By Douglas J. Hagmann

“To the ordinary guy, all this is a bunch of gobbledygook. But out of the gobbledygook comes a very clear thing…. You can’t trust the government; you can’t believe what they say; and you can’t rely on their judgment…” H.R. Haldeman to Nixon, Monday, 14 June 1971, 3:09 p.m.

A brief review of history effectively exposes both the rampant hypocrisy of the Clinton cabal and their supporters, and reveals the complicity of the corporate media in a web of lies, cover-ups, and obfuscation to support the political left at all costs. At the epicenter is the Clinton power machine, the Clinton Foundation, the Obama-Clinton foreign policy of destruction and global power restructuring, the largest transfer of wealth and largesse, and the death grip by the Clinton machine to hold power through the upcoming election. One of the biggest threats, of course, is WikiLeaks.

The WikiLeaks disclosures present an increasingly uncomfortable situation for the political left, especially for the Clintons and their supporters. They also serve as a reminder why the corporate media is irrelevant, and illustrate just how journalists of today have been castrated and coopted by the criminal cabal of globalists. The media now serve as their primary propaganda arm to cover the criminality of those in power instead of uncovering it.

Blatant lies of multiple administrations to the American people about the Vietnam war

Compare the WikiLeaks situation to the publication of the Pentagon Papers in 1971.

Briefly and for those unfamiliar, the “Pentagon Papers” is a somewhat romanticized term for a 7,000-page, 47-volume top-secret report titled United States-Vietnam Relations, 1945–1967: A Study Prepared by the Department of Defense. The report exposed the blatant lies of multiple administrations to the American people about the Vietnam war and ultimately became an embarrassment to the Nixon administration.

The man behind the Pentagon Papers was Daniel Ellsberg. He was a military analyst employed by the RAND Corporation when, in late 1969, he secretly made copies of many government documents from that report that exposed the lies about the U.S. role and engagement in Vietnam, contrary to what was being told to the American public. These documents, which later came to be known as the Pentagon Papers, were celebrated by the political left as they laid bare the lies coming from the Oval Office and other key elected officials.

Ellsberg leaked the documents to the New York Times, which began publishing the more explosive excerpts as front-page news on June 12, 1971. Of course this embarrassed and incensed Nixon and his cabal of globalists, including globalist Henry Kissinger and then Attorney General John Mitchell, the latter who quickly sought and obtained a federal court injunction to prevent further publication.

Compare the Pentagon Papers of 1971 to WikiLeaks of today

The New York Times fought back, and was joined by the Washington Post which also began its own coverage. After a flurry of court maneuvers, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 30, 1971 that the government could not stop the releases, and the press coverage resumed.

Some things never change. When the leaks became legally unstoppable, the Nixon cabal unleashed their foot soldiers to publicly discredit Ellsberg, in one instance burglarizing his psychiatrist’s office, the office of Lewis Fielding, to obtain documentation that Ellsberg was a mentally unstable,  crazy conspiracy theorist. The break in was orchestrated through members of the CIA and was titled “Hunt/Liddy Special Project No. 1.” It failed, however, to produce any such documentation.

Compare the Pentagon Papers of 1971 to WikiLeaks of today. Documents, the former in hardcopy and the latter digital, were illicitly obtained but served the purpose of exposing government lies and corruption.

It is interesting that the operational handbook is nearly identical to what we are witnessing today. The criminal element within the government lies to the people they are supposed to serve, engage in arguably criminal behavior, and when caught, set out to stop the exposure in any way necessary.

The operational similarities between the rogue, criminal element within the Nixon administration to the current Washington regime are remarkable. The differences are equally remarkable, for the media who was fighting to expose the damning information, regardless of intent, have now become servants to the tyrannical globalist powers. As the narrative has been revised, thanks to a compliant media, the criminal cabal has gained followers in the form of a public who, in equal measure, appear to be apathetic or deluded. It is this group who can be seen dutifully nodding their heads and clapping at the deflections, rather than succinct answers to legitimate questions, that Hillary Clinton and her staff offer the swooning public.

The criminality of the DC denizens and globalists of all stripes has been emboldened by the complicity of the media

What remains constant, however, is that lies are still lies and truth is still truth. The criminality of the DC denizens and globalists of all stripes has been emboldened by the complicity of the media.

Hillary Clinton and her cabal of criminal cronies have copied the playbook of the same people they claim to have once detested. Assange is the present-day Ellsberg, without the media assistance. He must be stopped, and the disclosures buried. Those who propagate the information within the documents must be marginalized or silenced, in any way necessary. Notice that such steps have already been taken, and some effectively.

They are counting on Americans to consider the WikiLeaks as muddled “gobbledygook,” purloined by mentally unstable “deplorables” with a penchant for conspiracy theories. Moreover, the disclosures reveal their plans and blatant collusion with the “journalists” of today.

The importance of the information contained in these leaked documents cannot be understated. They lay bare the nuts and bolts of an out-of-control globalist regime that has captured the branches of our government, and identify the co-conspirators in the takeover of our nation from within.

Unlike the Pentagon Papers, the critical information from these documents won’t be researched and made public by the corporate media, only downplayed and their legitimacy questioned. Censorship of the truth is in full swing, and the new, alternative media has become the new target of the modern-day plumbers.

Behind Hillary Rodham Clinton’s smirk is a rabid determination to retain their grip on power, influence, and wealth.

It is critically important for the reader to understand just how dangerous this situation has become. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and their stable of globalists are using asymmetrical methods to silence the truth-seekers and truth-tellers. They have weaponized various arms of the federal government, from regulatory to enforcement agencies, to silence the truth-tellers. 

Hidden behind Hillary Rodham Clinton’s smirk is a rabid determination to retain their grip on power, influence, and wealth. Today, they have increased their allies and foot soldiers, from the corporate media to nearly every branch of government. Those searching the truth are the targets. The prize, in the balance, is the fate of our nation.

It’s time. “Saddle for Battle.”

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