Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez led a congressional delegation to New York City as part of the Democrat campaign to increase mass illegal immigration. Standing in front of the Roosevelt Hotel, now a processing center for illegal criminal invaders being allowed in by the corrupt Biden regime and Communists like Ocasio-Cortez, the delegation pretended not to care as angry New Yorkers shouted over her drivel, calling them communists and not caring about the American people.

You’re Communists! Close the border! Respect the Constitution!

Shouts from the crowd at AOC & Delegation

Consider that the CBP reported over 9,100 encounters at the US southern border in JUST ONE DAY this week. Under Biden and the traitorous Mayorkas, the US has no southern border. Additionally, the US invaders are receiving more money and material goods than Americans (over $2,200 monthly), using our tax money to not only fund the invasion – but to provide them with maintenance payments as Americans are rapidly going broke.

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WE MUST NOT ALLOW THESE COMMUNISTS ONE SECOND OF PEACE. We, the people, must do what needs to be done to save our nation. God bless the people of New York who made their voices heard at this event – to a very nervous Ocasio-Cortez and her group of traitors.

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