The Hagmann Report, it was Steve Quayle who hosted patriot talk radio in its infancy and it is Steve Quayle who pioneered and trail blazed the road that we all travel.  Steve is tireless in his dedication to demanding the truth and encouraging any and all to get real with He who made you.  Like it or not, Christian or not, you are going to meet your Maker.  It is the one guarantee that everyone has from minute one, to minute none.

Steve Quayle was informing Americans about things that are Biblically accurate but culturally ignored, while concurrently organizing fledgling groups of truth seekers back in the days before James Wesley Rawles penned the famous prepper go-to manual, Patriots.  Steve was risking life and limb to inform the Christian Remnant prior to the dot com era.  In fact, Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle published a news letter many years ago when preparedness minded individuals tuned into Bill Cooper’s  Hour of the Time on shortwave radio.

I would be a little less than honest if I failed to admit that even after landing the job with Team Hagmann, I was duly honored to develop a working relationship with a legendary innovator, like Steve, who shares the truther stage with the likes of William Cooper, John Todd, Hawk, Hal Lindsey, Colonel Jeff Copper, Mel Tappan and of course, James Wesley Rawles.

So a week ago Saturday I called Steve and asked him if he had time to offer some advice.  He indicated that he did.  I explained the logistical problems that I seemed to be incurring as the Producer of the Hagmann Report, post-Diamond and Silk interview.  He listened and offered one piece of advice that I choose to keep private, but he offered another incredibly profound statement that I have heard him articulate before, but it carries greater weight when it pertains directly to you.

“Jon I don’t know how long exactly you’ve been following my work, but I have been warning people of this time for fifteen years.  We are in a Dunkirk moment.  The satanic, demonic New World Order globalists will do the following to any voice that stands in their way.  Write it down.”

I already had a pencil ready to rock.

“Identify, Villify, Nullify and Destroy.” Steve dropped each word like a hot mic hitting a hardwood floor.  Classic Quayle.  There it is.  You dont have to believe it and you don’t have to like it, but there it is.

I asked Doug Hagmann where he thinks we are in that four part paradigm:

“We’re past the sign that says ‘nullify city limits.'”

Keep in mind that I asked Doug for commentary during a network break, so he kept the answer short and to the point.  Classic Hagmann.

The Plan

The four hundred year old plan that swept ghostlike across the City of London to Bavaria and later to Jekyll Island and Washington DC is still very much alive and at its crux it is still one thing: death.  Regardless of your opinion of President Donald J Trump, the Luciferian covens of witches and practitioners of Illuminati rituals and rites, the Initiates, have not given up due to a singe election.  Not even close.  They are regrouping and this fight will persist.  If you remember nothing else from this article please remember this: the status quo globalists intend to destroy those who dare get between them and their plan for singular world domination.  You need not take my word for it; it is in The Book.

I implore you, use this time wisely.  God, in His abundance of love for his naked, blind and wretched children, has granted us respite in the form of the Donald Trump Presidency.  But is is respite, not reprieve.  Prep up.  Pray up.  Train your mind and your body to the very best of your ability and when you have reached your limit, pray that God will stretch your capabilities beyond your earthly comprehension.  Because brothers and sisters, you’re going to need it.  The new lists are just the next step.  Using our tax dollars to compile and construe lists of “media influencers” is nothing more than a small step, because we are very few, using the volume and amplification that has been loaned to us by God.  You, however, are many and more than adequate in number to occupy until Jesus returns. We are working in many cases 18 hours a day because each of us, individually, has undergone a Damascus moment.  As my fingers slow and tire on these keys, it is 2:46 in the morning.  My day started 20 hours ago.  Why do we do it?

It is going to get much, much dirtier.  It is going to get more violent than most reading this can imagine.  There will be want and woe.  There will be broken hearts, destroyed homes and bellies full of nothing but hunger pangs.  These are eventualities, not flight of dystopia fantasy.  Time is critical.  Knowledge is critical.  Liberty is critical.  The forces that we fight and defy daily want to take all three from you.

Tracy Beanz, Media Influencer

There is no finer reporter/researcher on YouTube today than Tracy Beanz.  I called Tracy and explained the smackdown that I experienced recently and she assured me that she can relate.

In her words:

“We have seen an overwhelming number of every day Americans come to realize that the MSM is NOT the friend of the people, and that it exists solely as a propaganda arm used to control a narrative that is often times, especially as of late, uncomfortable to those in positions of power. This ‘media influencer’ list, while Orwellian at best, also serves to take the peoples’ focus off of what is important- the facts. I want to REPORT the news, and I have no interest in BEING the news. It’s time we move back to real journalism, and that means the government stays OUT of the fray.”

Amen, Tracy.  There is nothing that I can add to her statement, except to say a very heartfelt “Thank You” for all of the arduous work that she is doing.  Tracy works six and a half days a week analyzing and digesting complicated political issues that are created by professional liars.  Her most recent piece is here.

Making the “List”

I very much agree with Tracy’s aforementioned sentiment regarding how best to play our positions.  My job is to produce a well established news program that stands on a unique dais in our community because (as our formal guest invitation states) The Hagmann Report analyzes political, cultural and world events from a Judaeo Christian, Constitutionalist perspective.  

I, too, do not wish to be the news.  In fact, in 2015 I stumbled into a bizarre and unexpected intersection of major life decisions.

After Hollywood escorted me off of the lot at Universal Studios and consequently I found myself downgraded from an IATSE member in good standing, to persona non grata and my name was applied to the blacklist in wet ink, there were decisions to be made.  After a few appearances on some of the big platforms in New Media and a couple of scheduled public speaking events, my itinerary seemed to be the path to becoming the go-to “Hollywood guy” in the patriot, Christian Remnant community.  It seemed realistic and appeared to be laid straight and narrow, right in front of me.  The plan would have been to bang out a couple of books, hit the conference circuit and monetize a website.

But something didn’t feel right.  I prayed several times about it and The Lord instructed me to pass on some huge opportunities and wait on His direction.  So I did.  For over a year.  It was a difficult period of time.  I lived in a cornfield, behind a church, in Washington State, near Canada.  But God had a plan and He is faithful.

Here’s what went down:

I typically produce The Hagmann Report with myriad methodologies that are applicable to an enormous pool of potential challenges and problems that typically have three things in common: a desire to honor God and His will for my life, a mandate to never lose sight of the massive responsibility that exists on my desk and across a thousand chicken scratched notes, because it is there that every show begins, and it is there that millions of God’s children will be influenced.  Lastly, it is a commitment to an awesome family who brought me across the country to help them accomplish something so much bigger than all of us.

For operational security purposes, I cannot detail exactly how shows come together but I am willing and able to divulge a little bit of what it takes.  It starts with the news from every corner of the globe.  We run each story through the criteria that I already shared (verbatim) from our formal invitation.  Then we determine which guests are best qualified to express truthful perspectives that are usually based on their presentable body of work, areas of expertise and social media prominence of persuasion.  We map out the calendar with a given period of advance planning, always leaving room for “day-of” reporters who are often invited and confirmed moments before airtime because that is the only way to bring to you the stories of the day, while it is still today.  All of this requires uniform methods that can be applied to thousands of different personalities, logistical needs, timezones, quirks and of course constant and consistent editorial input from the Hagmanns.  Lastly, we encourage one another to embrace of an ever-developing sense of what our global audience cares about in a given news cycle.  There is no “I” in team and that statement has never been more true than at Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc and our three daily broadcast platforms.

There is a dirty little secret that every Producer of every platform across the New Media faces like clockwork.  Every month, we turn the page and are greeted by somewhere between 28 and 31 empty boxes.  These boxes represent hours that need to be developed into shows.  For the evening show alone, we create 60-66 hours of original content per month.  Every month.  The news does not go on vacation and frankly, neither do we.

We featured Diamond and Silk on Monday April 30, 2018.  On Tuesday May 1st, I went about my usual activities, planning the Hagmann Report calendar for the back end of May, beyond May 14th.  Aside from our four weekly regular guests: Peter Barry Chowka, Stan Deyo, Pastor David Lankford and Keith Hanson, from May 15th forward, we had exactly zero show content planned and exactly zero guests scheduled.  This scenario was daunting in my early days with the program, but two years hence, it is status quo.  Normally I invite the well known return guests who frame the skeletal architecture of the following weeks.  Then I budget the enormous amount of time that it takes to locate, contact and develop debut guests.  Lastly, as I stated, we shade in the broadcasts with reporters from The Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, Infowars, Daily Caller, Washington Free Beacon and on and on and on.

A normal business day guarantees a minimum of two dozen emails that I must address, but that number can (and often does) explode upwards of one hundred.  By Friday May 4th I began to notice that I was not receiving anywhere near the normal number of emails but of much greater concern, I had a couple of dozen invitations out to potential guests and not a single response.  To be clear, not a single response (not to be confused with invitations that garner a “pass” for whatever reason.)  Cinco de Mayo crept up the following day and Memorial Day is around the corner so I chalked it up to the weather, particularly after the brutal winter that the east and midwest endured.

By Monday May 7th, we had over 30 invitations out to guests as diverse as Gregg Jackson to Gerald Celente.  Crickets.  On Tuesday May 8th, I sat down with Doug Hagmann and indicated that there was something wrong, especially as we had not experienced such a definitive slump throughout my tenure producing the show, dating back to late summer of 2016.  Doug advised patience (he knows that I basically bat zero in the patience category.) I accepted Doug’s advice but could not shake a sense of trepidation.

So I prayed.  It is a prayer that both The Lord and I know well.  “Father, I seem to be missing something here, so I lift the calendar up to You, Lord and I have complete faith that You will bring forth the voices and ideas that You would have Your children hear. In Jesus’ Name, amen.”

I felt better.  For one day.  By May 9th, I had only a few precious days remaining with confirmed guests.  I tossed and turned that night and spent the entire following day wanting to curl up in the bags under my eyes and take a nap.  Thursday May 10th I sat through a haircut and caught myself grinding my teeth in the mirror.  My stylist caught it too.  The grinding was audible.

Laura Loomer was in Israel and I heard her interview on Thursday afternoon on Infowars.  I shot her a text and invited her to join the show for a thirty minute segment the same evening, Thursday May 10th.  I subsequently followed up the text with an email.  Laura Loomer is not only a brilliant renegade reporter; she turns around emails like a robot.  But I received no response from her.  Until 11:30pm EDT, 6:30am, Jerusalem time.  She texted me apologizing for failing to get back to me and assured me that she would have been happy to do the show.  Sleepless night number two.  I prayed again.  And somewhere in the fragile state between awake and asleep, God reminded me of the article that I read while my mom drove me from the Seattle Airport to her home back on April 5th.  I led off with that article at the beginning of this piece.  I unclenched my jaw and slept.

On Friday May 11, 2018 I awoke and asked God to give me direction.  I remembered the article about “media influencers”; in fact, I tweeted it out on my personal account the day it published.  Then God directed me straight to a report by Lisa Haven.  The report indicated that Google announced a week earlier that they, too, were working up a list of “influencers.”

That is when it all came together.  The gmail account that I have used since day one to invite over 400 guests to join us on The Hagmann Report is…well, gmail.  As in G-mail.  Google mail.  I had zero return email communication from super solid regular guests like: Laura Loomer, Josh Tolley and Jack Posobiec.  But Laura texted me back from across the world.  Google was actively interrupting the normal business of The Hagmann Report.

I arrived at The Hagmann Report Studio early on Friday May 11th and sat down with Tech Eric to troubleshoot what was going on.  We immediately moved my primary account to the Hagmann Report server, which is located in an undisclosed country that does not look kindly on American, NSA-brand spying.  Since the moment we moved my correspondence  to my current email to, every email that I have sent has been responded to and responded to promptly.  With a little extra work last Saturday, May 12th I tore into my Rolodex and built two weeks of programming over the course of three stormy hours as lightening popped open the Pennsylvania sky and thunder served to tighten the metaphor of the challenges the New Media, OUR media faces today.  A new list, or lists of Constitutionalist malcontents.

God is good and He is faithful.  As demonstrated throughout this piece, He has blessed me and blessed our show with an enormous cadre of incredibly dynamic, crazy-strong, terminally tenacious and deeply loving people.  They backed me up fully in a time of confusion and ultimately in a time of need.

But the reality that I must confront and conquer and share with each of you, not by way of catharsis, but as a warning to you: if you love God and you value liberty, if you refuse to bend your knee to the corrupt government but willingly weep tears of gratitude before Almighty God, then the DHS and their social media control cronies are putting you on a list of “media influencers.”  Fear not.  You have generously spent several minutes of your valuable time today reading not just my words, but the words of over a dozen influencers who are beautifully unique and share the same pledge to the truth, defense of the defenseless, a fight-to-the-death for the Republic and the love that it takes to wake up every day and care enough to put it all on the line.

My spirit is buoyant in this simple fact: there is another list.  It is kept at a security clearance accessible only by the blood of Christ.  Are you on that list?  Are you an influencer in the most important story in the history of humankind?  A story so real that the purveyors of fake news would sooner die than proclaim it.  Each and every one of you are not only empowered but commanded to become a “media influencer.”  We have the numbers.  We have the authority given to us by the Most High.  Yes, there is a list, kept by New Word Order satanists.  Yes, I am on that list.  And I am well satisfied to be on it because our Father knows our hearts and our deeds and He manages the only list that bears any relevance whatsoever when our work here is finished.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

The future of our Constitutional Republic is at stake and many Americans are angry. At least those who have been awakened to the world where they are pawns in a rigged game, and those who are not lining their pockets at the federal trough, are angry.

They are also trying to make sense of where we are today and how we got here. Even some of the “hope and change” supporters are angry at the continuity of agenda despite the change in American leadership. Then there are those who slumber in a world of denial, self-delusion and deception. Two distinctly different people in two remarkably different worlds, yet denizens of the same planet.

One world is where the television and radio pundits sanctimoniously scold us into believing that all is normal, and everything we see taking place today is merely the result of a growing acrimonious relationship between two political parties. They sit behind the microphones, in front of the TV cameras, write the newsprint, and dominate the internet with their matrix of mendacity. They are well-paid for keeping the public in the dark, and by confining public discourse to the limitations of mere political theater. Regardless of their political bent, they bully and mock those who disagree, and sneer at those who dare threaten the illusion of normalcy.

The other world is what is really taking place behind the scenes. The things we aren’t supposed to know, as knowing would disrupt the plans of globalists and expose their lies. This is the real world, where a trail of cold, dead bodies exist from Benghazi to Boston, New York City to Baghdad. It is the world of false flags and assaults on our liberties. It consists of actual crimes committed in our name, with our money by our government, criminal acts rather than contrived political scandals. It is in this world that we learn that we really live in captivity under a ruling elite populating and influencing all political factions. To believe in this reality, however, is to be subjected to ridicule and satire, or to be put on a list of political dissidents.

In the more dominant and readily accepted world of make-believe, we are constantly bombarded by political theater. For the Progressive Obama supporters, the government shutdown and our date with financial default is due to the TEA Party republicans. For the republicans, it’s due to the policies of the democrats and the hard-line progressives that we’ve reached this point in our national history. In reality, however, it’s both sides, as both are different sides of the same coin – a coin embossed with the double headed eagle, or perhaps more appropriately, the mythical Phoenix.

It’s political theater at its finest, designed to keep the normal American busy in a hall of mirrors so we will not be able to see the bigger picture, the big lie that keeps the shackles around our necks and ankles.

Both sides have their cheerleaders luring people to “their” side, creating the near-perfect Hegelian dialectic, or the “framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution.” It is important to understand that as the uninformed or ill-informed masses of the spellbound continue to argue over right versus left, republican versus democrat, and change in the next election, the real power elite are putting their finishing touches on their evil dynasty of depravity. Completion of their plans will not be the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. Time is short, and their plans are indeed being raced to completion.

Understanding the agenda

To fully understand the agenda, we must completely unravel the lies. We must identify the conspirators and the coconspirators, trace the power and follow the money. We must also fully understand the objective, which involves the destruction of the U.S. as a Constitutional Republic, for it is the sovereignty and power of the United States that is the biggest impediment in their way of fully achieving their goals. By accomplishing their objectives, they will cause the greatest transfer of wealth and power ever seen in the modern world. They will take us from being prisoners to slaves within their New World Order, at least those who survive.

We must first be willing to accept that a conspiracy on a global scale does exist, and be strong enough to withstand the attempts to marginalize us by being characterized as everything from “the fringe” to their golden hole-card, “racists.” We must be willing to accept that nearly everyone holding or having held a position of political leadership is or was part of this conspiracy, and the media, in all forms, has enabled them to operate like thieves in the night.

The end-game objective, is, of course, creating a one-world system of government and a one-world currency. It is, of course, the implementation of a New World Order as spoken by many leaders, both foreign and domestic, including the most memorable speech by George Herbert Walker Bush on September 11, 1990. It is the consolidation of power and wealth by a select group of people we know as globalists, which has been their objective for generations. Membership into this select group of families is by blood or marriage, incestuous as necessary, but always arranged. It is about world domination and subjugation of the masses by any and all means necessary.

All current domestic and foreign activities must be viewed and considered through this large lens of globalist means. Then, and only then, will the repetitive process of historical blunders resulting in discord and dysfunction be clear that all cannot be ascribed to incompetence as we are pushed to believe.

Tracing the power

So, exactly who are these people, the globalists? They are the puppeteers of power, the people, groups, and families who hold and pull the strings of their political puppets, to make them dance in front of us, often willingly, while the real activity takes place behind the curtain.

They are the members of the incestuous power elite that comprise such groups as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, members of the Bildeberg Group, the Club of Rome, the Council of 300, and so forth. They trace back to two families, the Rothschild and the Rockefeller families, and are fully connected to British Royalty. Together, they control the world’s banks and have captured the American political system. They select the American presidents while allowing us to believe we elect them. Perhaps more importantly, they control the wealth of the world.

If you think that this is too far out to believe, simply look to a Swiss study titled The Network of Global Corporate Control, published in 2011 by Stefania Vitali, James B. Glattfelder and Stefano Battiston.  It was an extensive investigation into who controls the power and wealth in the world. According to the results of that study, a mere 147 corporations control 40 percent of the global wealth:

“When the team further untangled the web of ownership, it found much of it tracked back to a “super-entity” of 147 even more tightly knit companies – all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity – that controlled 40 per cent of the total wealth in the network. “In effect, less than 1 per cent of the companies were able to control 40 per cent of the entire network,” says Glattfelder. Most were financial institutions. The top 20 included Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and The Goldman Sachs Group.” [emphasis mine].

Once the network is exposed and the connections untangled and revealed, we find that only a very small group of people actually control the power and wealth under which you and I must work and function. To break it down even further, it is actually just a few families working in concert to protect and further consolidate their power, creating conditions that work to their advantage. It should come as no surprise to learn that these are the same families that have existed for generations, working together to bring us to our current condition.

America, the Republic on life support

Step back and contemplate, not just look at, the larger picture in America. Our government is in shutdown and although delayed, we continue to face the prospect of financial default. Our foreign policy has created antagonism against America never before seen in our history. It is by design that America is seen as the villain of the world, so the world will rejoice at her fall.

Current events are all designed to make America less viable, ultimately to be destroyed from within. We can trace this plot back generations, but need to look no further than the man selected to preside over the destruction of our country. We have a man occupying the White House who failed his background check and furnished a forgery for a long form birth certificate with impunity. Those of us who objected to his candidacy until he proved his Constitutional eligibility were told to “sit down and shut up” by politicians and pundits alike. We were called conspiracy nuts and, of course, racists. We were told by republican and conservative leaders alike that the issue of his eligibility was merely a diversion, and we should concentrate on the “real” issues. Almost everyone dutifully followed those marching orders, chiding those who refused.

The outcry from the democrats and progressives, from the political leadership to the corporate media was exponentially worse, viciously attacking anyone having legitimate questions with the all-powerful race card. The game on both sides was rigged by the unseen powers, and made unwinnable in the courts or the larger court of public opinion despite the facts.

Now we have a man of dubious pedigree and questionable allegiance overseeing the orchestrated downfall of our nation accelerated under him, just as it was planned for decades. The treasonous among those in government who elevated Barack Hussein Obama to power, or permitted his rise, must accept complete responsibility for the current state of our country.

One needs to look no further than the connections that existed in Obama’s background to see the long-term planning that went in to putting him in this position. Look at the connections between Obama’s mother to Timothy Geithner’s father, for example, while they worked together in Indonesia for the Ford Foundation. Amid multiple other such relationships that extend back generations, who are the foolish ones among us, those who ignore such relationships or claim it is all coincidence, or those who can see that a plan did exist? He is a Marxist cut-out with a ‘legend’ created long ago, a ‘Manchurian Candidate,’ and a product of the very military-industrial-political complex he is using to enslave us.

Most assuredly, though, it is not at all limited to Barack Hussein Obama, as the plan not only predates his birth, but is far beyond the capability of one man working alone.

Look at all of the connections that are the signatures of a renegade intelligence apparatus combined with the influence of a power-hungry infrastructure of globalist families. There are many. Based on that assessment alone, it is worthy to ask whether Obama himself even fully knows the extent to which he has been groomed and placed into his current position by his handlers, his parent’s handlers, and even his grandparent’s handlers. Look, as the connections are all there.

To those yet unconvinced, look at the obvious continuity of agenda between the Barack Hussein Obama regime, or the Barry Soetoro regime, and his predecessors. It’s all by design, using blueprints created long ago.

The end of the beginning

Many will assert that we are seeing the beginning of the end. I believe we are witnessing the end of the beginning. We are witnessing the intentional destruction of our country through the murder of our dollar, through the Balkanization of our country, through the erosion of our culture and heritage, and through the total disregard to the rule of law, except as it is applied to the enslaved.

The assaults on our rule of law, our Constitution, will only increase in scope and intensity. Those who anticipate living under tyranny fail to recognize that we already are living under tyranny. But in the larger picture, whose tyranny?

We need not only to think bigger, or to look at the bigger picture, but look farther back in history.

When the U.S. dollar is finished off, which ‘empire’ will step in to fill the void? Who will control the new world currency? Where is the seat of Western economic power if not New York? The economic power is being concentrated in a city within a city, in a country from which our ancestors fought a War of Independence to be free of bondage.

The bondage has returned, this time with a vengeance. The question is whether enough people will awaken in time to realize that the planned collapse of our great country will not be the result of some unavoidable, unfortunate, series of cosmic accidents. It was planned that way. The faces we see as the people in power today are just the latest who have facilitated this grand plan of destruction. The message has been sent. Olympus has fallen, and we’re just waiting for the action to start. But it has already begun, having started long ago. Awaken from your slumber.

Prepare. Pray.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

(The primary origin of publication, specific wording used, and timing of the Daily Mail article that Obama is the political “king” of the fake Twitter followers, with more than 19.5 million that do not exist caught my attention and serves as the basis for the following true account.)

A case of kidnapping turned murder held the interest of my entire hometown one year. The case was extremely personal to me, as the kidnapping victim and her husband were good friends with my wife and me. We knew them well, and vacationed together, traveling to New York City and a small resort in southwestern Pennsylvania in the year before her kidnapping for ransom went awry.

My friend was the branch manager for a bank while his wife was a full-time mother. They had recently purchased a new home and their future was promising until one summer day in 1988, when everything was turned upside down with a ransom call to the bank where my friend worked. As I indicated, the story ended very, very badly.

The suspects were caught, prosecuted and imprisoned. The suspects were a husband-wife kidnapping team who lived near my friends. The husband was arrested first, but as the investigation developed, his wife was eventually charged as an accomplice. In an ironic twist that tested every emotion I had, it was during the time when the wife was still walking free that she appeared in my office, seeking the services of a private investigative firm at the advice of her attorney, to work as part of their defense team. That meeting did not last long.

There’s more to this story, however. It was my first personal encounter with the deadly combination of a form of evil and intellect I’d never seen before, of plots and plans hiding in plain sight.  Thinking back to this unforgettable series of events, I cannot help but wonder if we’re not seeing something similar take place, although on a much larger scale, right under our noses.

While the husband of this evil duo was incarcerated and the FBI was putting pressure on his wife and watching everything she was doing and saying, they were plotting the murder of my friend, a witness, and even one of the investigators. Because surveillance of the wife was so intense and the conversations with her husband were being monitored by the jail, they resorted to an effective system of communication they created in the event they were caught.

The wife placed a series of ads in the paid classified section of the newspaper using her maiden name, ostensibly for legitimate purposes, that contained encoded messages to her husband and at least one potential co-conspirator. To all but a few, the messages appeared perfectly legitimate. Words and numbers as one would expect in such ads.

Incredibly, the coded communications were not limited to the classifieds. While still free, the wife accepted every on-camera opportunity offered to her by local television stations to tell “her side” of the story.

A subsequent analysis of television footage showed that she positioned her hands in a certain way while on camera, with each position conveying a specific message to her husband and the potential accomplice. If you did not know what to look for, you would think nothing of the positioning and movements of her hands. It was only when an agent from the FBI, alerted at first by a newspaper clerk who took the ads and realized who was actually placing them, did that agent (who also specialized in cryptography) figure out that the suspects were communicating with each other. The wife was using the media, newspapers, and television, to send messages – in plain sight.

When all of the news footage and newspaper ads were assembled and analyzed, it was discovered that the wife was covertly communicating with her husband and another accomplice in front of the world, yet only those “in on” the plan knew what was going on and what to look for.  A quarter of a century later, I still remember the feeling I had when I was shown things I had seen before, but in a different context. It was my “aha” moment. Messages so subtle, but so “in your face” as well.

I recount the above experience to ask whether we might be seeing something very similar taking place, except on a much grander scale. One can hardly deny that we are seeing things happen today that are quite unusual, even for the most hardened skeptic. Is it possible that the media is being used, at times, by people in positions of power and authority to convey their plans much like the husband and wife kidnapping duo? Messages that we see as normal news stories to us, for example, but perhaps seem a bit odd, perhaps in the timing or even the content of their release?

Given the times in which we live and the lies we are told daily by the government through a willing media, is it that unreasonable to think outside of the box?  Might we be limiting ourselves by “seeing through a glass darkly” instead of looking at the bigger picture?

Had I not seen it in action on a very personal level, it would seem to strain credulity that such things could actually be taking place. I am merely asking the question, and asking for your consideration and assessment. Have we seen anything, either historically or more recently,  that could fit this model of covert communication for some larger purpose? Or is everything merely as it appears to be?

By Douglas J. Hagmann

America is a captured operation, captured from within. Time is too short to mince words or to fear the ridiculous accusations of “doom porn,” made either by the factually challenged or some paid, professional government trolls (see DHS Insider article by this author, later verified in the media) describing what you are about to read.

Within the last 24 hours, I had two separate conversations with two different sources, each saying nearly the same thing: Expect the unexpected. Wake up. Understand that everything we’re being told is a lie. We are at the epicenter of a ‘perfect storm.’

The opening words coming from my source inside the intelligence community tell much. “These people [the Obama regime and his handlers] are ‘pissed.’ They did not get what they wanted with Syria because we put them behind schedule by exposing Benghazi. The ‘alternative media’ put them behind, but that doesn’t mean they’ve given up. Far from it. What it means is that they have the same objective, but are switching plans.”

To be clear, I asked about their end-game objective.

“The takedown of America as a viable global power, economically and militarily. They are counting on people’s attention being diverted to political theater, which is exactly what’s happening right now with the budget showdown. But no one is looking beyond the stage act and if they are, very few are understanding what they are seeing. They are thinking too small and are still clinging to the right-left paradigm of political theater,” he stated.

The objective is to create a new global economic and power structure by removing the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. By making the U.S. subservient to a global power structure. Why isn’t anyone in the media talking about this? Because they are complicit. Why aren’t the majority of those in the ‘alternative media’ talking about this? Because they are not looking at the bigger picture. The lie is bigger than they realize.”

A perfect military, economic and political storm is brewing.

We must realize that China and Russia are acutely aware of our economic and military vulnerabilities, and are exploiting those vulnerabilities. China has positioned its economy for domination, world domination. Additionally, they have increased their military power to surpass that of the U.S.

Currently, the Russians are teaming up with the Chinese and conducting war exercises. Remember that in 2008, a war simulation conducted using U.S. Joint Strike Force F-35 fighters against the Russian Su-35 heavy fighters, it was clear that the clear victors were the Russians. The U.S. JSF f-35s were ‘clubbed like baby seals.’ Don’t think for a minute that the Chinese and the Russians aren’t positioning themselves to dominate the U.S. militarily. In light of the U.S. involvement in Syria and Russia’s pushback, this is very significant. Also, the time clock for the U.S. dollar as holding the position of the world’s reserve currency is a ticking time bomb.

Thanks to the policies of the Federal Reserve and this regime of economic psychopaths, the U.S. is in very deep financial trouble. Yet, you have politicians and talking heads on the news telling everyone everything is okay. It’s far from okay, and we’ll be experiencing the same that is happening in Europe, with bank runs and bank holidays, in addition to the looting of our pensions and retirement accounts. It’s just a matter of when not if. It’s obvious that the plan is a single global currency, a one-world economy. And with that comes a one-world power structure to oversee this new world financial order.

Looking at the larger picture, we are at the precipice of an economic collapse that will make the Great Depression look like a holiday at “Club Med,” compliments of the elite membership within “Club Fed.” “Club Fed” is populated by democrats and republicans, progressives and conservatives, those elected and others appointed, all rabidly pining for a new world economic order. It is an incestuous group of international and domestic families consumed and propelled by greed and power who have been at this for decades, even generations.

As a result of their insatiable greed and lust for power and control, we are about to experience the pain of a world-wide crash and economic depression that will leave no one untouched. Moreover, it has been planned, awaiting the “perfect storm” to be formed. The last few isobars have been drawn on the map of devastation, and we are now in a short and deceptive calm before this storm hits us like a freight train.

As I continued my discussion with my intelligence insider, I asked what we might expect next from Syria and the Russia-China pushback against U.S. and Saudi hegemony in the Middle East. “We can expect to get hit, the other shoe to drop, but perhaps not as we expected. They, the powerbrokers, the international bankers, and the globalists will implement their agenda by whatever means fits the conditions that exist at the time. We’ve been saying that World War III will start in Syria, but their plans are not always foolproof. I don’t think they counted on the ‘alternative media’ to be as effective in exposing the real deal behind Benghazi, a weapons-running operation to Syria, to slow them down. But it did. Now, they are switching to plan B or C.

We’re in one of the most dangerous times in our history

“We’re in one of the most dangerous times in our history. Think about this, and I mean really think about it. If we believe that the real power masters were behind some of the most historic, life-altering, and bloodiest events in history, whether it’s Benghazi, the military overthrows of sovereign countries, or even elements of 9/11 and going back even further to the assassination of JFK, what are they capable of now? It’s the same groups, the same families, but different generations. Their objectives have not changed.”

“Look at D-Day as a classic example of the art of deception in wartime. And make no mistake, we are at war being waged by the globalists. Based on elaborate deceptions that convinced Hitler that Patton would lead an attack at Calais, the real invasion happened at Normandy,” stated this intelligence insider. “They are using the same principles. They want to take us out from being politically, militarily, and economically viable to implement their plans for a new global power structure. While we think the trigger event could happen in the Middle East, it may happen in the U.S. instead. While we expected Syria to be the causative factor to usher in an economic collapse, perhaps the sequence of events has been changed,” he stated.

Regardless, their plans remain. We must think bigger, much bigger, and expect the unexpected, from false flags to actual collapse.

Prepare. Pray.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Consider the common public characterizations of the perpetrators of the last several mass shootings in the U.S., such as James Holmes (the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting),  Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook Elementary School) and most recently,  Aaron Alexis, the named shooter at the Naval Sea Systems Command inside the Washington Navy Yard in Southeast Washington, D.C.  Even the most skeptical among us would have to agree that there is not only something eerily similar about the characterizations made public of each alleged perpetrator, but there is something not quite right with the changes made to the official narratives in “real time” as well as after the fact.

Perhaps the circumstances of Aaron Alexis are the most blatant as well as the most current. The man who brought wholesale death to a quiet morning at a secure military location has been characterized as mentally ill, with the media noting that he was plagued by voices in his head.

More than a month before the shooting, on August 7, 2013, Alexis reported to police that he was being stalked by unidentified individuals who followed him to three different motels, and these individuals were using some sort of “microwave machine” to send voices into his body and keeping him awake at night. It is interesting and potentially relevant that Alexis refused to tell police what the voices were instructing him to do. [A copy of the redacted police report can be downloaded in PDF format here]. At this point, I suspect that the majority of the “sane” among us would simply write Alexis off as mentally ill and unworthy of any further intellectual discourse. But could there be something more to this story?

While the media has been consistently reporting that Alexis had a long history of mental illness, those who knew Alexis long before and up to the shooting defended his mental stability. Although he reportedly had several previous altercations with the law, it is rather curious that Alexis was not criminally charged in at least two of the more severe of those occasions. A review of his criminal records history might suggest that something else was going on, especially considering his self-described “blackouts” during those events.

Despite his reported checkered history and claims of recent public questions regarding his mental stability, Alexis was granted security clearance as a government subcontractor, working for a company called “The Experts,” which is a subsidiary of HP Enterprise Services owned by Hewlett Packard. Notably, congressional oversight is now asserting that there were faults with the company performing the background checks for government workers and subcontractors. Nonetheless, is it reasonable, although certainly unpopular, to ask whether incompetence alone is responsible for Alexis being granted the security clearance.

It is unpopular if not unacceptable in “normal” social circles to discuss other possibilities or facilitating factors associated with not only the homicidal actions of Aaron Alexis, but of others including James Holmes, Adam Lanza and others. Such discussion will result in one labeled as residing in the lunatic fringe of society, with accusers quick to shut down any intellectual discourse of the topic.

An example of this appears in a September 20, 2013 article in Wired Magazine by author Allen McDuffee, titled Conspiracy Theories Abound After Navy Yard Shooting. While the title seems to tell it all, it is interesting that the author nearly makes the case in favor of a “mind control” conspiracy regarding the most recent shooting. Excerpted from the article:

“The microwave weaponry theory would be just as absurd as some of the other conspiracies if the Pentagon hadn’t been researching the possibility of using similar voice-projection technology in the past as a nonlethal weapon.”

“According to one report on the project, such a weapon would create a condition similar to schizophrenia. ‘Application of the microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission. It may be useful to provide a disruptive condition to a person not aware of the technology. Not only might it be disruptive to the sense of hearing, it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard ‘voices within one’s head.’”

Behind the looking glass

Just a few short years ago, I too would have scoffed at the mere mention that these mass shooting events were anything but tragedies at the hands of sick and mentally-ill psychopaths. Granted, there are some sick and twisted people out there who need no help to kill others. But looking at these events collectively, a pattern seems to be emerging beyond the confines of the individual events themselves.

If we confine our investigation to the most recent shooting alone, it is unlikely that we are seeing all of the facts pertinent to the numerous shootings over the last few years – even the last several decades. If we look back into history, even as far back as the shooting death of Robert F. Kennedy, might we be seeing something more to the story of these random shooting events? Is it possible that there are agendas at play, and programs at work behind the scenes to which we are not privy?

Is it possible for rogue, criminal elements inside of the U.S. government to target the minds of certain individuals through electronic means to engage in certain behavior, including killing others? Before dismissing this possibility as some conspiracy theory unworthy of further consideration, please do some research, starting with the 1975 findings of the Church Committee. The disclosures from this investigation alone confirmed that our government was engaged in mind control experiments, spending billions of dollars and using unwitting subjects on which to test their latest drugs and electronic weaponry.

This CIA activity was further verified in the August 6, 2010 publication of Time Magazine, not exactly considered to be a fringe publication. A list of “Top Ten Weird Government Secrets” was published with number two on that list being “mind control.”

Within that article, it is stated that “some historians argue that the goal of the program was to create a mind-control system by which the CIA could program people to conduct assassinations.” Is it possible that we’ve been seeing this being played out in different venues, for different reasons? For today’s purposes, for gun control, perhaps? To condition the population to accept tighter “security” measures?

Before dismissing this as nonsense, consider the highly credentialed and well-researched Dr. John Hall, MD, who authored the book A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America. Just five-(5) days before the mass shooting event at the Washington Navy Yard, Dr. Hall appeared as a guest on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, speaking about his documentation of stalking and mind control. Interestingly, Aaron Alexis complained of being stalked, or harassed and having voices thrust into his head prior to his shooting spree last week. Listening to the broadcast could have been a template for what we observed not only at the Naval Yard, but at previous historical shooting events.

In addition to the mind control aspect of this and other such events, is it not reasonable to consider and even question the many inconsistencies in nearly all of the official narratives of the incident reports, from the shooting of Robert Kennedy to the latest shooting at the Navy Yard? Is it responsible for us to simply dismiss these documented inconsistencies in light of what we know about CIA mind control experimentation? I would argue that failing to address such issues is not only irresponsible, but possibly being complicit in these events.

We are living in strange times where it would irresponsible of us not to ask questions, demand answers and accountability, despite the risks of being described as a conspiracy theorist. Based on factual evidence presented before congress nearly 40 years ago, CIA mind control is not a conspiracy. What would make you believe their actions have stopped following the disclosure by the Church Committee?

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

The innocuously sounding ‘Media Shield Law,’ also referred to as a bill to provide the free flow of information to the public, is not what it is presented to be. It is an integral plank of the Progressives and Globalists who have been advancing the Communist agenda for decades, using it to ultimately seek control under global governance.

The bill, should it become law, will have a chilling effect on free speech, especially any negative discourse against the people in power, their policies and plans. Everyone needs to pay very close attention to this bill and take a stand to assure its defeat.

Instead of offering legal protections to journalists and their confidential sources who expose governmental corruption, this law will provide the ‘legal’ means long sought by the Executive branch to instead compel journalists to identify their sources based on a fluid and arbitrary definition of national security and the narrow ‘definition’ of a journalist. It is a direct attack on the First Amendment and a stealth attack against political dissidence. It is a stepping stone to the reimplementation of the Fairness Doctrine and a step toward controlling the information accessible on the internet.

Media oligopoly refined

By definition, an oligopoly is a condition where just a few firms dominate a certain market. Over the last few decades, we’ve seen media oligopoly in action. Today, about a half-dozen media conglomerates dominate what is known as the mainstream media, thereby allowing much easier control over the content of the news and editorials. A virtual monopoly is created, and what is aired as news is better controlled by those in control of licensing. By adding the nebulous factor of national security as we have seen in many other instances within our society, America is at risk of losing any remaining freedom of the press that once existed.

Centralization is the objective

Currently, forty-eight-(48) states and the District of Columbia have enacted ‘shield laws’ or some form of a shield law, protecting a reporter’s privilege to keep sources confidential. Why is the federal government pushing so hard to usurp state’s rights and redefine what has already been established? It’s to control information and those who disseminate it. Instead of reinforcing one’s First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution, they are being redefined under an oligarchy of an elite royalty.

The First and Second Amendments of the U.S. Constitution are inextricably linked, each dependent upon the other. One needs not to look any farther than the recent attacks on the Second Amendment to see their plans for the First Amendment. For example, each state has gun laws which they enforce, however they are under asymmetrical attack by the federal government for the purposes of control and enforcement, and ultimately registration and confiscation. By removing the protections afforded by the Second Amendment, there will be little ability to exercise your rights under the First Amendment. By hobbling the First Amendment, there will be little discourse permitted about the Second.

It is absolutely critical that people take a few steps back and look at the larger picture, as these issues are not confined to a vacuum. It’s all about centralization, which provides the ability for complete control of our lives. Examples of centralization in the U.S. are plentiful, from the modern income tax statutes of 1913 to the Affordable Health Care Act that will dominate one-sixth of our national economy. ‘ObamaCare’ is not about health care, but about centralization of power and control. Correspondingly, the federal Media Shield Law is not about protecting journalists or the prevention of disclosing classified information, but about centralizing the authority to control the dissemination of information that is inconvenient to the oligarchy.

Additionally, the same people who rely on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to expose government corruption are the same people who will fall all over themselves to promote this feigned treaty of cooperation between the oligarchs and the unwashed. While they chase their tails over papers peppered in black that tell nothing to those requesting the truth, the people in power chuckle at the sideshow while advancing their objectives. They are doubling down to prevent the exposure of their nefarious plans of subjugating the world’s populace to global domination, and have no intention of disclosure.

You don’t have to believe me, though. Instead, let the words of David Rockefeller, talking at the June, 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Germany speak for themselves:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.”

“It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”

Don’t fall for this Trojan Horse legislation. Make your voices heard before they are silenced.

Referenced legislation

By Douglas J. Hagmann

I stubbornly refused to believe it at first, although I’ve seen it firsthand on a couple of occasions during my career as a professional investigator spanning nearly three decades. “Someone’s trying to make me look and sound like a nut, or actually drive me crazy,” was the common thread of the complaints I heard on those rare occasions.

Well, they doing a great job of it, I would think to myself, as I patiently listened to their plight but ultimately declined to become involved with their cases. “We work only for corporations, not individuals.” That was the standard and truthful explanation my partner at the time or I would give to the complainants, and often contact one of their family members of close friends out of concern for their mental health. Had I known then what I know now, I suspect my response would have been quite different.

World of the bizarre

The allegations I heard were bizarre to say the very least, from people allegedly entering the victims’ homes where they rearranged some of the furniture, leaving the milk out on the counter, and even making it appear that someone had been sleeping in their beds. In retrospect, there was an eerie similarity between their stories. Nothing was ever stolen or damaged, and there were no signs of forced entry. But someone, or some people, were trying to make them believe they were crazy, and make them sound crazy to others. Knowing what I know today, I’m somewhat ashamed to say that it worked well on me.

A memorable case

I recall one woman sitting across from me in our offices. It was the spring of 1988, well before the technological explosion where everyone had ‘smart’ phones or even computers as we know them today. She was referred to us by a well-respected corporate client who asked us to see her as a favor to him. Knowing her situation but not believing her claims, he thought we’d be able to ‘reason’ with her, and possibly nudge her into seeking mental health treatment. I lost the coin flip with Jim, my partner, and cleared my schedule to meet her.

She arrived at our office promptly at the appointed time. I was immediately struck by her appearance, recalling that she could have been a body double for actress Theresa Saldana at that time. She was in her late thirties, well-educated, articulate, and employed as a medical transcriptionist at a local hospital. Aside from being divorced for over five years, she had no obvious problems in her life, and seemed content with her lifestyle. She was childless and lived alone, and had no known enemies or anything in her life that I could identify as a cause for what she was about to tell me. She was not seeking medical or mental treatment for any known maladies, and did not drink outside of the occasional office parties. She denied using medication or street drugs and certainly gave no indication of such.

She began by stating that several months prior to our meeting, she noticed people following her by car and on foot. She would see the same people at various locations, well beyond anything coincidental. While she did her best to get the license plate numbers of those alleged ‘stalkers,’ she was either unable to, or the plates were deliberately obscured by various means. Once, she called 9-1-1 while being followed, although her ‘stalkers’ had successfully evaded the patrol cars dispatched to her location. She provided me with the police incident number and a basic description of the vehicles, but little else.

After that encounter, her ‘stalkers’ reportedly became more aggressive, occasionally stopping on her driveway and briefly shining the high beam headlights into the lower first-floor windows, leaving as suddenly as they arrived. I suggested that it could be a person simply lost and looking for an address, but she explained that these activities took place several times during the course of a week, at random times of the evening and night. She insisted that the actions were deliberate, but I was far from convinced.

What finally brought her into my office left me wondering whether this woman was indeed crazy. She claimed that within the last month, odd things began to happen inside of her house, things that she was at a loss to explain.

Upon returning home from work one late afternoon, she noticed that some of her furniture was moved in her living room. A couch and chair, a table and floor lamp had been moved a few feet from their normal positions, yet nothing was taken. She thought about calling the police, but what was she going to tell them?

On yet another occasion, she returned to her immaculately maintained home after work to find a pint of ice cream she recently purchased was left on the kitchen counter, almost – but not quite – completely melted. Additionally, a head of lettuce was placed in her freezer.

For a period of several days, similar anomalies continued. The bedspread was turned down, despite her routine of making her bed every morning. Lamps that she rarely used were turned on throughout the house, her stereo and television were tuned on as well, and an unopened bag of cat litter appeared on her counter. The list of oddities, each well-documented, seemed as endless as they were bizarre. Why? What could possibly be the motive?

By the end of our meeting, I was nearly as confused as she was, wondering myself whether she was doing these things to herself as a cry for attention or whether these things could actually be happening. As a favor to our client, I decided to investigate a bit, although refused to take any money for our efforts to avoid any accusation of taking advantage of someone who might need a psychiatrist more than and investigator. Losing the coin toss gave me that right, I reasoned, anticipating the objections of my partner.

I started my investigation in the low-tech arena, using old-school techniques at first to determine whether there were indeed unauthorized entries being made to her home. I conducted surveillance of the residence, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. I made it a point not to tell her the days or times of my surveillance and used different assets and locations for greater chances of success. On those days, however, she reported being followed during her lunch hour. When I instead opted to conduct surveillance of her without her knowledge, she reported oddities at her home rather than being harassed or stalked. I verified those ‘oddities,’ but because I did not inform her of my activities, I could not verify if she was the cause of the issues at her residence.

There were many more odd events that seemed to victimize this woman. I could list them, but by now, I believe you get the idea and certainly don’t want to put ideas in the heads of others. These events seemed designed to push this woman into the abyss of insanity, or at least convince others that she was deeply disturbed.

Troubled, and without the woman’s knowledge, I asked for assistance from my partner to cover all of our bases. Shortly afterward, all abnormal activity seemed to stop as quickly as it began. My partner and I were quite perplexed to say the least.

Gone with the wind

Just as my partner and I were about to ramp up our investigation, the woman appeared unannounced in our office with the news that she quit her job earlier that day and was moving to a different city. This once strong-willed professional woman appeared ‘broken,’ and stated that she could not take it anymore. In just a few short weeks, she had lost a noticeable amount of weight, and appeared frail and psychologically beaten. Despite our efforts to get her to reconsider her plans and our reassurances to get to the bottom of what was happening to her, she left our office and two days later, our city.

During the weeks that followed, the woman and her case was a ‘hot topic’ of conversation between my partner Jim and myself. Ultimately, we decided that she was someone who needed psychiatric care, counseling, or some type of professional treatment we were unable to offer. We moved on to other cases, gradually forgetting about this Theresa Saldana look-alike. It was not until the fall of 1989, when we read her obituary in the newspaper, did the subject arise again. She passed away from “natural causes” at the age of 42, at least according to the newspaper. We were stunned, but continued to believe that she was severely troubled.

A ‘test subject?”

My investigative partner Jim has since passed away, and I had given this case little thought – until this past Wednesday. We interviewed Dr. John Hall, a medical doctor in San Antonio, Texas, and the author of A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America. He is a board certified diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology and a member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. He is also an active member of the Mind Science Foundation dedicated to the study of human consciousness. He sits on the medical committee of the human rights organization, Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance. He is highly credentialed and certainly not someone to dismiss.

Dr. Hall discussed his work (and documented findings) with victims of electronic harassment, stalking, and mind control and how CIA/NSA technology is being used to track and intimidate random people for testing purposes. Typical cases involve intentional stalking and break-ins to a home, and have evolved with technology to include the use of electromagnetic technologies that can even cause a victim to hear voices inside their head. Additionally, female victims are often drugged and sexually assaulted.

But why? Who is behind this alleged insanity?

Dr. Hall concluded that some type of rogue CIA/NSA program exists and is being used as an experiment on random subjects to test how the population can be controlled in various ways. He recently attended the Bioethics Commission, and presented evidence that electromagnetic weapons experimentation was taking place non-consensually.

Looking back at the case of the young woman who had pleaded with us for help, could she have been a victim of this very program? Fact, it seems, is much more bizarre than fiction.

The voices you hear in your head? Maybe they are real.

To listen to this information-packed interview, click here.

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