The consequences of a rigged, stolen election. Biden, Harris, Mayorkas, Sullivan, and everyone who supported and voted for this regime has blood on their hands. We are engaged in a hybrid war with the Communist Chinese Party. It’s up to WE, THE PEOPLE, to put a stop to this.

Although this report from REVOLVER is several days old, it is relevant and provides insight into the plans of the Communist-Globalist vermin inside state governments – as well as the traitorous behavior of many within the Republican party.

“The strongest, bravest, and best attorney general in the United States was benched by the regime. Loyal Trump adviser Stephen Miller just published a post arguing that a Republican Attorney General could indict Biden and Mayorkas for human trafficking. While he may be correct, as many have noted, the one individual with the courage to take such action, Texas AG Ken Paxton, has been sidelined. After members of his own party turned on him, Paxton was impeached on twenty counts, removing him from the game.”


Since Joseph R. Biden’s first day in office, more than 7 million illegal aliens have invaded the United States through the southern border, including 1.4 million illegals who have evaded capture by CBP during this period. For perspective, the number of illegal aliens who, by definition, are criminals under the U.S. Crimes Code. According to U.S. law, the first unlawful entry constitutes a misdemeanor, and subsequent unauthorized entries are felonies. 

The number of such criminals who have invaded the U.S. —allowed in by Biden and Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, exceeds the combined total population of 35 states in America. 

One hundred forty-(140) individuals listed on the DHS terror watchlist this fiscal year alone were arrested at ports of entry, representing a MASSIVE increase from all historical administrations. In a recent hearing before the House Judiciary Committee Hearing, DHS Secretary Mayorkas could not account for the location of those 140 potential terrorists.

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