By Douglas J. Hagmann

I know Dr. Jerome Corsi personally and can assure readers that he is NOT suicidal. Please note the emphasis on the “NOT.” Oh, and neither am I. It’s sad that in America today such a “disclaimer” is advisable, even if it is done somewhat tongue-in-cheek (or perhaps not). Considering the statistical anomalies surrounding the mortality rates of whistleblowers, witnesses and others related to certain members of the “Deep State” and their operatives, it just seemed appropriate to write.

Now that the obligatory formalities are complete, I wish to share with you a story of political persecution in America taking place in real time by the front-line offense of the Deep State or the permanent bureaucracy doing the dirty work of the seemingly untouchable elite.

Earlier this year and only a few short months before Special Counsel Robert Mueller began his campaign of harassment and intimidation against my friend and professional colleague Dr. Jerome Corsi, we shared breakfast at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. We spoke about a number of things, including the ongoing assault against President Donald Trump by what is commonly referenced as the “Deep State.”

Our breakfast conversation was sobering as we discussed a number of things, including his most recent book, Killing The Deep State, and the blowback it was causing.

Dr. Corsi is a Harvard educated Ph.D., a well-known investigative journalist and a prolific author. He has authored 20 books since 2004, including two New York Times bestsellers. It is interesting to note that the information contained in one book in particular, written by Dr. Corsi and published on May 17, 2011 titled Where’s The Birth Certificate? would apparently become relevant to the questioning he was forced to endure by Aaaron Zelinsky, one of Robert Mueller’s “angry Democrats” and not coincidentally, a former assistant US attorney under Rod Rosenstein. Also lacking in coincidence, perhaps, is that Zelinsky is a staunch Democrat and a frequent contributor to the Leftist publication Huffington Post.

In addition to Aaron Zelinsky, Dr. Corsi was subjected to interrogation, ridicule and was even mocked as detailed in a recent hit piece published in The Rolling Stone by Jeannie Rhee, a former Deputy Attorney General under Obama and a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter. Even more disturbing and ironic is that Rhee was Hillary Clinton’s lawyer just three years ago, representing her in her legal e-mail troubles.

During our time together, we discussed censorship by the big tech giants of conservative truthtellers, as well as his thoughts about what might be on the horizon for anyone daring enough to take on the Democratic-Socialists embedded inside American government.

At that time, I shared my concern about the blowback he was experiencing, which I posited was payback for not just his latest book, but his years of shining the searing spotlight of truth on many high-profile denizens of the DC swamp. He said nothing to suggest that he disagreed. One thing that seemed certain during our time together is that much greater political payback seemed to be in the offing. And it was. In spades.

Dr. Corsi had already been under attack for what he had already accomplished, exposing the criminality of the members of the permanent state who protect their own, regardless of political party. The public will likely never know the price he’s already paid for his investigative tenacity, for he is too much of a gentleman to tell. Those who know him and who are familiar with the tactics of the Deep State, however, know the price is high and the toll it takes, personally and professionally.

E-Mail Advice—Exculpatory Evidence?

During our breakfast, I wanted to share some information with Dr. Corsi that resided on my cellular telephone I carried at the time.  Eric “The Tech” previously set up one of my email accounts on the device, and I struggled to find the information as I had over 100,000 emails—many unopened. I told to Dr. Corsi that I only carried a cell phone when out of town and was not very proficient in its use. More importantly, I complained that I would never be able to get though all of those emails and showed him my phone with the ominous six-digit number in red.

I showed Dr. Corsi the intimidating number clearly visible on my screen. He looked at my phone, shook his head and said that he once had the same problem. He advised me to do what he had done—delete them and start over. “You’ll never get through all of those,” he stated. “You’ve got to start over. They’ll [the large number of emails] slow down your system. That’s what I had to do.”

I never thought that his innocuous and practical advice, based on his own experience, would later be twisted by the Mueller inquisition team and some in the corporate media to suggest that he engaged in some type of nefarious tactic to destroy evidence. For the record, he never insisted that any emails he deleted were about yoga or upcoming family nuptials.

Despite being strapped for time, Dr. Corsi was kind enough to show me and Hagmann Report Production Manager Eric “The Tech” around the historical National Press Club, occasionally musing about the genuine and legendary journalists of years past, the venue’s rich history and its evolving role in American politics. He did so with a sense of professional pride. Times have certainly changed.

Before going our separate ways, I again congratulated him on the popularity of his book, suggesting that it was the Magnum Opus of his works. I chided him about putting himself “out there” as a target himself by that book in particular. Dr. Corsi detailed the brazen political conflicts of Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel team of prosecutors, from the unresolved Uranium One criminal conspiracy to the larger issue of the all-out war being waged against President Trump by the Marxist-Stalinist-Maoist Left inside the U.S., the complicit members of the #NeverTrump movement on both sides of the political divide and the #FakeNews media.

At that time, I had no idea just how difficult things would become for Dr. Corsi.

Just three days before his 72nd birthday this year, Dr. Jerome Corsi was subpoenaed by the Mueller Special Counsel. According to published reports, the Special Counsel was searching for emails that would link Dr. Corsi to Julian Assange and Roger Stone that somehow affected the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election in favor of President Trump.

Mueller Mission Creep? No, Creeps on a Mission

As most Americans know, Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel by Rod Rosenstein to investigate alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election. The former FBI Director assumed that role on May 17, 2017 and immediately assembled his team of 18 attorneys, occasionally referred to as “angry Democrats” by President Trump. The political and ideological conflicts of the Muller team—and Mueller himself – to act as an objective body are undeniable to everyone except the Left.

So how is it possible that Dr. Jerome Corsi, who has never been to Russia, has never knowingly or wittingly been in contact with any Russian spy, operative or agent, has never had any contact with Julian Assange of Wikileaks was subpoenaed by “Team Mueller?” More importantly, how is it possible that this well-respected and lifelong law-abiding 72-year-old Harvard educated Ph.D. is suddenly being accused of lying under oath to federal investigators?

The short answer is expertly illustrated in yet another book by Ms. Sidney Powell titled Licensed To Lie, Exposing Corruption In The Department of Justice. Although former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell and her book are unrelated to Dr. Corsi or his current situation, she is the person credited with originating the phrase “creeps on a mission” as it refers to Robert Mueller, a prosecutor accused of “mission creep” by far exceeding his investigative mandate and the Machiavellian tactics used against his targets.  Her book details a disturbing pattern of persecution rather than prosecution by some of the same DoJ officials all too familiar to us.

A slightly longer answer to the question about how Dr. Corsi became Robert Mueller’s latest political punching bag stems from a simple email that turned into a relatively short email thread. The initial email was sent by political strategist Roger Stone to Dr. Corsi on or about July 25, 2016 pertaining to Julian Assange of Wikileaks and the breach of the DNC server, including Clinton and Clinton Foundations related emails.

Upon learning that Roger Stone queried Dr. Corsi about Wikileaks possession of the DNC emails, Dr. Corsi was contacted by the Special Counsel about his knowledge of the DNC emails, including and especially emails to and from Hillary Clinton confidante and campaign manager John Podesta.

The email from Roger Stone to Dr. Corsi was over two-years old when Mueller’s prosecutors confronted Dr. Corsi about it, was one of many thousands of emails he voluntarily provided to the Special Counsel. Despite deleting this and countless other emails long-ago to free up his system and retire the computer that had broken down, he assisted in retrieving the emails from the “time capsule” he used as a back-up.

Clearly, Dr. Corsi was willing to cooperate as he had nothing to hide.

In fact, rather than immediately using Bleach-Bit to erase his data or using a hammer to smash his devices, he willingly provided investigators with his laptop computer, back-up “time machine” hard drive that archived all of his computer activity dating back to 2015, as well as his cellphone. He also gave investigators all of his usernames and passwords to all of his email and social media accounts, and his Verizon cell and text message accounts. Dr. Corsi even assisted the FBI and Special Counsel investigators in downloading his emails and postings.

After providing his hardware and communications, he began speaking with investigators on or about September 18, 2018. His cooperation sparked an inquisition that lasted some 40 hours over the span of two months. It involved three of Mueller’s top prosecutors and an army of FBI agents, up to nine government officials at a time, who questioned Dr. Corsi with his attorney, David Gray.

On the very first day of questioning and without the ability (or given the opportunity) to reference his 2016 communications, Dr. Corsi asserts that he simply forgot about the email exchange in question. When given the opportunity to review the correspondence, he immediately corrected the record with the team of prosecutors. They were seemingly satisfied until Dr. Corsi could not legitimately give them what they really wanted—a connection between the DNC server breach, Wikileaks, Roger Stone, anyone within the Donald Trump campaign, and ultimately President Donald Trump.

It was an investigation in search of a crime—any crime—that would serve to destroy a duly elected President, and Dr. Corsi suddenly found himself in the middle of it.

When the prosecutors realized that Dr. Corsi had nothing of value to provide, things got uglier. They were no longer satisfied with his explanation that he simply forgot the two-year-old email exchange and threatened him with felony perjury charges and potentially a lengthy prison sentence. In fact, a prison sentence that could amount to life in prison considering his age and overall health, the latter obviously impacted by the weight of unchecked government harassment.

He could, however, make his life much easier by signing a plea deal admitting that he lied under oath to investigators. Investigators made it clear to Dr. Corsi that by refusing to capitulate and plead to a lie, he was facing potential felony charges, financial ruin to the point of personal bankruptcy and imprisonment. Stated differently, Special Counsel Mueller and his crew of Clinton confidantes and Deep State hacks were serving up a heaping helping of political payback for Dr. Corsi’s decades-long work of exposing Deep State corruption.

It should also be noted that an ancillary issue had arisen during the inquisition which Dr. Corsi described as worthy of the Gestapo or KGB. During the course of his investigation of the Wikileaks-DNC-Podesta matter, Dr. Corsi had determined that Assange was withholding the emails to and from John Podesta that Corsi reasoned would be released at a more strategic time—in late October 2016. It was a deduction based on his extensive research and investigation, a fact that Mueller’s top investigators, including and especially Clinton friend Jeannie Rhee, found too bitter a pill to swallow.

It was here that Dr. Corsi’s research and investigative acumen and arguably, his Christian faith was openly mocked. As previously noted, an article published by The Rolling Stone on November 29, 2018 titled Jerome Corsi Doesn’t Understand Why Mueller Isn’t Accepting His ‘Divine Intervention’ Defense ridiculed Dr. Corsi for using his decades-long experience in investigative journalism to outsmart and overshadow Mueller’s “best.”

Completely rigged and politically driven

It became obvious to Dr. Corsi that he was the latest in the crosshairs of a desperate, rogue and out-of-control Special Counsel that is “completely rigged and politically driven.” Despite the extreme anguish to himself and his family, the incessant ridicule by a complicit media, and facing financial ruin and the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison because he “will not plead to a lie,” Dr. Corsi is refusing to back down.

In fact, Dr. Corsi is going on the offensive. He’s filing charges against the Special Counsel and has documented the hell he’s endured by the permanent state’s weaponized Department of “Justice” in a forthcoming book, Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s “Witch Hunt.”

“Rather than conducting an honest investigation, Mueller’s Special Prosecutors reinforced a prefabricated narrative aiming to charge President Trump with Treason.” His book “exposes the inner workings of this governmental escapade, and clearly states why Mueller has no case against the President. Dr. Corsi creates a compelling case indicating that the entire matter is an investigation in search of a crime—to force lying testimony from witnesses if that’s what it takes to achieve Deep State political objectives.”

In recent televised interviews, Dr. Corsi explains the events in exquisite detail to Tucker Carlson:

On Sean Hannity:

And on NBC:

It is abundantly clear that the Mueller Special Counsel are, to cite former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, indeed “creeps on a mission.”

As the pushback by Dr. Corsi intensifies and more people are awakened to the truth through his efforts, remember that he is not prone to suicide.

By Peter Barry Chowka

EXCLUSIVE: On his Fox News program Friday night, June 1, 2018, Sean Hannity made a startling comment. For the past year, Hannity, the #1 host on cable television news, has been doggedly pursuing the truth about the attempts of the previous administration and the Deep State to block and then to negate the election of Donald Trump in 2016. A variety of “kill shots” have been aimed at Hannity’s reputation during the past year, with the intent of having him removed from the air. To date, none of these efforts has succeeded.

On Friday, before he broke major new news with the help of journalists John Solomon and Sara Carter, Hannity stopped and directly addressed his audience. From the program’s transcript:

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: And by the way, great news for me tonight. Pay close attention. Remember when Senator Chuck Schumer said that you better not mess with the Intel Community because they will get you six ways to Sunday? This is great news for me. Best-selling author, Jerome Corsi, he’s the author of this book out now in book stores, on It’s called “Killing the Deep State.”

 Jerome Corsi, Source: Twitter

You might remember him. He was back — remember, the group against John Kerry, Vietnam Vets for Truth? He was one of them. He’s saying that yours truly, that I, Sean Hannity, am the next target of the deep state.

Wow. Isn’t it so great to know that these corrupt officials with their backs against the wall that are desperate people, who do desperate things, and people that have the most powerful tools of intelligence, are now going after me? OK. Really? So sadly, after all we have learned, now we have Jerome Corsi’s prediction. It doesn’t surprise me. Isn’t that sad? Are we the United States of America, or are we going to be the former Soviet Union or are we going to be Venezuela? I promise you this one thing, I’m never stopping ever.

Here to help break down this damming new report, is “The Hill’s” John Solomon.

John, good to see you, sir.


HANNITY: Quick question. Do you think that Corsi could be right?

SOLOMON: I don’t know. I hope not. I hope that people stay within the law at all times. Right? You don’t want to see —


HANNITY: Haven’t you been told by people that you – certain things were happening to you?

SOLOMON: There are times people have raised questions about reporters like myself surveilled. And in the past, the FBI did illegally intercept my mail 10 years ago. There’s a public record of the FBI apologizing to me for taking my mail after I broke all the stories about what the FBI knew before 9/11.

HANNITY: Yes. That’s pretty scary. Again, if that is the case, if people who are trying to get to the truth and exposing corruption then become targets of the deep state and those that have these tools of intelligence, you can say good-bye to the Constitution. It doesn’t exist.


HANNITY: And by the way –


HANNITY: – you might have been unmasked, right?

SOLOMON: Don’t know. I don’t have evidence of it. And I try –


HANNITY: You’ve been told it.

SOLOMON: Yes, I got a report.

 Donald J. Trump and Sean Hannity

Peter Barry Chowka is a veteran reporter and analyst of news on national politics, media, and popular culture.  He is a frequent contributor to American Thinker.  Follow Peter on Twitter at @pchowka.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Looking into the background of Barack Hussein Obama can be compared to looking into a kaleidoscope.  The difference is that instead of seeing pleasingly colorful and symmetrical designs created by light and mirrors, one sees both the mirrors and mechanisms that create the illusion and the asymmetry of the resultant image caused by a deliberate miscalibration of the mirrors. Turning the tube, or attempting to discern the image, only causes more unpleasant distortion.

Conducting legitimate background investigations should never be like looking into a kaleidoscope. It is a relatively straightforward process. I should know, as I’ve done background checks as an investigator in the private sector for the last 26 years, primarily for Fortune 500 companies, screening potential executives selected to sit on boards of mega-corporations.  Questions are asked and answered, and all documentation requested of the selectees is willingly provided for the vetting process.

As expected, the requisite documentation includes but is not limited to hard copies of certified long-form birth certificates, social security cards, and passport records. No scanned images, no internet downloads, and most of all, no legal resistance to the process. The reasons for the former are obvious: digital documents are unsuitable for authentication. With reference to the latter, legal resistance is a red flag of deception, either by commission or omission and quickly warrants the selectee to a position of immediate suspicion.

In my years of conducting such background investigations, I’ve experienced such scenarios on less than a handful of occasions. Following through on each instance, I’ve uncovered evidence that the person under consideration was either lying about their credentials or was unqualified for the position due to fraudulent college and post-graduate credentials. In one particularly memorable case, I found that the selectee was actually a “plant” from a rival corporation, using an entirely fraudulent identity. In all such cases in which I’ve been involved, they’ve been dismissed or, worse, subjected to criminal charges.

This brings me to the issue of Barack Hussein Obama following the interestingly-timed release of his alleged long-form Certificate of Live Birth. Apparently, the establishment media has decided that the case is closed, hoping to send the “Birthers” back to their world of kooky conspiracy theories of obviously racist origins. The media, complicit in the process, has also been caught in some underhandedness regarding the book “Where’s the Birth Certificate” by Dr. Jerome Corsi. Even the self-proclaimed conservative network Fox News vapidly ambushed Dr. Corsi in an interview conducted by Greg Jarrett immediately following the release of his book. We would expect that kind of behavior from the left but not the administration’s number one critic.

Despite what “team Obama,” the complicit corporate media, and many ill-informed conservative pundits proclaim, the case of the deliberately opaque background of Barack Hussein Obama is far from closed. In fact, as Obama and the Obama White House have given his imprimatur to the recently released document, he has legally painted himself and others into a potential criminal corner.

Beyond the digital release of the Certificate of Live Birth, however, lies yet another aspect of his background that suggests the duplicitous use of his social security number. Lest anyone is about to accuse me or my network of being late to the party, we have been investigating this aspect of the background of the man seated in the Oval Office for some time. Much like Ohio private investigator Susan Daniels, investigator Neil Sankey and others have found, irregularities exist with the issuance of Barack Hussein Obama’s social security number. We have collected original proprietary database reports and other documents that indicate that Obama obtained, under possible fraudulent circumstances, an invalid social security number. While much discussion involves the state of issuance of that number, our investigation focuses on the circumstances surrounding that issuance.

Our soon-to-be-released findings will likely surprise you. It will also give you a glimpse of the internal mechanisms of the broken kaleidoscope. And be advised, we’ve found virtual “fingerprints” on the deliberately miscalibrated mirrors.

To learn more, tune in to WNJC 1360 AM today from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET. I’ll be a guest on Philadelphia Renaissance Radio, the Re-Patriot Radio American Freedom Watch hosted by Dan Haggerty and New Jersey attorney Billy Baer. If you’re in the northeast, tune in to AM 1360, or listen live online. If you have a question or comment, call toll free during the show: 866-277-1360.

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