By Douglas J. Hagmann

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Most Americans wonder why the US Southern border remains wide open and nothing appears to be done to stop the unfettered flow of illegal invaders by any member of government, at any level. In fact, all levels of government, combined with private companies acting as NGOs, appear to be aiding and abetting this illegal invasion, but few understand the exact reasons.

In this column, I’ll provide some of the reasons behind the unwillingness to stop this invasion, along with the names of government officials, companies, and individuals responsible, at least in part, for this largest act of treason against the US in our history. My findings are the result of the information provided through recent interviews with investigative reporters such as Michael Yon in tandem with my own investigation and research.

Four US states are situated along the 1,954-mile border: Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas. The US has the highest percentage of illegal aliens by country. With a total population over 330 million people, it is estimated that there are over 52 million illegal aliens in the US, including over 7 million just since Biden took office and Alejandro Mayorkas became head of the DHS. The majority of current invaders are from Mexico, India, China, the Philippines, El Salvador, Cuba, Vietnam, Guatemala, and Korea. And there are many military-age males who are not arriving with their families.

Unprecedented Crime is Coming to Your Neighborhood

Because the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) keeps track of immigration status of suspects booked into local jails, Texas offers a better, although still quite limited, metric regarding crimes involving illegals. Actual totals are exponentially higher.

From June 1, 2011, through July 31, 2022, 259,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 433,000 criminal offenses, including 800 homicide charges, 822 kidnappings, 5,470 sexual assault charges (e.g., rape), another 6,485 sexual offenses, and 4,945 offenses involving weapons or the use of weapons. It is important to note that these numbers only reflect those illegals booked into Texas jails whose fingerprints were already on file and should be viewed only in the context of trending criminal activity in one area of the US.

Closer examination of the above statistics reflective only of crimes committed by illegals during a given period in a limited area, when extrapolated and overlayed with other areas of concentration of illegal aliens in the US, indicates a violent crime spike that would rival any MSM spike outlining Coronavirus cases at the height of the “pandemic.”

Notably, these crimes were preventable, as most of those were committed by illegals who were previously identified as being in the US illegally, processed, and released, only to return. One can reasonably argue that had the justice system done its job the first time encountering an illegal alien, many needless deaths and much suffering could have been prevented. This is the result of systemic malfeasance by activists within the US justice system. Worse, and based on projections, violent criminal encounters involving illegal aliens allowed in by the very institutions tasked to protect its citizens, will only spread across all US communities, and will increase.

Identifying the Who & Why

Continuing to use Texas as the microcosm of the Biden-Mayorkas fueled illegal invasion of the US, we must look at the reasons nothing is being done to stop or even stifle the unprecedented invasion by individuals coming from over 90 foreign countries. Venezuela recently released many violent offenders from their prisons, encouraging them to head north to the US. They will not be turned away.

Before drilling down into Texas, we must understand the bigger agenda. The United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF), working with governments and globalists, have been planning for a world without any borders for a long time. Members of the WEF have been populating world governments, including those positions within the US federal, state and even county governments, with people of this ideological bias. It’s a stepping-stone to a global government — the penultimate panopticon of surveillance and control under a Communism system. Changing the dynamics of the global population will eventually eradicate Western culture. To accomplish this, they are taking advantage of the greed of people in power and companies to assist in this objective, an ironic twist to an already twisted agenda.

Of the US Southern border, the Texas border is the longest at 1,254 miles long. Most illegal invaders are coming through and from Mexico into Texas. It would therefore make sense that the state government of Texas, under Governor Greg Abbott, would be taking every possible step to stop the invasion of our nation.

He has made recent news headlines by constructing a barrier in the Rio Grande River, and by placing concertina wire at a few sections of the border, yet these represent very minor inconveniences to the invaders and their coyotes, the drug and human traffickers, and the invasion force of single men of military age. It should be noted that Abbott is listed as a member of the World Economic Forum, has attended the last few meetings in Davos, and met with other WEF members in open and closed door sessions.

The Largest Encampment of Illegal Aliens is in Texas

Image source: The New York Post

Forty miles northeast of Houston, Texas is a development known as Colony Ridge, a roughly 60-square-mile development situated on unincorporated land in Liberty County, Texas. It consists of a spattering of houses, mobile homes, trailers and even tents, amid a seemingly inferior infrastructure of poor roads, improper sewage systems, and other such deficiencies that are creating adverse effects on nearby communities.

Additionally, many of the parcels located within Colony Ridge contain structures of substandard or incomplete construction. Many do not even have customary service hook-ups, such as water, sewer, or electricity. Parcels occupied by the illegal aliens include people from numerous countries, which can be seen by painted or cloth flags of Cuba, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, and other nations on the properties and the signs at stores and even streets in different languages.

Who is behind this basecamp of this modern-day invasion force, and why is it allowed to exist?

Colony Ridge was birthed about 15 years ago by billionaire developer brothers William Trey Harris III (aka “El Gringo”) and John Harris. It did not start out as Colony Ridge, however, but as a development known as Kings Colony. John Harris owned numerous properties in Kings Colony, however, became upset with their property owners’ association (POA).

Eventually, John Harris’ brother, “Trey,” took over and gave rise to Colony Ridge. Meanwhile, John Harris is also the “presidente” of  Houston El Norte Property Owners’ Association (his brother Trey is listed as the director and their cousin, Robin Lane as “vice presidente”).

Cousin of the Harris’ and brother of Robin Lane, Brent Lane serves as the Harris’ attorney for their business and property acquisitions. Robin Lane is in charge of a business known as Vast Land Enterprises, LLC, based out of Conroe, Texas.

Through a dizzying maze of businesses and LLCs, what is known as Colony Ridge Development, LLC, operating under the land development company known as Terrenos Houston, and via Vast Land Enterprises and other entities controlled by the Harris brothers and other family members, they solicit land ownership to the public, particularly to Spanish-speaking “migrants” in a type of “buy here, pay here” process.

Their mortgage process does not require any proof of citizenship, requires little money down, and collects what most people might consider to be predatory interest rates on mortgages for the lots within Colony Ridge – 13.9%, for instance. The selling point to the public is that “you, too, can own land inside the US, regardless of your citizenship status.” While many might believe this to be an altruistic offering, a recent investigation by investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino appears to have found otherwise:

To read my entire report, please visit Wisconsin Christian News HERE.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

“On April 13, 2019, at approximately 2 p.m. CDT, five to six Mexican military personnel questioned two U.S. Army soldiers who were conducting border support operations in an unmarked (Customs and Border Protection) vehicle near the southwest border in the vicinity of Clint, Texas.”(CNN, April 19, 2019) [Emphasis by this author].

Allow that to sink in and carefully consider what you just read. The Mexican military crossed the border, entered the United States and confronted the United States military. Considering that we are two full decades into the twenty-first century, it’s unlikely that the line for the border was obscured by the fold of the paper map in the hands of the Mexican military, regardless of what the likes of CNN might report.

United States of America is being invaded

The United States of America is being invaded.

I reported on this invasion in this video segment hereand expanded upon it here. The first segment cited heavily from a report published by Daniel Horowitz of The Conservative Review titled “9 Shocking March stats from the ‘system-wide’ emergency at the border.”(Conservative Review)The latter report cited equally shocking statistics from an article written by Peter Barry Chowka regarding 60,000 illegal invaders overwhelming our federal prison system in classic Cloward-Piven tactical form. (Hagmann Report)

We are either a sovereign nation with secure borders and proper enforcement or we are not. You cannot have it both ways, despite what the Democrat-Socialists in Congress, ideologically driven “Communist red-lined” black-robed rogue activist judges, those occupying other elected or appointed positions throughout the United States and the Socialist corporate media want you to believe.

President Trump ran his campaign on a promise to secure our borders while both enforcing and reforming current immigration law. The Socialist Left Deep State has done everything possible to derail his efforts and “Balkanize” our country so that it will become unrecognizable in the shortest time possible. They are winning on all fronts to our peril.

Investigative journalist Daniel Horowitz cited in his article the following:

“The armed men [Mexican military] swiftly approached the U.S. service members, crossing over from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande into U.S. territory and ordering the soldiers out of their vehicle at gunpoint.” (NewsWeek)

He also notes the sad irony that exists as US federal law enforcement is focusing their crack-down efforts on American patriot groups that are assisting in the protection of our nation instead of repelling the invasion:

“Why is it that our government, which appears unable or unwilling to deal with Mexican aggression, the cartels, or illegal immigration, is suddenly pursuing a zero-tolerance policy for American militias seeking to do a job the federal government won’t do? Failing to secure our borders is a breach of the social contract of government, as laid out in the Declaration of Independence, and if there is anything that would ever justify the citizenry to take action, it is this issue. It’s not something we want to see, but where is our own government in dealing with the problem?”

To be clear, this invasion is not new. Reports dating back more than a decade (WND) describe similar events, but the invasion is growing more intense and extreme by the day.

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell addresses this crisis in her excellent report titled The Ultimate Betrayal—The Truth About the Invasion of America (here). Her report – a “must read’ – offers immediate solutions that must be taken to save our country.

It is generally accepted that when the army of a foreign country crosses the border of another country, it is an act of war. When will Americans wake up to the fact that we are indeed at war? When will we hold to account the enemies within who are facilitating the enemy, from the denizens of the Deep State embedded in positions of elected and appointed leadership to the members of the complicit media? How many more citizens must be killed by the acts of these illegal invaders before we say, “ENOUGH?”

By Peter Barry Chowka

Last January, Mark Morgan, the last head of the U.S. Border Patrol agency under the Obama Administration, started weighing in on the illegal alien invasion crisis at the southern border.

On January 8, Law & Crime was one of the first news outlets to break the story about the former Border Patrol director. Morgan, it said,

went public on Tuesday with a message that may surprise the White House: he supports Mr. Trump and his efforts to get funding for a border wall.

“I’m here today breaking my silence to tell the American people that the president is correct in what he’s doing,” Morgan said in an interview with the Law & Crime Network.  “The wall works.”

Law & Crime reminded its readers about Morgan’s tenure as President Obama’s Border Patrol head.

When he was still running the Border Patrol, Morgan referred to the needs at the border as a “fence.”  He told a Senate committee in November 2016, “Do we need more fencing? Yes. Does it work? Yes. Do we need it everywhere? No. Is it the sole answer? No.” Morgan again said on Tuesday that a physical barrier is not the whole answer and is not needed along the entire border, but it is significant.

“It would be like having a high-tech security system, but not having doors or windows in your house,” Morgan said.

Asked if he was encouraged by the White House to make his views known, Morgan said no.

“I’m doing this on my own for one reason,” he said. “I’m a patriot.”

Morgan says he was asked to resign by the Trump White House one day after the president signed an executive order authorizing the immediate construction of a border wall. Behind the scenes, Morgan believes, was pressure from officials of the Border Patrol agents union which opposed the appointment of an outsider to run the agency. Morgan spent the bulk of his law enforcement career with the FBI.

In recent months, private citizen Mark Morgan has written columns for a variety of publications, has received coverage in the mainstream print and online media, and has appeared frequently on cable news television including regularly on Fox News, where he is now a contributor.

 Mark Morgan (left) with Fox & Friends hosts Ed Henry, Jedediah Bila and Pete Hegseth April 13, 2019

On Saturday morning, April 13, Morgan appeared live on Fox & Friends Weekend. The brief  video of his appearance is well worth watching. Link to video at Fox News here.

The topic under discussion was President Trump’s floating the idea of transporting illegal aliens, who have entered the country and cannot be deported, to sanctuary cities so that those cities, which say they welcome “migrants” without reservation, can take care of them. Morgan said the President’s comments have grown out of his understandable frustration with the crisis and being checkmated at every turn to try and solve it by the Congress and the courts.

Sanctuary cities are part of this crisis. They are signaling and telling the immigrants come here illegally, exploit our laws – our generosity – not only will we take you in, we’ll protect you, we’ll reward you, and we will thwart the law enforcement from trying to do their job. It’s truly unbelievable.

Morgan’s comments on Fox & Friends represent one of the best summaries of the current crisis at the border that I have seen. He is a source well worth following.

Peter Barry Chowka writes about politics, media, popular culture, and health care for American Thinker and other publications.  Peter’s new website is  Follow him on Twitter at @pchowka

By Peter Barry Chowka

For months now, I have been writing and speaking about the looming prospects for a Civil War 2.0 breaking out in the United States. The analysis probably seemed to many to be speculative and premature, pointing to something that might someday come to pass while in the meantime there was still hope that such a day would never actually arrive.

The new year, however, has made that hope harder to cling to as signs of violence are now breaking out into the open and can no longer be swept under the rug.

Another indication that the war has already started took place in the early morning hours of December 26 when officer Ronil Singh of the small town of Newman, California’s police department was shot dead allegedly by criminal illegal alien Gustavo Perez Arriaga. While on routine patrol, Singh had pulled over Arriaga’s vehicle because it had no rear license plate at which point Singh was executed, leaving a wife and five month-old son.

This is not the first time that a criminal illegal alien has murdered an innocent victim (all illegal aliens are de facto criminals because they broke laws by entering the country, but in this case the alleged perpetrator was also a gang member and had two DUIs on his record). In fact, such killings, in addition to assaults, rapes, robberies, home invasions, drug smuggling, and other violent crimes, are committed by illegal aliens multiple times on a daily basis all over the country. Another outrageous, high profile case that comes to mind is the July 1, 2015 fatal shooting of Kathryn (Kate) Steinle in San Francisco by illegal immigrant José Inez García Zárate, who admitted to shooting Steinle. On November 30, 2017, after five days of deliberations, the jury in Zarate’s criminal trial acquitted him of all murder and manslaughter charges.

Three and a half years after the Steinle murder, the assassination of Office Singh, himself a legal immigrant from Fiji and a respected California cop for over seven years, stands out as a stark new low point that illustrates one of the endemic problems in this country: To wit, the invasion of the United States by millions of un-educated, low IQ migrants from violent Third World countries, which has been ongoing for decades (to the extent that it is not even known how many of them are here now). The invasion has now reached critical mass, threatening the lives and safety of Americans everywhere around the country.

If the nation could unite politically to secure the border, enforce existing laws, and deport the tens of millions of illegal aliens who are already here, that would be one thing and a new “civil war” might not be inevitable. But that day and those possibilities are long gone. What remains and what has become the new normal is the violence, and the downplaying of it by Democrats and about half of the population, that is now targeting native-born Americans like Steinle and legal immigrants and new naturalized American citizens like Singh.

As Deroy Murdock wrote about the Singh murder in an article titled “A Tale of Two Immigrants” in National Review on January 5:

Arriaga, 33 [the alleged killer of Officer Singh], is not a model immigrant. He came to America from Mexico — illegally, crossing the border via Arizona. Yet the notion that the United States suffers a border-security crisis seems lost on Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York and House speaker Nancy Pelosi of California. They reportedly refused even to listen to Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen’s classified border-security briefing in the White House Situation Room on Wednesday. Instead, they repeatedly interrupted Nielsen as she tried to detail national-security threats on the southern front.

The Democrats, who support the concept of Sanctuary Cities and now Sanctuary States, and who embrace policies that coddle, encourage, and support illegals while they hamstring law enforcement and cripple border security, are clearly complicit in the mayhem being caused by the “migrants.”

Meanwhile, there are other indications that Civil War 2.0 is going hot. Calls from Democrats and the left encouraging violence and lawlessness have been increasing, especially since the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president in November 2016. One of the more prominent examples among many was a rabble rousing speech to a mob of her supporters by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) last June in Los Angeles. On that occasion, Waters implored her audience to be on the lookout for prominent officials in the Trump administration so that:

If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.

Waters’s incendiary and provocative rant that appeared to border on inciting violence was followed on numerous occasions by Democrats and other hardcore leftists “pushing back” on Trump administration officials, getting in their faces and implicitly threatening them when they were out in public eating dinner or relaxing.

The growing far left base of the Democratic Party, which helped to fuel the Democrats’ takeover of the House of Representatives in the 2018 Midterm Elections, bodes ill for putting the genies of violence and toxic political division back in the bottle. After she was sworn in as a first term member of the new Congress on January 3, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), for example, the first “Palestinian-American” Congresswoman, referring to President Trump, told a crowd of cheering supporters “. . . we’re going to go in there and we’re going to impeach the motherf–ker.”

Two days later, on January 5, 2019, another fast rising new star of the 116th Congress, freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), an avowed socialist, entered into a Twitter war of words with Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), who was almost killed in an assassination attempt by a hardcore leftist in June 2017. Their debate concerned Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to double the tax rate on the so-called 1% to 70%.

According to Fox News:

U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., abruptly halted a Twitter debate with newcomer Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York early Sunday morning [January 6] after at least three commenters made references to the June 2017 shooting in which Scalise and three other people were shot by a left-wing activist.

“snipe his ass,” one Twitter user wrote, in support of Ocasio-Cortez. . .

“she’s got better aim than James Hodgkinson, that’s for sure,” another wrote, comparing Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitter responses to the marksmanship of the suspect in the Virginia shooting, a Bernie Sanders supporter who later died in a shootout with police.

As over 20,000 comments in response to the Fox News article piled up, one respondent on Sunday evening January 6 wrote: “When is the left going to address the hate in the Democrat party?” Not anytime soon, apparently, as the article noted that Ocasio-Cortez had not commented on Twitter about, or cautioned her supporters against making, the perceived references to or threats of violence aimed at Scalise.

Later Sunday evening, in her headline appearance on the top-rated news program in the country, CBS News’s 60 Minutes, Ocasio-Cortez continued to fan the flames of hatred and division when she told Anderson Cooper that “there’s ‘no question’ that President Trump is racist.”

Peter Barry Chowka writes about politics, media, popular culture, and health care for American Thinker and other publications.  Follow him on Twitter at @pchowka.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Every politician or government leader who has compromised our border security or advocated for the same has blood on their hands. Every Oval Office occupant, past or present, regardless of political party, who has been soft on our border has blood on their hands. Every member of congress who refused to enhance or even enforce border security has blood on their hands, as does every mayor or council member advocating their so-called “sanctuary cities,” the utopian destination of career criminal aliens.

Meet Silvestre Franco-Luviano, 40,  a Mexican national who is in the United States illegally. He first entered the United States illegally in 1996, and was deported after a criminal conviction. He then re-entered the United States in 2009, but was caught and deported… again. In 2011, he was arrested in Austin, Texas and sentenced to eight months in jail. He was ultimately deported a third time in 2014.

During the early morning hours of Monday, Franco-Luviano once more surfaced in the United States, although this time he was the subject of a Texas manhunt. He was the prime suspect in a shooting spree around Austin, Texas that took the lives of two men, 44-year-old Welton Betts and 23-year-old Ruben Moreno in separate incidents during the same spree. Two victims whose lives were cut short and two families whose lives are forever changed by a career criminal walking freely inside the U.S., thanks to the deranged policy of the progressive globalists.

The same mentally deranged progressives will blame guns rather than those who use them. The same people who have a cadre of security for themselves, for the rules don’t apply to them, only us. They are the same people who place more emphasis on using politically correct phrases to describe those who have infiltrated our nation than the actions of the criminals themselves.

You can read about the murderous exploits of this criminal illegal alien here, and the local coverage of this horrific story here.  However, don’t expect this example of the deliberate Balkanization of our nation to be mentioned by the corporate-controlled media, or the delusional followers of the progressive globalists.

Of course, this is far from the first time an illegal alien has been arrested for murder and sadly, it will not be the last. But it needs to be placed in the spotlight to illustrate how this insidious, deliberately orchestrated attack on the very social fabric of our nation is being used to advance the agenda of the globalists.

In February, 2015, Barack Hussein Obama issued a warning to Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) agents: Stop deporting illegal aliens, except those with felony records. The message from Obama to ICE agents who choose to follow the law instead of his orders: “They’ve got a problem.”

No, Mr. Soetoro, we have a problem. It’s the problem of lawlessness that you and your ilk have promoted to the detriment of every citizen of our nation. It’s a problem that will continue unabated by the election of the queen of all globalists, Hillary Clinton, and by the retention of congressional eunuchs who have sold our national sovereignty for a seat at the globalist trough.

The enemy is already inside the proverbial gate, and the gate remains open for more criminals and terrorists to enter unmolested.

If you’re not righteously angry, you’re not paying attention.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

From abortion to illegal immigration is but a short step, although at first glance, they are seemingly unrelated. In reality, the two issues are intertwined.

It is imperative that we understand the end-game objectives of those pushing both agendas, for they are the same conspirators who are shredding the United States Constitution and destroying our country from within. They are using many of the same tactics and pushing many of the same lies that are left unchecked by politicians and political pundits on both sides of the political spectrum.

While watching a recent panel discussion on Fox News, the supposed voice of the conservative right, the subject of deporting illegal aliens arose. At issue was Donald Trump’s position that illegal aliens should be deported. But what about children born to illegal aliens on U.S. soil, often termed “anchor babies?”

According to these legal scholars, they surely cannot be deported, for they are granted automatic citizenship under the 14th Amendment to the United States. This statement was made as if it was fact, and went completely unchallenged throughout this discussion.

Viewers were led to believe that babies born to those here illegally are automatically granted citizenship. I urge the reader to carefully consider that position and how many times we’ve heard it and accepted it as fact. Then, perform research to see whether that is, in fact, a true statement.

Fact check: The deliberate deception of anchor babies

We have all heard the term “anchor baby,” which is a descriptive, and considered by many to be a pejorative term to describe the child of a women in the U.S. illegally having a child on U.S. soil. Numerous legal scholars and sources having specific agendas often cite the concept of Jus Soli as the basis for granting a child born on U.S. soil to a woman here illegally automatic citizenship.

As if to affirm the concept of Jus Soli, politicians and political pundits assert that the United States Supreme Court, in the case of United States v. Wong Kim Ark (169 U.S. 649 (1898)) that the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees citizenship for nearly all individuals born in the country, regardless of their parents’ citizenship or immigration status. This is a lie that has been repeated so often that few dare challenge its legitimacy.

It has been repeated so frequently that any challenges are usually unceremoniously dismissed, or the argument gets deliberately diverted, ultimately reinforcing the erroneous stipulation that the newly born child is automatically granted U.S. citizenship.

To make it simple, the following eight words eliminate any confusion as to the status of children born in the United States to a woman here illegally: The child follows the condition of the parents.

For those who do not have the time to research the Annals of Congress and the Congressional Record, I would direct you to the extensive and enlightening research already performed by Dr. John Coleman, a prolific author and someone who has performed decades of research in this area. This issue is elegantly explained in his book, What You Should Know about the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The simple yet accurate rebuttal to anyone wishing to muddy the waters, create confusion, manipulate the language of the United States Constitution, or to otherwise advance their globalist agenda is found in that short sentence: The child follows the condition of the parents.

Moreover, that one sentence not only addresses so-called anchor babies, but it further offers the unborn child inherent protection to life as expressed by the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution. It is hardly a coincidence that most of the proponents of illegal immigration and the granting of citizenship status through the perversion of the Constitution are often one and the same.

The bottom line

One must carefully sift through the manipulation of the linguistic landscape to understand that we’ve been (and continue to be) lied to by the politicians and pundits who have perverted the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights to achieve their Globalist-Communist-Marxist-Fabian Socialist goals of changing the actual landscape of our nation. Make no mistake, both sides of the political spectrum are deeply involved in this doctrine of deception.

Further citing the works of Dr. John Coleman, he notes that the 14th Amendment used by elected officials and legal scholars alike to advance their agenda of a social utopia was never ratified, yet is cited as the legal basis to grant children of illegal aliens in the U.S. citizenship. The 14th Amendment states that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and the states wherein they reside” [emphasis mine].

To further clarify the highlighted phrase, we consult Vattel’s Law of Nations, which states that “to be of the country, it is necessary to be born of a person who is a citizen; for if he be born there of a foreigner, it will only be the place of his birth and not his country” [emphasis mine].

From this, “the bottom line” should be abundantly clear. If a woman, illegally residing within the borders of the United States has a baby, neither the woman nor the child is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. As the child follows the condition of the parents, their status is clear: they too are present inside our country illegally and most certainly can and should be subjected to deportation.

Everything else is a deliberate perversion of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights by those complicit in the destruction of our nation from within. Infanticide and illegal immigration are two of the most insidious yet effective measures being used to advance the agenda of our enslavement and their Socialist-Communist global utopia. Their enemy is an educated public that refuses to accept their perversion of truth.

Pray and prepare, for the time of reckoning is here.

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