I watched it so you don’t have to. The Fulton County case against President Trump and 26 other defendants (under normal circumstances) should be tossed out. Not only tossed out, but tossed, stomped, shredded, buried, dug up, stomped and shredded some more, and then re-buried. There are many, many instances in her testimony (performance) that everyone should see, but I’ve isolated two times Fani Willis displayed her true self in court. From her ganster-talking, to her confessed preference for Grey Goose vodka over wine, to telling the court that “I don’t ‘do’ frineds like that,” (whatever that is supposed to mean – apparently I need a ‘gangsta’ to English translator), to paying a “G” (meaning a thousand dollars) in cash… it’s all here.

George Soros must be laughing his backside off at the sheer ignorance of Fulton county voters. They get the government they deserve, while we all must suffer.

Watch the following, then watch the entire train wreck.



Fani Willis goes off the rails, calling the opposition filings “lies” and causing the need for a 5-minute break.

“It is a LIE!”

Also, “I am not on trial for trying to steal an election, like these people are.” Fani Willis is saving America from Donald Trump, Fulton County style. The voters must be proud.

When you lose MSNBC, you know it’s bad!

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