By Douglas J. Hagmann

It is perhaps the most disturbing op-ed ever published in any American newspaper. I am referring to the editorial titled “Don’t Fear Islamic Law in America,” written by Eliyahu Stern, Ph.D. published on September 2, 2011, in The New York Times.

Contrary to the opinion of Mr. Stern, there is much to fear about the implementation of Sharia law in America. To assert otherwise is to display an unforgivable ignorance of undisputed facts or to be deliberately disingenuous. In either case, it is perilous to accept as fact the assertions of Mr. Stern, individually or collectively as a nation.

The essence of his thesis is that Islamic Sharia’ law is facing a “crusade” in America, which he claims “undermines American democracy, ignores our country’s history of religious tolerance and assimilation, and creates a dangerous divide between America and its fastest-growing religious minority.” He also denies that Sharia’ poses any threat to American security by using a completely inappropriate analogy involving Napoleon’s European empire and Jewish laws. The analogy is ridiculous and his arguments are specious as rabbinical laws did not – and do not – impose their laws outside of the Jewish people. By its very nature, however, Sharia law imposes Islamic jurisprudence on Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Sharia law is the legal framework based on Islamic principles of jurisprudence. It cannot be separated from Islam and regulates not only the behavior of Muslims but non-Muslims as well. In Islamic theocracies, Sharia’ is the law of the land. There can be no separation of church (mosque) and state. In Islamic theocracies, everyone is subjected to the same set of highly discriminatory, cruel, and barbaric Islamic laws, although the legal bias is always in favor of the “believer” or Muslim. Among Muslims, Sharia’ is biased toward men. For example, women are considered to be just a rung above a domesticated animal and are oppressed beyond Western comprehension. Sharia calls for the execution of apostates, the stoning of adulterers, and the chopping off of a person’s hand if that person is convicted of stealing.

It is, therefore, incomprehensible that Mr. Stern proposes that anti-Sharia legislation in the U.S. would serve to foster “a hostile environment that will stymie the growth of America’s tolerant strand of Islam.” There exists no “America(n) tolerant strand of Islam.” It is a myth of the perverse progressive or liberal mindset. Islam is inherently intolerant, as is its “way,” or Sharia’. No organized system of laws, religious or secular, is more intolerant than Sharia, as proven by the obscenely barbaric practices of Islamic theocracies. For the survival of our nation, therefore, it is imperative that Sharia’ is never permitted to exist in this country.

Insidious nature of Sharia law

In non-Muslim countries, Sharia law also cannot be separated from Islam. Accordingly, and unlike the “apples and oranges” comparison used by Mr. Stern, Sharia law cannot coexist or be equal to any other codified laws of a non-Islamic theocracy. In America, for example, the Constitution, federal statutes, and state and local laws must be subjugated by Sharia law and imposed on all people, including non-Muslims. And therein lies the insidious nature of Sharia law and the dangers it poses to Western culture.

Note to my readers: It has never been more important than now to understand Islam. The best resource available is at this link, which is a website dedicated to educating the public about Islam, Islam, democracy, Sharia’ and Islam in current events. It is hosted by Iraqi exile I.Q. a Rassooli and contains a four-part series on Sharia (211 A-D). This author interviewed I. Q. al Rassooli where Islam and Sharia’ was explained. The audio is available at this link.

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