By Peter Barry Chowka

Robert Francis (aka Beto) O’Rourke finally – as expected – officially declared that he is running for President.

Early in the morning of Thursday, March 14, O’Rourke issued a 3-minute video with his wife holding his hand as she sat at his side on a comfy couch as he declared his intention to challenge President Trump for the nation’s top job.

O’Rourke was an obscure, inconsequential, three-term member of Congress from El Paso, Texas. He ran for a U.S. Senate seat in 2018 against incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz and lost by three points. His ability to supposedly come across as “authentic,” and his ability to raise $80 million for his race against Cruz, put him on the left wing media’s map as a potential contender for the 2020 presidential race. Beto brings to mind what George Burns is reported to have said: “Sincerity – if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

O’Rouke’s “look” – his appearance and affect – call to mind the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. In fact, O’Rourke looks like he could easily transition to acting and playing Robert F. Kennedy in a TV movie.

And, in terms of icing on the cake, his birth name is Robert Francis O’Rourke. Robert Kennedy’s was Robert FrancisKennedy.

O’Rourke also reminds me of Barack Hussein (aka Barry Sotero) Obama: Another empty suit cut-out of limited achievement who nonetheless could be made to appeal to the dumbed down electorate as an “authentic,” hipster candidate. In other words, he might be a “White Obama.”

One of the most irksome comments in O’Rourke’s announcement video was this:

“If immigration is a problem, it’s the best possible problem for this country to have.”

Shortly before O’Rourke’s video announcement went online, I was watching Fox News, which reported on the latest murder of an American woman allegedly after a home invasion by an illegal immigrant – a violent, feral gang member – who had been arrested multiple times for violent crimes after invading the USA but was never turned over to ICE for deportation because of California’s sick Sanctuary State policy.

Thomas Lifson, the founder, publisher, and editor of American Thinker, nailed O’Rourke in his article that was published shortly after O’Rourke’s announcement of his candidacy and which made use of my photo assembly of RFK and Beto. Highly recommended.

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By Peter Barry Chowka

EXCLUSIVE. Never before in the history of the United States has open socialism/Marxism been on the march to this degree and poised to amass such significant electoral power.

The recent victory of hardcore socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the New York Democrat Congressional Primary, the sudden ascendancy of scores of openly socialist candidates running for office (and increasingly being elected with more of their comrades being given favorable odds to win in the fall), and the accelerating drift of the Democrat Party towards full bore socialism and Marxism is a cause for deep concern. It must be taken seriously.

A previous example of an authoritarian fascist regime getting its start due to the results of democratic elections is the rise of dictator Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in Germany in the early 1930s. By 1932 the Nazis were the largest political party in Germany’s Reichstag (Parliament) which gave them the power to compel the appointment of Hitler as Chancellor in January 1933. That opened the door to his amassing complete control not only of Germany but of much of Western Europe and governing for over a decade as a ruthless psychopathic dictator. The results over the next 12 ½ years – World War II in Europe and the Holocaust – are well-known. (Actually, maybe not as well-known as one might think. Recent surveys have shown that a significant number of Millennials are as dumb as rocks and don’t know anything about the Holocaust, World War II, or many other important milestone in history.)

 Nazi Germany in the 1930s

The situation in the United States of America almost 90 years after the rise of Nazism in Germany is obviously unique. It is a totally different world now. Nevertheless, some potential parallels might be observed. The Nazis (National Socialists) began their rise as a thuggish group of outliers, criminals, and losers in the wake of Germany’s catastrophic loss of World War I in 1918. With economic and political conditions deteriorating during the 15 years that followed that war, the Nazis gradually enlarged their base of support and managed to elect a significant number of Nazi Party members to office by promising pie-in-the-sky government relief for the German people. They matched these Utopian appeals with street violence, dividing the country, and targeting certain groups, like Jews, for undeserved blame, marginalization, physical attacks, and, ultimately, extermination in death camps.

Does some of that sound at all similar to what’s going on today? In these times, Trump supporters, Christians, and anyone wearing a MAGA hat has been made an open target for shaming or worse – as violence especially in urban areas continues to tick upwards.

Right now, in dozens of major cities around the country, mobs of losers – masked Antifa thugs, Communists, Marxists, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and other riffraff – have taken over by force of numbers whole areas of central cities and declared them “Temporarily Autonomous Zones” that will be “occupied” by the camping mobs until their demands are met. The first demand of these “Occupy” groups, which is now supported by at least 36% of Democrats (and 45% of “liberals”) nationwide, is the end of ICE – the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency that tracks down, arrests, and deports criminal illegal aliens as well as investigates and enforces federal laws against drug smuggling, money laundering, and child trafficking.

 Barriers erected by tent dwellers protect Occupy ICE Portland (Oregon) encampment next to ICE building July 2018

In most of the affected cities, under the control of far left wing Democrat (aka Socialist) mayors, the illegal Occupy ICE tent encampments are being left undisturbed as the Democrats in charge express their support for the Occupy movement and facilitate its continuance. The occupants, meanwhile, are claiming that they are staying permanently in their encampments until their insane demands are fully met.

The Occupy ICE movement’s demands are not stopping with shutting down ICE. Other demands being openly advocated now include No Prisons, No Borders, No Trump, and presumably No Police. “We do not negotiate with fascists [police],” screams a militant tweet on July 11 from OccupyICEpdx [Portland]. Every communiqué put out by the Occupy groups ends with ¡Chinga la migra! – Spanish for “F-ck the migra.” Migra is the insulting word that illegal aliens and their dumb ass supporters use to describe U.S. customs and border enforcement officials. A statement from Occupy ICE Portland on July 7 posted on social media announced that the Occupy ICE movement is no longer eschewing violence as a method of achieving its goals.

 “Smash the State” and other signs ready for demonstrators Occupy ICE Wall Street NYC July 2, 2018

Increasingly, individuals (usually white people associated with the Trump administration) are being targeted for harassment and even violently attacked (the attempted assassination of Rep. Steve Scalise and other Republican members of the House during a baseball practice in June 2017 is an example). A tweet by the DSA in Louisville on July 8 commented favorably on the latest harassment of the #1 Republican in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, and his wife when they were eating dinner in a Louisville restaurant: “We’re so proud of the people of our city. Mitch does not deserve a meal in peace, and it’s clear that a grassroots movement is building across Louisville to make that a reality.” This is the organization that soon-to-be Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is a proud member of.

To date, apparently none of the high-profile instances of harassment of Trump administration officials or Republican office holders (McConnell, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen, et al) has resulted in any arrests. The harassers appear to have total immunity from arrest and from being held accountable for their threatening actions.

This is perfectly in sync with the agenda of the insurrectionists who are running wild – and exerting a greater influence on Democrat pols. The move to completely decriminalize entering the country illegally is being matched by serious campaigns to do the same with U.S. lawbreakers, by closing prisons, restoring full rights, like the right to vote, to violent felons, ordering police to no longer arrest people for “minor” crimes (in an effort to reduce the numbers of “people of color” caught up in the criminal justice system), and otherwise fostering a jungle-like law free descent into the equivalent of Marxist Venezuela 2.0.

The gradual escalation of political and ideological disagreements to physical violence is a troubling trend, but it seems to be flying under the radar of the media, who may report some incidents but then either ignore the societal implications or give wink-wink tacit approval to the anti-social Social Justice Warrior (SJW) “direct actions.” Meanwhile, Marxist socialists and their fellow travelers increasingly approve of such obnoxious and even violent tactics.

This growing rag tag “movement” of native born collectivist dirt bags, layabouts, and slobs, and illegal aliens, almost all of of them surviving on some form of government assistance, would not be so troubling if its sick agendas were not being adopted by a cadre of slightly more presentable socialist politician wannabes (members of the DSA) who have cleaned up their act and are running for office and winning. Ocasio-Cortez is a case in point. An article in The Hill on July 11thdepicted most Democrats in Congress as already enthusiastically slobbering over and sucking up to Ocasio-Cortez while they look forward to her imminent arrival in D.C. – the “New Democratic Star.” One of her soon-to-be House colleagues, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) commented: “She’s going to be a rock star and a huge progressive force the first day she arrives.” The picture of these Democrat-Socialists fawning over this piece of – fill in the blank here – is absolutely nauseating.

 A meme about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez making the rounds on social media

Meanwhile, a crowd of leading Democrats, many of them Presidential wannabes – including Senators Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Elizabeth Warren – are advocating No ICE. A Democrat member of the House of Representatives has introduced legislation to close down ICE. The proposed law is steadily gaining support among his colleagues.

With the almost universal approval of the mainstream media propping up their radical movements, the socialists/communists are fanning out like a bunch of plague infested rats and infecting the body politic nationwide with their toxic, highly communicable brain eating disease. The DSA Heart of Iowa, for example, in a tweet on July 9th, crowed that:

Socialism will win on the coasts.

Socialism will win in the Midwest.

Socialism will win in the south.

Socialism will win in cities.

Socialism will win in small towns.

Socialism will win in rural America.


In fact, socialists have reasons to celebrate recent victories in local elections in Montgomery County, Maryland (right next door to Washington, D.C.), Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. The Nation magazine, which has been advocating socialism and going easy on communism for 153 years, recently bragged “Socialism is on a Winning Streak.” Many references and examples were cited.

The commies (that name should suffice to describe this disparate group of seditious Fifth Column anti-American Marxists who are multiplying like cockroaches), emboldened with a new bravado, are predicting more of the same.

On July 9, NBC News (not whacko MSNBC), prominently featured an article by an elected socialist in Chicago, Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, titled “Democrats ignore the left at their peril. Midwesterners aren’t scared of socialism — they’re hungry for it. Some members of the Democratic establishment argue that bold, left-wing platforms can’t win elections. They’re wrong.”

NBC News — once the home of iconic mainstream news anchors Chet Huntley and David Brinkley — is now serving as a mouthpiece to promote socialism!

The questions for all of us include: Where do we go from here? A further and faster descent into the communist morass? On the verge of full-blown insurrection or Civil War 2.0? God only knows.

 Chinga la migra Translation: “F-ck the migra” [“migra” = U.S. immigration authorities] Occupy ICE San Francisco encampment July 7, 2018

Peter Barry Chowka is a veteran reporter and analyst of news on national politics, media, and popular culture.  During the past year, he has been a frequent contributor to American Thinker. Every Monday at 9 PM ET, Peter offers political and media analysis live on The Hagmann Report. Follow Peter on Twitter at @pchowka.

By Peter Barry Chowka

There is a mad push on in this country by Democrat/socialist politicians to complete the job that Obamacare started and saddle us with single-payer socialized medicine. This is nothing but communism light and it would mean the end of individual freedom, freedom of medical choice, and the free market in medicine that has made the medical care system here the most advanced in the world.

I’ve been reporting on socialized medicine for three decades. For insight on the issue, I often turned to one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished practitioners of primary alternative medicine, the late Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. Gonzalez was a brilliant medical student, receiving his medical degree from Cornell Medical College in 1983. Hecontinued post graduate studies in immunology under his mentor, the founder of immunology Robert A. Good, M.D. As a research project, Gonzalez evaluated the work of William D. Kelley, D.D.S., who pioneered an original, highly individualized nutritional and enzyme-based treatment for late stage cancers based on metabolic typing. After studying the results of Kelley’s therapy on seriously ill patients, Gonzalez concluded that there was significant demonstrable merit to Kelley’s approach.

 Dr. William Donald Kelley 1980 New York, NY Photo © by Peter Barry Chowka

Unable to get the medical establishment interested in his detailed review of Kelley’s patient records, Gonzalez began practicing the enzyme-based nutritional therapy himself, treating patients in a small office in New York City starting in 1987. Over the next 28 years, with his clinical colleague Linda L. Isaacs, M.D., Gonzalez treated thousands of people with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Reports of their clinical success were abundant, and led to significant coverage in the popular press and preliminary interest on the part of the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute.

Gonzalez never quite got the professional attention or the fair evaluation of his approach that he deserved – a story in itself which he documented in his 2012 book What Went Wrong – The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer. He died suddenly in July 2015 at age 67.

His work is being carried on by Dr. Isaacs, who remains in clinical practice, and by his widow, Mary Beth Gonzalez, who has established a tax exempt foundation in her husband’s name and posthumously published three significant volumes of his work.

Nick was a friend as well as a frequent interviewee and the subject of many of my articles over the years. He was not only a brilliant and original researcher and clinician, he was a remarkably clear thinker and an articulate voice on political and social issues. His work was also informed by his strong Christian faith and his encyclopedic knowledge of the Bible.

Nick and I often discussed the dangers that socialized medicine – lately given the name “single payer” – poses to a free society. The interview that follows is a transcript of one of our conversations from late October 2005. It is shocking to consider in retrospect that only three years after that conversation about the threat of socialized medicine, the United States would elect as president Barack Hussein Obama, who cut his teeth on radical socialism and vowed to “transform” America once he gained power. His first legislative initiative would be to ram government-controlled medicine, a.k.a. Obamacare, down our throats.

The interview with Nicholas Gonzalez, published online on November 1, 2005, with my original introduction begins here:

(November 1, 2005) In the summer of 2005, the legislature in California, the nation’s largest state, started to consider a serious proposal to outlaw private medical insurance in favor of a mandatory, state government-run and -controlled “single payer” system of universal health care that would cover all residents including millions of illegal aliens.

Surprisingly, there was widespread support for this scheme by many so-called stakeholders in the world of complementary alternative medicine (CAM). State-run medicine should be of utmost concern to truly knowledgeable and principled proponents of alternative and natural healing and people who rely on natural medicine. The fact is that primary alternative and natural medicine, medical freedom, and consumer choice would all be clearly restricted and ultimately threatened possibly to the point of extinction by a government takeover of health care.

After four decades of propaganda, support for government-controlled medicine apparently runs deep. On October 20, 2005, a Harris Interactive poll found that U.S. residents overwhelmingly support a variety of government-run health care programs. The online poll, which included responses from 2,242 adults, found that 96% of respondents “strongly” or “somewhat” support Medicare and that 91% support Medicaid. The poll also found that 75% of respondents support universal health insurance, compared with only 17% who oppose it.

Previously, I reported that organizations like the California Association of Naturopathic Doctors support state-run medical care. Even more shocking, the influential Foundation for Alternative Medicine cites the communist dictatorship of Cuba as the best model for complementary alternative medicine in the United States!

To discuss socialized medicine, I turned to Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. Gonzalez trained as an immunologist and since 1987 he has practiced as a clinician in New York City, mainly treating cancer patients, exclusively with dietary therapies. I first met Gonzalez almost sixteen years ago and have been reporting on his work ever since. He is very smart and he is not afraid to speak his mind. He has a clear, incisive view, not only of the practice of clinical natural medicine but about history, philosophy, politics, and ideology – all of which influence the medical field.

 Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. in his New York City office 2005 Photo © By Peter Barry Chowka

I began the conversation by expressing my dismay that California was seriously considering legislating a mandatory socialized medical system, with its proponents citing Canada’s single payer system as a model.

NICHOLAS GONZALEZ, M.D.: Medical science always thrives when there’s freedom to think independently. Socialized medicine doesn’t allow that because it requires physicians to practice according to pre-set standards. That’s the way the Canadian system is. You can’t deviate from those standards at all. The trouble is that medicine is not a fixed science. It requires creativity, originality in thinking in new ways. Socialized medicine doesn’t allow that. If socialized medicine worked, they would have had to build a Berlin Wall to keep people out. Instead, they had to build the Berlin Wall to keep people in because they were trying to escape socialism and socialized medicine.

A lot of liberals forget why the Berlin Wall was built. I guess they think it was built to keep people out because everyone wanted to go in there and get the free medical care. The people that had the free medical care in East Berlin and North Korea can’t wait to get out. They had to build a wall to keep them in.

 The infamous Berlin Wall (1961-1989)

The Berlin Wall probably says more about socialized medicine than anything – because, if it worked, you know, all of the illegal immigrants would have been going to Russia and North Korea and Cuba and East Germany instead of coming here. So why they want to recreate a failed system is beyond me.

When is the last time anyone heard of a great major advance coming from Cuba, North Korea, or East Germany?

PETER BARRY CHOWKA: It’s interesting that you mentioned Cuba. I don’t know if you’re aware of this: Berkley Bedell’s Foundation for Alternative Medicine sent one of their doctors to Cuba and they published a report rhapsodizing the Cuban system of medicine, claiming, in effect, that Cuba is the promised land for complementary alternative medicine. Meanwhile, Cuba, needless to say, is a Communist dictatorship with not only a lack of freedom at every level but a history of summary arrests, torture, and even grisly forms of execution. According to a recent PBS documentary on Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, a favorite method of executing political prisoners today is to let them die a slow and painful death from hunger and thirst in their prison cells.

GONZALEZ: A holistic way of death.

CHOWKA: In my opinion, for anyone to cite Cuba as a model for anything in a free country is madness.

 National Foundation for Alternative Medicine Web page extols Communist Cuba as its model 2004

GONZALEZ: A couple of things about Cuba. The only reason that Cuba even has a medical system, although it’s falling apart, is that Russia, when it was the Soviet Union, put $2 billion a year into Cuba. That’s why they were able to buy anything because Castro’s economy is a total failure. So they’re still living off of the days when the Russians were supporting them.

Secondly, if Cuban medicine were so good, they wouldn’t have had that episode of blindness about ten years ago where fifteen or twenty thousand Cubans – it might even be as many as thirty thousand – went blind because of a vitamin deficiency. There wasn’t a single Cuban doctor who could diagnose it properly. It took a charitable team of American doctors that were allowed to go in there to diagnose it. It was such a simple thing.

The fact is that Cuban medicine is in shambles. The machinery is starting to wear out. They no longer have the influx of $2 billion a year to support it. It may have looked like an ideal situation but the Soviet Union was going bankrupt supporting these states.

So that’s so much for Cuba. If Cuban medicine were any good, you wouldn’t have had fifteen or twenty thousand people going blind from a vitamin deficiency.

[Note: In fact, an epidemic of optic neuropathy in Cuba in 1991-’93 caused 50,000 cases of blindness. An international team of experts, after a trip to Cuba to investigate the epidemic, identified the cause as a vitamin deficiency. According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine on November 2, 1995, “The epidemic of optic and peripheral neuropathy in Cuba between 1991 and 1993 appears to be linked to reduced nutrient intake caused by the country’s deteriorating economic situation and the high prevalence of tobacco use. . .The number of new cases decreased after the initiation of vitamin supplementation in the population.” Another scientific article, published in May 1994 in the Archives of Opthalmology, reflecting the more dominant, internationalist, politically correct view, concluded “Recent political, economic, and social changes in Cuba may have contributed to the nutritional and/or toxic compromise of mitochondrial function of an acquired nature.”]

GONZALEZ: This says several things. First, that their diet is so inadequate because of the economic straits they’re in. Secondly, that their medical system is totally inadequate. They have fancy equipment and, yes, they use herbal stuff and all of that. They use it because they can’t afford anything else. That’s good that they’re interested in alternative approaches. It hardly says anything positive about the Cuban health system. Nobody could make the correct diagnosis there! That was a big scandal. In a Western country, tens of thousands of people went blind because the doctors were so incompetent and uncreative that they couldn’t identify a vitamin deficiency.

CHOWKA: I was thinking of how the powers that be who are ramming socialism down our throats claim “Oh, this will take care of the crises in medicine, and the costs – you know, who can afford medicine today unless the government is paying for it?” You’re an interesting example because the therapy you offer is non-toxic, naturally based, completely alternative, and curative. You’re offering it as a treatment, not as an adjunct. And most important to this discussion, the cost of your treatment is tiny compared to what the typical cancer patient spends, for therapies that mostly don’t work, I might add.

GONZALEZ: Look, a bone marrow transplant can cost anywhere from $150,000 to a half a million dollars with all of the supportive care. Our nutritional therapy for the first year, which is the most expensive year, might run $8,000 which includes buying a juicer and a water filter which everyone should have anyway. In subsequent years it gets cheaper. It’s very inexpensive, comparatively. One course of standard chemotherapy can cost $20,000 to $25,000. Six weeks of radiation therapy can cost $15,000 to $25,000. Oncology is a very lucrative profession. Six weeks of radiation would support three to four years on my complete therapy and the patients get better results.

Again, you have to remember that if everyone was so happy with socialized medicine, they wouldn’t be dying to leave it.

CHOWKA: When I discovered recently that California was well along the path to outlawing private medical insurance and having the state take over medical care, I mentioned it to several friends, including Rollye James, who hosts a national radio talk show. She hadn’t heard about it, either. We both searched the Internet and could find hardly any opposition to the California socialized medicine plan. Surprisingly, there was also very little reporting about it in the media, especially for something so significant.

What we did find was support for single payer on the part of hundreds of special interest groups representing every liberal left wing constituency, and also on the part of complementary alternative medicine groups like the California Association of Naturopathic Doctors. These groups all have their Web sites and they link to various think tanks, academics, and publications (fancy sounding white papers, studies, and phony economic analyses) all supporting single payer. One might think that there has to be some opposition to this, on the part of Libertarians, or Republicans, or somebody. One looks in vain for it. The reality is that you can count the opposition on one hand.

I found two op ed columns published in California newspapers mildly opposing the single payer plan – and that was basically it.

I downloaded the latest version of the single payer bill SB840 from the California legislature’s Web site. It’s like a light version of the Clintons’ failed 1993 national health care reform plan. It’s shorter but the devil is in the details.

GONZALEZ: The Canadian model, which is the model for all of these things, is falling apart. You have to wait eighteen months to get gall bladder surgery in Canada. Even standard therapies, like cancer chemotherapy – ovarian cancer patients have to wait 2-3 months to start chemotherapy. They could be dead in that time. Too bad. That’s been the case in every socialized state.

CHOWKA: Rationing.

GONZALEZ: Forgetting alternative versus orthodox, the best medical system in the world has always been American. That’s why, when Gorbachev’s wife developed leukemia, she wasn’t treated in Moscow. She flew to the West. When Boris Yeltsin had heart problems, he flew a team of doctors in from Boston. All of these dictators and tyrants always want to come to the U.S. We have the best medical system in the world. A free market medical system allows for creativity, either alternative or orthodox. You always get the best medical system. Socialism destroys creativity.

The difference between capitalism and socialism is, as Hamilton said, in capitalism there is a reward for achievement. In socialized countries, you get punished for achievement. The more you succeed, the more you’re disliked and the more they take away from you. In England, as in Cuba, doctors are clerks. I know doctors in England. They work nine to five. There’s no incentive to work late. It’s not your own thing, you’re not in charge. They come in at nine, and at five o’clock they’re out of there. It’s a nine to five job like a clerk; that’s how they essentially see themselves. They’re lackadaisical. Creativity and originality are punished.

CHOWKA: And the proposed regulations and the laws, like the one in California, are a complete straitjacket. All you have to do is to read the documentation. Plus, the creators of these schemes leave themselves a lot of loopholes. In California, the bill’s authors say, in effect, “Well, we expect that this is going to save X billions of dollars compared to the status quo and that’s how we’re going to fund it but if something unforeseen comes up or we don’t save the money that we expect to, then we reserve the right to ration care and to raise taxes as required in order to achieve universal coverage.” They leave themselves a lot of outs.

GONZALEZ: In Canada, they ration. In England, they ration. They have to ration.

CHOWKA: Right. And here, if they have to start rationing, they’ll say, “Well, it was in the small print in the law.”

GONZALEZ: If anyone wants to see the end result of socialized medicine, all they have to do is to study socialized medicine in the Soviet Union. That was Marxism at its best! Free medical care for everybody. The trouble was that it was free medical care according to an eighteenth century standard. Now that they have capitalism, they’re starting to get really good quality medical care.

Actually, it’s ironic: The former Soviet Union is moving towards free market medical care and we’re going the opposite way, toward their kind of failed system. By the time the Soviet Union collapsed, doctors were making less than cab drivers and they behaved accordingly. They weren’t even sterilizing their hypodermic syringes.

CHOWKA: When we point out that proposals for single payer plans and universal health care are socialistic and communistic, the proponents always deny that. They say, “No, no, you’re name calling, this is mainstream, this is single payer, this is ‘health care reform.'” They’ve so brainwashed everybody that we can’t understand or identify collectivism when it’s right in front of us.

 Conquering Cancer Vol. 2 reporting successful case histories of the Gonzalez Protocol 2017

GONZALEZ: Just so that you feel more relaxed, the good thing about it is that it will totally fail.

CHOWKA: A disturbing element of statist control of medicine that I’ve been reporting on is the need for electronic data basing, everyone and everything they do medically from cradle to grave. Electronic medical records (EMRs), everyone with his number, everyone with his electronic medical history recorded and saved and accessible in a government data bank.

GONZALEZ: The good news is that it’s going to fail, just like it did in the Soviet Union. When is the last time anyone flew to North Korea to get their medical care? No one would. It’s Third World, eighteenth century medical care.

CHOWKA: Maybe one way to look at it is that we’re getting the kind of health care system that’s reflective of this country, as it becomes more like a Third World country.

GONZALEZ: That’s right. That’s exactly right. It will fail, and then it will have to go, just like the Soviet Union – they’ll have to reinvent free market capitalism that was discovered and fostered in the U.S.

The biggest problem with socialized medicine is that it takes the responsibility for health care away from the patient. You know, if you smoke and abuse your body, well, the government’s going to come and spend $300,000 on useless chemotherapy and take care of you. The trouble is, as they learned in England and in Canada, there comes a point where you just can’t afford to pay for everyone’s mistakes. If hundreds of thousands of people are getting lung cancer every year because they smoked, first, they can’t save them because they don’t have good treatments and, second, they can’t spend $150,000-200,000 per patient. You wind up with a situation where people who really watch their health and take care of themselves support people who don’t. Kind of a paternalistic baby state where no one has to take responsibility.

CHOWKA: I follow the British press online. Almost every day there are articles about the British National Health Service, its failures, the desperate attempts to reform it. It’s on its last legs.

GONZALEZ: There are two tiers to health care in England. There’s the private health care, which they allow; people pay for it. They go outside the system. The doctors I know in England are all outside the national health care system. In Canada, you can’t do that. You have to be part of the system. The Hillary Clinton health care plan [1993] would not have allowed physicians to be outside the system. That would have been a criminal act. Canada’s the same way. But in England they allow doctors to practice privately. The California plan will bankrupt the state.

CHOWKA: In California they are also going to offer free care, including dental, eyeglasses, etc., to everyone including illegal immigrants. There are millions of illegal immigrants in California.

GONZALEZ: That’s terrific. See, what will happen is that taxes will go up, businesses will leave the state, there won’t be any tax base, and California will collapse, like England is collapsing now.

CHOWKA: California is rapidly becoming like Mexico El Norte and this will just hasten that.

GONZALEZ: It will collapse.

CHOWKA: There will probably be even more illegal immigration if this plan passes. All of the Mexicans and others will want to cross the border for free comprehensive medical care. It will be like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina – they’ll hold out their hand to the federal government to bail them out.

GONZALEZ: The federal government will reach a point where they can’t do it anymore. The thing to be optimistic about, and why I kind of shrug about it, it’s going to fail. It’ll be a total fiasco.

CHOWKA: Won’t things like this put you out of business?

GONZALEZ: New York state isn’t going in that direction. There’s always that danger.

CHOWKA: If this plan passes in California, wouldn’t it be difficult for you to work there?

GONZALEZ: It’s illegal for me to work in California now anyway because it’s a felony there to treat cancer with alternative medicine. That law is still on the books. So I couldn’t practice there anyway. So my attitude is, Let them bankrupt the damned state. They deserve it.

I’m still optimistic, though. Anytime socialism has been tried, it’s always failed. Liberals are so stupid. They blame conservatives for living in the past. The trouble with liberals is that they never learn from the past. All over the world, socialism has failed. It’s not like it’s an untried experiment, a new adventure – “we’re going to try this new adventure and bring peace and tranquility and wealth to everyone on earth.” It’s already been tried all over the world. In fact, a majority of counties have been socialistic, not free market capitalist. And the places that fostered socialism, like China, are desperately trying to turn themselves into the U.S. model. Meanwhile we’re trying to get rid of it. It’s amazing. People in government are so stupid; all they need to do is to read the newspapers. China is trying to develop a capitalist system and we’re trying to get rid of it [laughs].

CHOWKA: Western Europe is experimenting now with less socialism.

GONZALEZ: Even Germany, because they’re in chaos! They’re in chaos.

CHOWKA: And many of these countries have had a free ride because we’ve picked up the tab for their defense.

GONZALEZ: That’s right.

CHOWKA: So they can’t even make the socialist paradise work even though they don’t have the big costs of national defense.

GONZALEZ: That’s right, they can’t even make it work when they don’t have to have big defense budgets to defend themselves.

CHOWKA: And they’ve had, at least until recently, more homogenous cultures.

GONZALEZ: Everywhere socialism is tried, it fails. It’s destined to fail. It will fail in California. Like the welfare state in New York. Under [former Gov. Mario] Cuomo, New York was a welfare state with a million people on welfare in New York City alone. And what happened, as always happens with socialism, businesses got taxed more and more and they left the state. The economy almost collapsed. The voters got rid of Cuomo and then things got stable. There are far fewer people on welfare in New York City now. People actually have to work.

What will socialism do to alternative medicine? Alternative medicine is already under assault in California anyway.

CHOWKA: Alternative medicine has been so watered down – 

GONZALEZ: It’s collapsed.

CHOWKA: It’s increasingly difficult as a journalist to find anyone to report on who is doing truly alternative work –research or clinical practice in primary alternative health care.

GONZALEZ: They want to do complementary – they all want to be part of the medical system.

CHOWKA: Many CAM proponents are pro-statist socialists. If they can shoehorn what’s left of alternative medicine, renamed complementary alternative (CAM) or integrative medicine, into the system, that’s all they want. But CAM to me is an offensive term and concept. And how can you even prove that it works? Medicine, Inc. is so preoccupied with testing single agents. How can you ever hope to test complementary approaches that combine supposed alternatives with orthodox therapies?

GONZALEZ: You’re implying that they have the capability to think, which they don’t. You have to change your perspective. You have to expect people to be stupid [laughs].

CHOWKA: Medicare proponents claim the overhead is only 4 percent.

GONZALEZ: They cook the books on that one. It’s enormous. It’s tens of billions of dollars a year basically to take your money away and to give a little bit of it back to you. People think that’s a good thing. Instead of just saving money yourself, and going to the doctor you want. It’s just like buying a car – you buy the car you want, you buy the service you want. That’s why American medicine was the envy of the world. Our medical system, whether it’s orthodox or alternative, is still the best in the world. It was the best in the world because it was a free market enterprise that allowed doctors to think creatively and that’s why all of the great medical achievements came out of here. They didn’t come out of North Korea, or East Germany, or the Soviet Union – or out of Cuba, for that matter.

Whenever the state controls medicine or science, it becomes like – Hitler! Hitler was a perfect example. Nazi Germany was a national socialist state where medicine and science were controlled by the state. Look how it degenerated. That’s what always happens when the state controls medicine as opposed to in the U.S., where it flourished. I mean, I may not agree with orthodox medicine but still you have the smartest people doing the best work in the world in the U.S.

CHOWKA: When you combine the wonkish bureaucratic elitist agenda-driven policy makers with the medical Establishment, you get the worst of both worlds.

GONZALEZ: Yes, that’s right. When I hear people like Hillary Clinton talk about the Canadian system, although she hasn’t done it recently, I wonder which world she’s living in. All you have to do is read the newspaper. It’s a disaster. It’s a disaster even for orthodox medicine. It’s collapsing. The doctors hate it because they’re treated like civil servants, the patients hate it because they’re treated like crap.

CHOWKA: In England it’s even worse. The reports that filter through, despite the mostly left wing British press – the doctors sound like they’re indentured servants.

GONZALEZ: In the free market capitalist system, when you go and buy a car, you go to the place that sells cars and you buy the car you want – you pay the guy who sells the cars. It’s very simple. What socialism does is, you don’t buy the car directly. You have to give all of the money to the government and they hire a whole team of people that study buying cars and then they give you a little money back, much less than you put in, and tell you which car you can buy. That’s what socialized medicine is. Medicare alone – to run Medicare costs billions and billions of dollars. You have to pay for the buildings, for the computers, for the employees. The Medicare bureaucracy alone, just hiring people and having the buildings with tens of thousands of Medicare workers just to fill out forms, costs billions of dollars a year. When you think about the hundreds of billions of dollars that are wasted on the Medicare bureaucracy, that could have gone into research – that could have gone into health care. It doesn’t go into health care, it goes into the bureaucracy of health care. And that’s the tragedy. All of that money is lost.

CHOWKA: And it’s a blank check for people to demand more and more medical care and coverage without taking any personal responsibility.

GONZALEZ: That’s right. It fosters irresponsibility, the same way welfare does. What happened in New Orleans [following Katrina] is a perfect example – the end point of a state welfare system where people are so dependent on the state that they haven’t even got the sense to leave.

CHOWKA: Or the common sense to fill a couple of bottles of water so they wouldn’t be dying of thirst after two days.

GONZALEZ: They’re so dependent on the state and on welfare for their entire lives.

CHOWKA: Proponents of government medicine claim that a huge percentage of health care spending in the current system is eaten up by insurance company bureaucracy.

GONZALEZ: I think insurance companies, too, are a problem. But that’s optional. People don’t have to have it. And the idea that little, uninsured Tommy is going to die on the street – That’s not true. America is the most generous country on earth. When people have freedom, they get to be very generous. Sloan-Kettering, whatever I think of the place, is totally subsidized by donations. It’s the most well-funded hospital in the world because free market capitalists pay back their success. There are hundreds of millions of dollars donated to that hospital.

Whenever the government takes over something in the sciences, they start legislating what the truth is. And that immediately destroys the opportunity to see what the truth is because the truth, like anything else, has to withstand competition. And if the government is the only game in town, supporting all of the science, then there is no competition. That’s what’s happened at the National Institues of Health.

Earlier this month Barry Marshall won the Nobel Prize for his work on the infectious nature of ulcers. During the 1980s he was hated by gastroenterologists – they thought he was crazy when he suggested that ulcers were an infectious problem. He’s now been proven correct. In an interview in the New York Times, he said the last place you’re going to find creative work is at the NIH. He said bureaucracies exist to destroy creativity. He’s a Nobel Prize winner now; he can say whatever he likes. There were no platitudes or bromides, because he lived through it. They tried to destroy him. And he survived and won the Nobel Prize and they’re still third-rate government bureaucrats. He came out of a very small university in Western Australia and he said that if he hadn’t come out of nowhere, he never would have been able to do what he did – that he would have been so imbued with the bureaucracy and the dogma, he never would have done his original work. He said the best thing that happened to him was that he came from nowhere.

Peter Chowka is a veteran reporter and analyst of news on national politics, media, health care, and popular culture. Follow Peter on Twitter @pchowka  Peter’s latest interview on The Hagmann Report from Nov. 15, 2017 can be watched here.

The ambush that specifically targeted white police officers in Dallas, Texas last Thursday is, to date, the most visibly brazen and statistically significant attack against police officers this century. As horrific as this attack was, it presages something even more sinister that is about to explode within our country.

To understand what we are witnessing, it must be first made clear that the murderous attacks on the police have little to do with the questionable deaths of black men by police. Their deaths are being conveniently exploited by individuals and groups whose plans were set in motion decades ago under different pretexts.

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We must remember that we’ve seen this type of “orchestrated chaos” before, specifically in the late 1960s during the radicalization of students and young people across college campuses. Protests, sit-ins, and armed takeovers of campus offices by the radical left were increasing and blamed, in part, on the Vietnam War. Other reasons existed as well, including many of the same anti-Capitalist, anti-American sentiments we are seeing today.

Some of the very same protesters involved in the street-level take-overs are, or have been in power under Obama. Eric Holder, for example, participated in the armed take-over of the former Columbia University ROTC office for 5 days in 1970. Holder served as Obama’s Attorney General from February 3, 2009 through April 27, 2015, replaced by Loretta Lynch.

Other members of Obama’s inner circle played important roles to varying degrees, including advisors, during his fundamental changing of the United States, including Bill Ayers and Ayers’ wife, Bernardine Dohrn, a self-described “revolutionary communist.” The list of individuals is lengthy. The pretexts differ, but the anarchy playbooks have been modified only to make the best use of social media, which provides more effective avenues of communication and organization.

Many of these street-level protesters and the foot soldiers of these radical Leftist groups have infiltrated government and academic institutions since the 1970s. We are now paying the price, in terms of bodies and real human blood, for allowing this infiltration to occur under the guise of social tolerance and enlightenment.

Obama, Crowned Emperor of the “Radical Left”

We are seeing exactly what happens when we allow a man with known ties to members of the Marxist/Leninist/Maoist Left to take charge of a nation. We are seeing the fruits of his known associations, past and present, to be brushed aside as some sort of “fringe” conspiracy talk, even by some of our own. Those who have questioned his meteoric rise to power from a community organizer to the Oval Office without verifications of his genuine, authenticated bona fides, only to be told to stand down by fellow conservatives, should feel vindicated, if it helps.

Obama, through his appointments, associates and his own words has made his biases clear, and his objectives clearer. Just as the “New Left” of the late 60s and 70s promised, their mission is to build a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary movement,” to replace the “racist, capitalist and imperialist American system,” To build the new system, though, they must burn down the old.

Our first “clue” should have been the intimidating presence of armed Black Panthers at voting areas in Philadelphia on election day in 2008 – and the case that followed. Or the lack of prosecution, to be more accurate, which also seemed to have the wink-and-nod non-prosecutorial blessing by the Bush administration. It was the Obama-Holder crew, however, that ultimately closed the books on that case, emboldening and signaling to the “New Left” that they have friends in high places.

Then, of course, was the infamous “Beer Summit” of 2009. That highly-spun meeting that occurred at the White House stemmed from the Henry Louis Gates arrest controversy. Gates, a black Harvard University professor was arrested by white police officer Sgt. James Crowley of the Cambridge Police Department on July 16, 2009, following a breaking-and-entering call to the Gates residence by a neighbor. The facts of this case as they relate to race don’t matter. If you don’t believe me, Obama stated as much when he issued a statement to the press, admittedly before he knew all of the facts. Regardless, the stage for future race-related events was set. This was mere eye-candy for the masses, a smoke and mirrors maneuver to distract from the real agenda of this regime: burn down the old system and rebuild the new.

Different Groups, the Same Playbook

The new system being forced upon America is predicated on Marxism, Socialism and ultimately Communism. Knowing that such change cannot be done as abruptly as taking over a ROTC building of a college campus, the playbook of the Marxist revolutionaries of the 1960s had to be updated to reflect the current social climate. The plays are generally the same, and require obedient participants (i.e. “useful idiots) to be programmed to believe that just by showing up in sufficient numbers, change would follow. Many of the protesters have no clue what is really going on behind the scenes, and they are being used as pawns in a system of which they know little. 

I’ve had countless conversations with the late Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground about the differences between the core leadership and just “average protestors.” Cluelessness abounds among the drug-addled, angry, spoiled youth who possess a far greater sense of entitlement than plain sense.

Additionally, recall the bombings of police stations, the Pentagon, and many other planned bombings by this revolutionary group, the ideologies of which the unrepentant Bill Ayers, his wife, and other Obama “associates” are allegedly responsible. Their work is far from done. Today, they have even more effective assistance thanks to the illegal invasion allowed to take place. They are just getting started.

Just as there was this growing overlap of revolutionary groups in the 1960s and 1970s, there is an even greater overlap of groups today.

The landscape has changed as we see the unmolested mix of illegals being brought into America, not for their votes or even labor, but for an agenda far bigger.  It must be fully understood that the collateral workings of Muslim groups and Mexican gangs act as force multipliers for anarchy and chaos.

Obama, Black Lives Matter & the Agenda of Anarchy

The most blatant example of this Marxist agenda of takeover from within is the “social justice group” Black Lives Matter.

Most Americans believe that the activist group known as “Black Lives Matter” spontaneously originated in 2013 in response to perceived injustices against minorities, with the proverbial ‘last straw’ being the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the man who killed black Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. To believe that is to be dangerously myopic and naïve, yet it is a myth that continues to be perpetuated by politicians and pundits alike.

Black Lives Matter is merely the latest iteration of a decades-old deception that is based in the aforementioned Marxism-Leninism-Maoism philosophy, controlled by Communist groups whose foot soldiers have infiltrated the United States over generations. It serves as one of the latest fronts for highly organized and well-funded groups intent on subverting our Constitutional Republic under the pretext of advancing social justice and equality.

To reaffirm, its true objectives and intent are not what is being presented to the public, or even to the majority of those involved in the ‘peaceful protests.’ Most of the front line protesters are being duped and are, by definition, ‘useful idiots’ of those controlling the larger agenda. They have fallen prey to a slick marketing campaign by social media. Black Lives Matter is a hashtag of hypocrisy. Its rallying cries are being popularized by celebrities and activists alike, where the limitation of characters is second only to the limitation of understanding of the larger picture.

Black Lives Matter is a hashtag of hypocrisy

The online launch of Black Lives Matter can be traced to three individuals: Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi. All three are radical progressives, and Garza is a self-proclaimed Marxist. All three believe that America is a racist, sexist and homophobic nation that was “built on indigenous genocide and chattel slavery.”

It is critical to note that this group has direct ties to the Obama White House. It is equally important to note that BLM is funded by many of the same who have funded both Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.  It has little to do with equal rights or civil justice, but chaos, anarchy and the destruction of America.

BLM co-founder Opal Tometi was born to illegal immigrants from Nigeria in 1984. Since January 2011, she has been a national organizer for Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), a George Soros-funded group “to advance immigrant rights and racial justice for African-American, Afro-Latino, African and Caribbean immigrant communities.”

On September 23, 2013, Tometi accepted an invitation to the White House and met with Heather Foster, Obama’s then-lead liaison to the African-American community. Foster helped coordinate Obama’s response to various high-profile instances of blacks having been shot by police officers.

It is important to note media complicity to hide the real agenda of this group. In March 2016, Fortune magazine named Tometi and her two BLM co-founders to its list of the “50 of the most influential world leaders.”

BLM co-Founder Patrisse Cullors met with Michelle Obama at the White House on February 20, 2015. In July 2015, Cullors spoke at the annual Netroots Nation convention in Phoenix. In the course of her remarks, she exhorted fellow blacks to “rise the f*** up” and “burn everything down!” She also said that the allegedly high incidence of black-on-black crime “is a myth.”

Has this appeared in the corporate media?

It is also important to note that many of the groups associated with BLM and its co-founders are merely front groups for the Marxist-Leninist Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO). Those include but are not limited to NDWA, SOUL, RTTC, and POWER.

Different groups working toward the same objectives. Many of the same people, just different positions.

Are we watching a ruinous coup being orchestrated from the White House?

Operational consistencies contained within the enemy playbook are becoming evident. Chaos is slowly gripping areas of our nation. We’ve reached a boiling point that cannot be understood by superficial assessments.

Expect chaos to continue and worsen under the guise of equality. Cities are about to burn.

Prepare. Pray.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

If you think Friday’s Supreme Court decision was about equality or equal rights for the three percent of the American population (at the expense of the 97 percent), you couldn’t be more wrong. If you think that Friday’s decision has no impact on you because you don’t care what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you think the homosexual agenda is about tolerance, diversity or other slick marketing buzzwords, you are not only wrong, but sorely misinformed, misguided or you are purposely facilitating a lie.

America has a huge problem right now. Multiple problems, in fact, but like the victims of a train wreck, we must do triage so we can apply treatment in order of importance. The blunt force trauma inflicted upon America by five rogue members of our judiciary, redefining marriage as a result of a highly potent cabal of activists intent on America’s destruction, certainly moves this problem up the list of importance.

In order to know how to fix the problem, however, you’ve got to know as much about the problem as possible. You need accurate information, not the spin of some morally bankrupt politician or the spin of agenda-driven talking heads who confine their discourse to the captive narrative of the archaic and completely fictitious right-left political paradigm. The next federal election will not solve our problems, for our problems are so threatening to our life and liberty, we might have the time.

As I’ve already suggested, those reveling in the rainbow of diversity and whose chests swell with pride at the luminous display at the seat of American power fall into one of two groups: the ignorant, misguided, brainwashed and/or spiritually, morally and selfishly decadent (i.e. unwitting dupes), or the facilitators of one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated on our nation. What we have witnessed is not the beginning of tolerance and diversity, but its unceremonious demise through the completion of one giant step in the orchestrated dismantling of our country that is part of a much larger plan. It is a critical and vitally important step toward the formation of a “new world order” that no “dignified” journalist or syndicated talk show host will ever acknowledge exists.

Destruction of the moral fabric of America

The destruction of the moral fabric of America was set in motion generations ago under not a rainbow flag, but a Communist flag. Who better to usher in this mortal wound to our nation than the Manchurian Marxist Messiah of mystery and dubious origin and his cabal of renegade abettors?

What we see taking place today might not have been completely stopped, but it might have been slowed had those who held the attention of Christian conservatives pressed the legitimate issue of the eligibility and allegiance of Barack Hussein Obama as a candidate for the highest office in America. Alas, it was not to be, as those most revered by the conservative right dutifully parroted the lie that the background, origin and constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, or Barry Soetoro, perhaps, was nothing but a distraction.

Over the din of their vocal objections, or in some instances, assurances and more lies, those of us in search of the unadulterated truth can hear the unmistakable sickening sound of our freedoms, liberties and rights Cheyne-Stoking as their traumatic death approaches. Yet, those who fought us then continue to dismiss us today. They adhere to a choreographed narrative that fits within the script of the big lie, and one that is as shrewdly narrow as it is factually shallow. For this, it appears, requires less intellectual aptitude of the entranced American than the necessary first steps of a full recovery would require.

Meanwhile, Americans are served their daily portion of the big lie – in this case, sold under the pretext of diversity and tolerance and illustrated by the silly mantra “love wins.” Love, much like equal rights, has absolutely nothing to do with the larger agenda of rending America’s moral fabric. Redefining marriage and the traditional family is a well-documented plank of the Communist takeover of America, a tactic to destroy our Constitutional Republic, and an admission requirement to enter a system of global government.

The Homosexual Agenda is rooted in Communism

The activist homosexual agenda in America has its roots in Communism. On January 10, 1963, Representative A. S. Herlong, Jr. of Florida read 45 goals of Communism in America into the Congressional Record. Listed at #26 was to “present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as normal, natural and healthy.” What was considered abhorrent behavior and a sin by all of the world’s major religions only a half-century ago is not only accepted and ostensibly “legitimized” today, but is being openly celebrated at the White House and state houses across America.

Why is virtually no one asking how approximately three-(3) percent of our population has seemingly succeeded in changing the moral and legal landscape for 97 percent of the population? How did this change happen so quickly? It nearly mirrors the meteoric rise of Barack Hussein Obama from a virtual unknown to the putative President.

The answers exist in history. The promotion of the fraudulent research of Alfred Kinsey, the highly organized and well-funded efforts of Marxist Harry Hays, founder of the Mattachine Society in 1950, the effective use of Hollywood and Madison Avenue, to the refinement of the homosexual agenda by homosexual activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen in the 1980’s – when they made public their very specific tactics in their book, After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ‘90s, were all cogs in the larger mechanism designed to destroy the morality of America.

When you read the dissenting opinions of Justices Thomas and Scalia in last Friday’s SCOTUS decision, you will see some very chilling statements, including these from Justice Clarence Thomas (Please read and consider these in the context of the above):

“The Court’s decision today is at odds not only with the Constitution, but with the principles upon which our Nation was built.  Since well before 1787, liberty has been understood as freedom from government action, not entitlement to government benefits.”

“Aside from undermining the political processes that protect our liberty, the majority’s decision threatens the religious liberty our Nation has long sought to protect.”

“Our Constitution—like the Declaration of Independence before it—was predicated on a simple truth: One’s liberty, not to mention one’s dignity, was something to be shielded from—not provided by—the State.  Today’s decision casts that truth aside.  In its haste to reach a desired result, the majority misapplies a clause focused on “due process” to afford substantive rights, disregards the most plausible understanding of the “liberty” protected by that clause, and distorts the principles on which this Nation was founded.  Its decision will have inestimable consequences for our Constitution and our society.”

The end of the beginning

Many people believe that this ruling will remedy perceived injustices against a (falsely) significant segment of our population. These same people believe that this ruling marks the end of a long and arduous journey for equal rights. They are wrong, for this is merely the end of the beginning. The global activists, the Marxists and Communists propelling this agenda don’t care about rights, despite the pretty packaging. There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

Having been empowered by SCOTUS, enablers and abettors at the Executive branch and others in power, they are now “all in” to complete the destruction of our nation. The agenda is as big as the lie.

Barring any immediate intervention and unified civil disobedience, what will follow will be exponentially worse to what will be left of our nation. Unless immediate action is taken, the mortal blow that was delivered to our country last week will become fatal.

It is imperative that we understand the depth, breadth and scope of the lie and the globalist, Communist agenda behind it. It is important we identify the agents of destruction. They, and their agenda, must be fully exposed.

Alternatively, the Cheyne-Stoke respirations of our liberties and freedoms we (still) enjoy under our Constitutional Republic will cease. Not because of their recovery, however, but due to their death.

Pray. Prepare.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

The future of our Constitutional Republic is at stake and many Americans are angry. At least those who have been awakened to the world where they are pawns in a rigged game, and those who are not lining their pockets at the federal trough, are angry.

They are also trying to make sense of where we are today and how we got here. Even some of the “hope and change” supporters are angry at the continuity of agenda despite the change in American leadership. Then there are those who slumber in a world of denial, self-delusion and deception. Two distinctly different people in two remarkably different worlds, yet denizens of the same planet.

One world is where the television and radio pundits sanctimoniously scold us into believing that all is normal, and everything we see taking place today is merely the result of a growing acrimonious relationship between two political parties. They sit behind the microphones, in front of the TV cameras, write the newsprint, and dominate the internet with their matrix of mendacity. They are well-paid for keeping the public in the dark, and by confining public discourse to the limitations of mere political theater. Regardless of their political bent, they bully and mock those who disagree, and sneer at those who dare threaten the illusion of normalcy.

The other world is what is really taking place behind the scenes. The things we aren’t supposed to know, as knowing would disrupt the plans of globalists and expose their lies. This is the real world, where a trail of cold, dead bodies exist from Benghazi to Boston, New York City to Baghdad. It is the world of false flags and assaults on our liberties. It consists of actual crimes committed in our name, with our money by our government, criminal acts rather than contrived political scandals. It is in this world that we learn that we really live in captivity under a ruling elite populating and influencing all political factions. To believe in this reality, however, is to be subjected to ridicule and satire, or to be put on a list of political dissidents.

In the more dominant and readily accepted world of make-believe, we are constantly bombarded by political theater. For the Progressive Obama supporters, the government shutdown and our date with financial default is due to the TEA Party republicans. For the republicans, it’s due to the policies of the democrats and the hard-line progressives that we’ve reached this point in our national history. In reality, however, it’s both sides, as both are different sides of the same coin – a coin embossed with the double headed eagle, or perhaps more appropriately, the mythical Phoenix.

It’s political theater at its finest, designed to keep the normal American busy in a hall of mirrors so we will not be able to see the bigger picture, the big lie that keeps the shackles around our necks and ankles.

Both sides have their cheerleaders luring people to “their” side, creating the near-perfect Hegelian dialectic, or the “framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution.” It is important to understand that as the uninformed or ill-informed masses of the spellbound continue to argue over right versus left, republican versus democrat, and change in the next election, the real power elite are putting their finishing touches on their evil dynasty of depravity. Completion of their plans will not be the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. Time is short, and their plans are indeed being raced to completion.

Understanding the agenda

To fully understand the agenda, we must completely unravel the lies. We must identify the conspirators and the coconspirators, trace the power and follow the money. We must also fully understand the objective, which involves the destruction of the U.S. as a Constitutional Republic, for it is the sovereignty and power of the United States that is the biggest impediment in their way of fully achieving their goals. By accomplishing their objectives, they will cause the greatest transfer of wealth and power ever seen in the modern world. They will take us from being prisoners to slaves within their New World Order, at least those who survive.

We must first be willing to accept that a conspiracy on a global scale does exist, and be strong enough to withstand the attempts to marginalize us by being characterized as everything from “the fringe” to their golden hole-card, “racists.” We must be willing to accept that nearly everyone holding or having held a position of political leadership is or was part of this conspiracy, and the media, in all forms, has enabled them to operate like thieves in the night.

The end-game objective, is, of course, creating a one-world system of government and a one-world currency. It is, of course, the implementation of a New World Order as spoken by many leaders, both foreign and domestic, including the most memorable speech by George Herbert Walker Bush on September 11, 1990. It is the consolidation of power and wealth by a select group of people we know as globalists, which has been their objective for generations. Membership into this select group of families is by blood or marriage, incestuous as necessary, but always arranged. It is about world domination and subjugation of the masses by any and all means necessary.

All current domestic and foreign activities must be viewed and considered through this large lens of globalist means. Then, and only then, will the repetitive process of historical blunders resulting in discord and dysfunction be clear that all cannot be ascribed to incompetence as we are pushed to believe.

Tracing the power

So, exactly who are these people, the globalists? They are the puppeteers of power, the people, groups, and families who hold and pull the strings of their political puppets, to make them dance in front of us, often willingly, while the real activity takes place behind the curtain.

They are the members of the incestuous power elite that comprise such groups as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, members of the Bildeberg Group, the Club of Rome, the Council of 300, and so forth. They trace back to two families, the Rothschild and the Rockefeller families, and are fully connected to British Royalty. Together, they control the world’s banks and have captured the American political system. They select the American presidents while allowing us to believe we elect them. Perhaps more importantly, they control the wealth of the world.

If you think that this is too far out to believe, simply look to a Swiss study titled The Network of Global Corporate Control, published in 2011 by Stefania Vitali, James B. Glattfelder and Stefano Battiston.  It was an extensive investigation into who controls the power and wealth in the world. According to the results of that study, a mere 147 corporations control 40 percent of the global wealth:

“When the team further untangled the web of ownership, it found much of it tracked back to a “super-entity” of 147 even more tightly knit companies – all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity – that controlled 40 per cent of the total wealth in the network. “In effect, less than 1 per cent of the companies were able to control 40 per cent of the entire network,” says Glattfelder. Most were financial institutions. The top 20 included Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and The Goldman Sachs Group.” [emphasis mine].

Once the network is exposed and the connections untangled and revealed, we find that only a very small group of people actually control the power and wealth under which you and I must work and function. To break it down even further, it is actually just a few families working in concert to protect and further consolidate their power, creating conditions that work to their advantage. It should come as no surprise to learn that these are the same families that have existed for generations, working together to bring us to our current condition.

America, the Republic on life support

Step back and contemplate, not just look at, the larger picture in America. Our government is in shutdown and although delayed, we continue to face the prospect of financial default. Our foreign policy has created antagonism against America never before seen in our history. It is by design that America is seen as the villain of the world, so the world will rejoice at her fall.

Current events are all designed to make America less viable, ultimately to be destroyed from within. We can trace this plot back generations, but need to look no further than the man selected to preside over the destruction of our country. We have a man occupying the White House who failed his background check and furnished a forgery for a long form birth certificate with impunity. Those of us who objected to his candidacy until he proved his Constitutional eligibility were told to “sit down and shut up” by politicians and pundits alike. We were called conspiracy nuts and, of course, racists. We were told by republican and conservative leaders alike that the issue of his eligibility was merely a diversion, and we should concentrate on the “real” issues. Almost everyone dutifully followed those marching orders, chiding those who refused.

The outcry from the democrats and progressives, from the political leadership to the corporate media was exponentially worse, viciously attacking anyone having legitimate questions with the all-powerful race card. The game on both sides was rigged by the unseen powers, and made unwinnable in the courts or the larger court of public opinion despite the facts.

Now we have a man of dubious pedigree and questionable allegiance overseeing the orchestrated downfall of our nation accelerated under him, just as it was planned for decades. The treasonous among those in government who elevated Barack Hussein Obama to power, or permitted his rise, must accept complete responsibility for the current state of our country.

One needs to look no further than the connections that existed in Obama’s background to see the long-term planning that went in to putting him in this position. Look at the connections between Obama’s mother to Timothy Geithner’s father, for example, while they worked together in Indonesia for the Ford Foundation. Amid multiple other such relationships that extend back generations, who are the foolish ones among us, those who ignore such relationships or claim it is all coincidence, or those who can see that a plan did exist? He is a Marxist cut-out with a ‘legend’ created long ago, a ‘Manchurian Candidate,’ and a product of the very military-industrial-political complex he is using to enslave us.

Most assuredly, though, it is not at all limited to Barack Hussein Obama, as the plan not only predates his birth, but is far beyond the capability of one man working alone.

Look at all of the connections that are the signatures of a renegade intelligence apparatus combined with the influence of a power-hungry infrastructure of globalist families. There are many. Based on that assessment alone, it is worthy to ask whether Obama himself even fully knows the extent to which he has been groomed and placed into his current position by his handlers, his parent’s handlers, and even his grandparent’s handlers. Look, as the connections are all there.

To those yet unconvinced, look at the obvious continuity of agenda between the Barack Hussein Obama regime, or the Barry Soetoro regime, and his predecessors. It’s all by design, using blueprints created long ago.

The end of the beginning

Many will assert that we are seeing the beginning of the end. I believe we are witnessing the end of the beginning. We are witnessing the intentional destruction of our country through the murder of our dollar, through the Balkanization of our country, through the erosion of our culture and heritage, and through the total disregard to the rule of law, except as it is applied to the enslaved.

The assaults on our rule of law, our Constitution, will only increase in scope and intensity. Those who anticipate living under tyranny fail to recognize that we already are living under tyranny. But in the larger picture, whose tyranny?

We need not only to think bigger, or to look at the bigger picture, but look farther back in history.

When the U.S. dollar is finished off, which ‘empire’ will step in to fill the void? Who will control the new world currency? Where is the seat of Western economic power if not New York? The economic power is being concentrated in a city within a city, in a country from which our ancestors fought a War of Independence to be free of bondage.

The bondage has returned, this time with a vengeance. The question is whether enough people will awaken in time to realize that the planned collapse of our great country will not be the result of some unavoidable, unfortunate, series of cosmic accidents. It was planned that way. The faces we see as the people in power today are just the latest who have facilitated this grand plan of destruction. The message has been sent. Olympus has fallen, and we’re just waiting for the action to start. But it has already begun, having started long ago. Awaken from your slumber.

Prepare. Pray.

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