By Douglas J. Hagmann

Most readers will likely recall the recent disturbing footage of 68-year-old Karen Klein, the monitor of bus 784 servicing the Athena Middle School in the Rochester suburb of Greece, NY. A group of about four young teens bullied this woman to tears on one of the final rides of the school year. She made national news after the cell phone footage, reportedly taken by one of her tormentors, appeared on YouTube. Public outrage was fast and furious, quickly followed by an outpouring of support for the elderly Ms. Klein after she appeared on various national news programs to recount her ordeal.

In some ways, the situation involving Ms. Klein has become a virtual example of what is happening to all Americans. During the extended period of harassment, Ms. Klein did not fight back against her harassers, even when the harassment rose to simple assault. The chances are good that had she chosen to fight back, she would have been on her own, with no one coming to her aid. The bus driver was either oblivious to the actions of the punks and thugs or, more likely, simply chose not to intervene. Other physically capable student passengers, having only slightly less immorality than their tormenting counterparts, refrained from engaging in the harassment yet chose not to assist or otherwise protect the elderly woman.

We’ve all seen this type of aggressive behavior by bullies, thugs and punks time and again, if not in real life then on television or film. It’s sickening, disgusting, and inexcusable. Anyone with any degree of benevolence had to feel compassion for the woman, and they did, based on the outpouring of moral and financial support from people all over the world. God bless those who were moved to assist this lady in an effort to mitigate her emotional pain.

Is Mrs. Klein a model of today’s American?

There is a bigger issue, however, that seems to have slipped by nearly everyone. It would appear to many that the majority of Americans have become a nation of professional victims. Somewhere during the last few generations, it appears that the majority of us Americans have lost the will to fight back, to intervene, to say “enough!”

A half-century ago, the Klein scenario would probably not have played out as we observed it on YouTube. A century ago, such behavior would have been an aberration, and any contemporaneous punishment meted out to the punks harassing Mrs. Klein would have been unconstrained by lawyers drooling for a piece of the civil litigation certain to ensue. We did not need a group of psychiatrists or psychologists to dissect the behavior of the miscreants or, worse, to analyze and explain it.  We certainly don’t need more sensitivity training or a group of diversity experts thrust upon us to attempt to solve an issue caused by their unwillingness to recognize evil for what it is.

Like Islamic Sharia law and democracy, good and evil will never be able to co-exist. America cannot exist if no one stands up against those adherents and purveyors pushing evil under the color of diversity and tolerance. Under the false meme of diversity, Americans have been brainwashed by Progressives,  Communists, liberals, and Ivy League twits attempting to balkanize America and forever pervert the moral fabric that made this country exceptional. Instead of standing up for all that is good and kicking out what is bad, we have been conditioned to accept victimhood status individually and collectively.

It would appear that we’ve all become Mrs. Klein, or a facsimile thereof, with all respect and compassion due her. I wish her nothing but the best, but refuse to be a victim any longer.

Every American needs to understand that every time someone gets groped or nuked at an airport without standing up for their Constitutional rights by saying “NO” loud and clear, it’s another step toward the conditioning of professional victimhood. Every minute Americans remain silent about the erosion of our civil rights for the false sense of security, it’s another step toward the conditioning of professional victimhood. Every time an elected official takes more rights away from us and tells us it’s for our own good, it’s another step toward the conditioning of professional victimhood.

We are Americans

This week Americans will celebrate the adoption of our Declaration of Independence. Our forefathers had the guts to stand up to their oppressors and say enough! Despite the dilution of that fighting spirit over the last few generations, I know that there are many Americans ready to abandon the tolerance and victimhood exhibited by Mrs. Klein and stand up to the thugs in Washington, the bankers that have been stealing from us, and the pseudo-cops wearing unsanitary gloves checking the diapers of babies and the infirmed alike. They apparently get a thrill comparable to that of Chris Matthews every time he hears “the chosen one” speak. Well, enough is enough.

We’re not going to accept the drivel spewed by the global elite that all is being done for the good of society. It’s about time that you, those inside the “beltway of moral, ethical and spiritual bastardization” who take joy in the trampling the rights of all good Americans, understand that us “bitter Americans holding on to our bibles and guns” have had enough.

As normal, God-loving, and God-fearing Americans prepare to celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence this week, those of you who have led us on the path of professional victimhood should ponder one simple fact: we’ve had enough. Our forefathers fought against oppression of much severity and consequence. In that same spirit, so are we.

We refuse to be professional victims. Unlike the limp-spirited among us, we will not stand for further oppression. We will not continue to submit to the incremental tyranny imposed upon us. We are Americans, and we are proud. And we have been pushed far enough.

This year, I urge everyone to print out a copy of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence and pass copies out to everyone at your party or barbecue. Give copies to your neighbors, friends, and family, and urge them to read them. Reacquaint yourselves with the content of these divinely inspired documents.

Tell others that it’s time we stand up and refuse to be victimized and further oppressed. Most importantly, be proud to be an American.

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