By Douglas J. Hagmann

“We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.” That single sentence, selected from an address given by former President John F. Kennedy to the American Newspaper Publishers Association on April 27, 1961, is perhaps more relevant today than ever before.

We know that plans, plots, and schemes are afoot today, many to our collective and individual detriment. They are being conducted under various pretexts and concealed by the collusion of the elected and appointed to an unwitting and often apathetic public.

Many patriots appear to have given up hope in their quest for truth, as the government seems to be doubling down and refining their tactics of concealment. Combined with a disinterested or perhaps complicit media, it is easier to acquiesce rather than fight, particularly when the general perception is that few care for the truth of a matter. They claim that there is a “lack of public interest.” Accordingly, we are told that we don’t need to know the facts of a matter, whatever that matter might be, for it is not in the interest of the public. There is an arguably corrupt element entrenched within the government who expects us to stop asking and quietly go away, downtrodden and defeated, adherent to the adage that we “cannot fight city hall.”

Should any interest of a particular matter rise to a level of collective concern, this criminal element will use other tactics to keep truth buried, evidence hidden, and information from our view. Often, they will characterize those of us asking questions as conspiracy theorists or use other pejoratives to dissuade us from pursuing the truth. As no one likes such labels that assail our intellect, rationale and even our sanity, making us appear foolish even at the most superficial of levels, we often back down from our quest for answers. It’s an information war and a numbers game combined. The playing fields are numerous, from the general media to internet forums, where each venue is filled with operational assets or mere sycophants to the cabal of authority. Through the use of these varied tactics, they are counting on us to back down so they may continue their nefarious agenda unmolested by “problem children.”

A mission to obtain information in the strange death of Loretta Fuddy

I proudly write this column today to state that we have proven them wrong, at least in one instance that has the potential to reveal possible criminal activity, criminal conspiracy and collusion spanning a significant area of concern for all Americans. Yesterday, I wrote about one internet researcher’s quest for information from government sources about the circumstances involving the water landing of the plane carrying Hawaiian Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy, and her reported death. She was the sole fatality of that water landing and just happened to be the person who authenticated the long-form birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama.

The internet researcher using the name Butterdezillion, although known to this investigator by her true name and credentials, filed Freedom of Information Act requests for documents related to that airplane “crash.” What she has received to date shows a pattern of inconsistencies that warrant additional investigation and documentation available under FOIA. When she requested the needed documentation and a waiver of the fee for the same, citing that the information was in the public interest, she was denied, as were her appeals. As such, she was told, the fee for the requested data would be about $2,000.00.

As we discussed our options, I wondered whether there is indeed public interest, contrary to the government’s claims. Well, the government bureaucrats claiming that public interest in this matter is limited to a very tiny fringe of nutcases were proven wrong. Very wrong.

On the Monday edition of my radio show, I asked those who believe that the revelations contained in the government documents are in the public’s interest to step forward and step up, to help us pay the fee assessed by the government for this data. I wrote about the facts here, and asked not for large contributions, but intentionally smaller contributions to illustrate that there are many people who are demanding the truth and this is not a fringe issue.

Less than 24 hours after my appeal, we had a tremendous response and met the burden of the government’s fee. Because of you, we have collected the necessary funds to overcome this obstacle through the money received and pledged. Through your involvement, you’ve also sent a strong message to those in power. We want and expect answers. We can fight city hall. Yesterday, we went “all in” and guaranteed payment for the information, thus starting the FOIA clock that puts the government on a particular schedule. We eagerly anticipate receiving this information, reviewing the same, and publishing it in the interest of the public.

Simply stated, we won this battle on the numbers. We have shown that there many concerned Americans, and even some in other countries, who want the truth. They are demanding the truth, and have proven their willingness to fight for it.

The urgency of our request was met with a response that shows there are people who refuse to roll over and still believe we can fight city hall. The urgency of our request was based in the thought that the sooner we can obtain the requested data the less time they have to alter, edit, redact or remove information, which are tactics we’ve seen regarding this matter. You, the listeners my show and the readers of this website, have proven that you’re people of action and not just words. By your actions, you have placed the gatekeepers of information on notice that you will not be deterred in your quest for the truth. Much like the recent events of Bunkerville, Nevada, you’ve sent a clear message to those in power.

As such, I am grateful to report, for this portion of the information war, “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.” Stay tuned for more information as we await the government’s response for the release of the data requested. Take heart in knowing that you were instrumental in helping us overcome one large obstacle on the pathway to truth. For your efforts, please know you are valued and appreciated as we seek not just truth, but justice as well.

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