By Douglas J. Hagmann

Republished as a tribute to the late Russ and Shelly Dizdar and his rebranded team, This article was first published in Wisconsin Christian News.

It is difficult for a person of normal sensibilities to comprehend the depravity of many who make up the global “elite,” or the real, unelected powerbrokers driving the global political apparatus. It is challenging for most sane and rational people to believe that “organized” evil, specifically in the form of satanic worship and the attendant criminal activity at its highest levels, exists. As Christians, we don’t think in such terms, and it’s hard to relate to those who do.

It not only exists, but it is thriving today. Rogue elements within and outside of many governments nationally and internationally, NGOs, and others are not only engaged in satanic rituals, it is their means to achieve their goals of world depopulation and domination.

Because of the internet, most readers are familiar with controversial topics such as (the unfortunately named) “Pizzagate” and spirit cooking, the latter which reportedly involves the use of bodily fluids in “artistic” settings. Of late, most of this was brought to public attention by the curious contents of the infamous Hillary Clinton, John, and Tony Podesta emails referencing Marina Abramović and spirit cooking.

Also, because of the internet, more information is being disclosed about the activities on Epstein Island the travelers on the Lolita Express after the mysterious “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein. World leaders, business titans, Hollywood denizens, media mouthpieces, religious figures, and others of power and prominence have been linked with Jeffrey Epstein or invitees to his private island. People want to know what’s happened there and at other places such as Bohemian Grove, especially since it involves people we’ve elected as our leaders or have been told to trust. Perhaps accurately, many believe that unspeakable actions have taken place at those locations and were secretly documented. Such alleged documentation reportedly has different purposes, including being useful to compromise and control people in critical positions of leadership and influence.

Many factors complicate a reasonable understanding of the genuine satanic elements that exist within the infrastructure of the globalist agenda, including deception, obfuscation, censorship, and a hefty dose of our own cognitive dissonance. Absent of apparent interest by federal law enforcement and the lack of in-depth investigative coverage by a likely complicit national media, a fertile environment exists for rumors and extraordinary claims on one hand, or sources that fact-check and debunk claims without proper foundation on the other. As a result, most people are left wondering what and who to believe.

Events taking place across the world today can be accurately summarized by the quote often credited to French essayist Charles Pierre Baudelaire, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Thrust back into prominence by actor Kevin Spacey in the 1995 movie “The Usual Suspects,” the same can be said about the topic of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). According to many self-appointed arbiters of the truth, satanic rituals and satanic ritual abuse don’t exist.

Not only does it exist, but it is also the thread that is woven into many current and recent historical events in the U.S. and internationally. Limited print space prevents a single detailed overview of how rogue elements of our government, for example, engaged in continuing Nazi occult practices after World War II. However, the latent fingerprints of the same occult operations can be found on the inner mechanisms of nearly all of our federal agencies that dictate domestic and even foreign policy.

I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with Russ Dizdar and his team to investigate groups of people who are actively engaged in the practice of satanic ritual abuse. His decades-long experience investigating such matters, traveling across the world to validate information critical to understanding the depth and breadth of this issue, working with the victims of SRA, and conducting field investigations has done much to educate many about the events taking place today. One obvious example is a link between the open southern border and child sex trafficking for sacrificial and ritualistic purposes. Many more profound and even more sinister examples exist.  Crimes most often associated with the most serious levels of satanic worship include human and drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder, pedophilia and other crimes of a sexual nature, torture, and abuse to people and animals (living and dead), drug abuse, and property destruction.

As an investigator working with Russ Dizdar and his SIIU team to expose such satanic activities and help the victims, I’ve been better able to tie the “granular-level” satanic rituals to rogue intelligence and even military programs. As difficult as it might be to accept, I’ve seen victims of trauma-based mind control that have caused multiple personalities to exist and be used as military and intelligence assets.

Building on the work of the late Dale Griffis, a recognized expert in this area of investigation, Mr. Dizdar is making significant inroads in several key areas, such as saving children and other victims of this ritualistic abuse, educating law enforcement on how to recognize the signature of ritualistic murders, thus distinguishing them from homicides or serial killings, and educating the public.

As chaos grows in the U.S. and throughout the world, so are the crimes associated with actual satanic rituals. Just as law enforcement needs to know what to look for at crime scenes, the public needs to understand the real-world satanic agenda of the “Great Reset” architects.

Investigation resulted in locating and isolating evidence that ties the activities of groups across the world. Satanic sacrificial ceremonies are not kooky conspiracy theories or urban legends. They are being performed to advance the objectives of a satanic takeover, under the guise of socialism and communism, to bring in a one world government with the anti-Christ as their leader. As evidence shows, the ceremonies are real, the victims are real, and the fight is acutely spiritual.

People dressed in ceremonial attire, using daggers on their victims, creating altars out of human bones, and using the blood of children and the innocent as the currency of the globalists is all too real.   As Christians, it is time that we recognize the spiritual war in which we are engaged.

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