“Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.” That statement is attributed to Josef Stalin’s longest-running and most vicious chief of Stalin’s secret police, Lavrentiy Beria. A Stalin loyalist, he was responsible for the imprisonment and execution of tens of thousands of Stalin’s political opponents.

The puppeteers making Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg dance to their tune seem insistent on persecuting President Trump to draw attention away from the Biden Crime family’s selling out our nation to the highest bidder.

In an interview Newsmax, Dr. Michael Savage compares the actions of the infamous Stalin loyalist with those of Alvin Bragg. Dr. Savage also discusses the bail-in of Silicon Valley Bank and the key depositors – most of who are noted Leftists and Biden sycophants, and the relative actions of FTX and Sm Bankman-Fried


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