By Peter Barry Chowka


“These are the times that try men’s souls .” At the time of the American Revolution (1776), English-born American patriot, revolutionary activist, and pamphleteer Thomas Paine wrote those words in his influential broadside, Common Sense.

His words seem applicable to these current times. His writings back then helped to inspire action and ultimately a revolution. Now, effective action on the part of traditionalists-conservatives-patriots to restore the nation seems like it may not be possible.

On Monday, July 2, I went looking for new updates about the Occupy Portland ICE situation which I was following so closely last week and wrote three major articles about. Please read them here (Part 1), here (Part 2), and here (Part 3). It has taken a lot of work to get the story straight. Basically, as of today (July 3, 2018) the left wing status quo prevails. The encampment of hundreds of radical leftists outside Portland ICE HQ is still in place. It looks like it is going to be allowed to stay there indefinitely. The occupiers pledge that they are not going home until they and their “comrades” (yes, comrades) achieve total victory in shutting down ICE along with their other objectives. Read on.

The efforts of the left wing Communist Occupy zealots to close down ICE, is accompanied by their demands to close down the prisons and open the borders. It proceeds unimpeded. Portland, Oregon a.k.a. The People’s Republic of Portland is Ground Zero in this crazy pro-Communist effort that has now spread to many cities nationwide. Incredibly, many prominent mainstream Democrat politicians across the country are increasingly supporting these insane radical positions. Member in good standing of the Democratic Socialists of America Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in a Congressional primary election in New York last week is the tip of the spear in that regard. She openly supports no Ice, no borders, free health care, free college education, allowing illegal aliens invaders to stay here and import their large families with full benefits, and the impeachment of President Trump.

The shocking and obscene radical banner above about an ongoing occupy action in New York City is featured on the Portland Abolish I.C.E. PDX Twitter page. It calls for “no prisons no ICE no borders” and adds “chinga la migra” which translates as “f—k migra.” The word migra is a derogatory Spanish language slur for U.S. immigration officers often used by illegal aliens.

What accounts for these insane Communist positions becoming mainstream in the United States? One could cite many factors. An influential but often overlooked one is the profound demographic shift that has taken place in the United States of America.

Starting in the 1960s, at the hands of Democrat politicians when they controlled the Congress with veto proofmajorities, changes in immigration law kicked off that demographic shift. Slowly at first but later turbocharged by subsequent globalist administrations over the course of four or five decades, the country went from a majority of residents who traced their ancestry to Great Britain and European countries to a near majority of individuals from Mexico, Latin America, Africa, and other s—thole countries. That is an honest if politically incorrect description of the demographic shift. It is confirmed by accounts like the following published in the mainstream media with little notice.

According to Newsweek June 22, 2017, in an article titled “Will America Remain White? More Non-Hispanic Whites Died Than Were Born in U.S. Last Year:”

The non-Hispanic white population was the only race or ethnic group to experience more deaths than births between July 2015 and July 2016, according to data released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. Over the same time period, the Asian and Hispanic populations saw the largest increases, as the United States continues to become more diverse.

From the Baltimore Sun August 8, 2017, “Whites Will Soon Be the Minority in Number:”

The U.S. population has been predominantly white since the founding of Jamestown in 1607. As late as 1950, whites accounted for about 90 percent of the nation’s population, according to U.S. Census figures. But in the past six decades, whites’ share of the overall population has dropped to 61 percent. . . In certain places this [population shift to minority-majority] is already underway. Hawaii and the District of Columbia became majority-minority in 1980, California and New Mexico in 2000, Texas in 2004, and Nevada last year. The white share of Nevada’s population plunged from 83.2 percent in 1980 to 49.9 percent in 2016. Nonwhites are drivers of the demography of the national and state populations. For example, nonwhites accounted for nearly 96 percent of the 14.4 million people added to the U.S. population between 2010 and 2016. Latinos were responsible for close to half of the national growth. The white population rose by just over 650,000 during the six-year period, making up only about 4 percent of the increase. [Emphasis added]

These statistics, published in mainstream publications, are based on official U.S. Census statistics. They deserve serious consideration.

If the trends continue – and they surely will – the United States will be a totally different country soon. In fact, it already is. It is no longer the country whose people cheered when Democrat President John F. Kennedy said in his Inaugural Address, on January 20, 1961, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Today, Democrats demand free health care, free college tuition, and, increasingly, free guaranteed annual income for everyone in the country including illegal aliens! And they want to impeach the duly elected 45thPresident of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The political platform of the Communist Party USA is close to being totally implemented in the country without a shot being fired.

As 2018 reaches its halfway point and we are on the eve of what should be a solemn and meaningful holiday, the 4th of July, Independence Day, a declining audience of mostly aging white people of European origin, with a very few independent-minded people of color thrown in, even pays attention to the meaning of the holiday. They are the ones who read the articles in publications like American Thinker, the Hagmann Report, and similar outlets, but little can be done to change the country’s direction. Too many people approve of that transformation, as President Barack Hussein Obama described it – the inexorable slide downward into Third World status that seems to be picking up speed. The power of the state is simply too great to resist. It is orders of magnitude greater than the power of the British occupiers during the Revolutionary War. And these days, despite President Trump being in the White House, most individual state power is aligned with the increasingly radical left – because the Shadow Government and the Deep State remain in power positions in many cases behind the scenes and in a lot of cases now, also quite openly feel comfortable in carrying out their dirty seditious deeds. 

What’s happening in the numerous cities where anti-ICE actions are going forward is emblematic. Politicians and even police departments in those cities are now on the side of the lawbreakers, whether they are the occupiers or illegal aliens – or even criminal illegal aliens who are members of gangs like MS-13. Nancy Pelosi recently defended members of the savage murderous Latino MS-13 gang as children of God who should not be called names. The criminal illegal alien, previously convicted of 7 felonies and deported from the U.S. a half a dozen times, who killed Kate Steinle by shooting her dead on a pier in San Francisco was acquitted by an American jury on all charges relating to her death (which his defense lawyer admitted he was responsible for) in an act of jury nullification. Leftists supported and praised the jury’s verdict.

Last weekend, a small group of conservatives obtained a permit for a legal march in the city of Portland and a rally. There were only about 150 of them. A violent mob of Antifa goons showed up, wearing masks, black clothing, and helmets and carrying weapons, and descended on the legal march. What the police and media called a “riot” ensued and the coverage depicted the scene as “antifascist” demonstrators challenging an extreme right wing group as if the latter, peacefully and legally marching, were the cause.  It was a text book example of Fake News reporting. This was the case both in mainstream print and Internet publications and Sunday evening on the CBS TV nationwide network news broadcast. It’s as if the Daily Worker (the house organ of the Communist Party USA) was ghost-writing the reporting.

An excerpt from Fortune, May 23, 2017:

Two years ago, two married Princeton professors, Anne Case and Angus Deaton, released an alarming study, showing that white middle-aged Americans were suddenly dying much more frequently than in the past. The results were surprisingly given that mortality rates for the U.S. population had in general been falling since 1900.

The authors partly blamed what they called “deaths of despair”—deaths from alcohol and drug poisoning, suicide, and alcoholic liver disease and cirrhosis, which have risen dramatically for whites.

Happy Fourth of July, America. I hope that it’s not our last.

Peter Barry Chowka is a veteran reporter and analyst of news on national politics, media, and popular culture.  He is a frequent contributor to American Thinker.  Peter is scheduled to make his next video Skype appearance on The Hagmann Report on Thursday, July 5, 2018 between 8-9 PM EDT. Follow Peter on Twitter at @pchowka.

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