Paul Kessler, 69, was allegedly murdered on Sunday in Westlake Village, California, while attending a rally in support of Israel. Mr. Kessler, who is Jewish, was reportedly attacked by an alleged pro-Hamas supporter when members of pro-Israel and pro-Hamas rallies met at the intersection of Westlake Boulevard and Thousand Oaks Boulevard.

Mr. Kessler dies from blunt force head trauma, according to the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office. His death was classified as a homicide.


As reported by Fox 2 in Detroit, 40-year-old Detroit synagogue president Samantha Woll was found stabbed to death Saturday morning outside of her home in the 1300 block of Joliet Place. Ms. Woll was the board president at Isaac Agree Downtown Synaogue and also worked as the Deputy District Director for Rep. Elissa Slotkin. She was a well-known leader in Michigan’s Jewish community. Woll also worked as a  campaign staffer for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

“She was instrumental in the founding of the Muslim-Jewish Forum of Detroit — a grassroots collective of young adults of both faiths who gather in partnership to learn, celebrate, and build community together.”

Detroit Jewish News – 36 Under 36: Samantha “Sam” Woll (January 10, 2017)

According to a more recently updated report (HERE) at Click on Detroit, Police believe Woll was attacked inside her home and stumbled out to the yard afterward, where she was found much later. White said there were no signs of forced entry at her home and Woll was found with her wallet and phone on her. Sources have said Woll did not have any defensive wounds. She reportedly attended a wedding Friday night and believed to have returned home aboout 12:30 Saturday morning.

Detroit police Chief James White stated multiple times that police do not believe Woll’s death was a hate crime



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These are Bradleys from the U.S. Army’s 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Calvary Division that are rotating into Poland as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. They were unloaded at Vlissingen at the start of January.

VIDEO 8:  World Economic Forum speaker touts benefits of 1 billion people quitting meat – Siemens AG chairman Jim Hagemann said the move would have a ‘big impact’ and inspire innovation (FOX)

By Peter Barry Chowka

Highly recommended is a series of programs on the Fox News channel that continues on Sunday, December 9 from 8-9 P.M. E.T./P.T.  It’s the second episode of the second season of the occasional documentary series Scandalous.  Season two, which continues for two more Sundays after December 9, concerns lingering questions about the 1969 scandal involving the late Sen. Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy (D-Mass.) that essentially short-circuited his seemingly inevitable path to the presidency.  Not well remembered now, the scandal a half-century ago was also depicted in a dramatic feature film, titled Chappaquiddick, that premiered in theaters last April and bombed at the box office (only $18 million in ticket sales versus a $34-million budget).

Fox News Channel graphic for Scandalous: Chappaquiddick

The story of Kennedy’s actions resulting in the death of 28-year-old campaign aide Mary Jo Kopechne more than merits the new, detailed look that Scandalous: Chappaquiddick is giving  it.  Last winter, season one of Scandalous presented seven hour-long episodes about the scandals of Bill and Hillary Clinton leading up to the 42nd president’s impeachment by the House of Representatives and trial in the Senate in 1999.  It was a serious, hard-hitting, compelling, and mostly objective production featuring 45 new interviews with many of the principals and journalists who covered the events, a wealth of archival video, and excellent narration by Bruce McGill.  The first season of Scandalous performed well in the ratings.

The story of Chappaquiddick seems like a logical follow-up to the Clinton scandals.  As a news release emailed to journalists by Fox News on November 28 noted:

This second season will spotlight the personal tragedy and political drama that enveloped the United States in the summer of 1969, turning the island of “Chappaquiddick” into a household name. The program will chronicle the perspective of many of those involved, along with the journalists who covered the puzzling accident that left the political career of the late Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy tarnished and led to the death of campaign strategist Mary Jo Kopechne. Through archival footage, records and never-before seen photos, the series will revisit the daily twists and turns of the drama that first captivated the world nearly 50 years ago.

The first episode of Scandalous: Chappaquiddick, “The Bridge,” which premiered in December 2, was excellent. It was a riveting, factually-based chronological review of the day and night of the 1969 accident that almost ended Sen. Edward Kennedy’s political career. Parts 2-4 beginning with the December 9th 8 PM ET/PT showing of part 2, promises to advance the story in a dramatic and compelling way.

On December 6th, a representative of Fox News provided a description of Scandalous: Chappaquiddick, Season 2 Episode 2:

FOX News Channel’s (FNC) docu-series Scandalous: Chappaquiddick continues with episode two entitled, “A Tiger by the Tail” on Sunday, December 9th at 8PM/ET. This week’s episode will dive deep into the aftermath of the summer night that led to the discovery of Senator Ted Kennedy’s car and campaign strategist Mary Jo Kopechne’s body submerged in the water off a small one-lane bridge. With the Kopechne family grieving the loss of Mary Jo, Kennedy’s team of advisors work to devise a plan to save the Senator’s career and his presidential aspirations all while keeping the media in the dark. With pressure mounting, Kennedy breaks his silence by addressing the American public in a live speech on national television, however the controversial speech led to an official investigation into Mary Jo’s death. An extended director’s cut version containing additional footage and longer guest interviews will be available on FOX Nation [the new online subscription service that complements the Fox News channel], Sunday at 8:05PM/ET.

The Background

In the early 1970s, I made the first of many trips to Martha’s Vineyard, when the Chappaquiddick story was still fresh in the minds of local residents, even though the rest of the country had largely moved on.  Most of the Vineyarders whom I spoke with over 45 years ago were of the opinion that Kennedy had gotten away with murder.

Late on the evening of Friday, July 18, 1969, a party at a small rented cottage on the remote, rural island of Chappaquiddick, separated by a churning 500-foot wide body of water from the main island of Martha’s Vineyard, was winding down.  The partygoers were six single women in their twenties who had worked for Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-N.Y.), who had been assassinated the year before; six older men, including Ted Kennedy; and several male Democratic campaign strategists.

Around midnight, Kennedy left the party with Kopechne, who, he said later, wanted a ride back to her hotel in Edgartown on the Vineyard.  But Kopechne left her hotel key and purse behind at the cottage.  The other attendees at the party were planning on spending the rest of the night at the rented cottage.

Supposedly taking a wrong turn from the two-lane paved road on the way to the ferry, Kennedy wound up heading in the opposition direction along a one-lane dirt road toward an isolated beach.  Approaching the beach, the Oldsmobile sedan Kennedy was driving veered off the small Dyke Bridge and became submerged in the Poucha Pond below.  Kennedy escaped and said later that he repeatedly dove into the water in search of Kopechne, who remained trapped inside the vehicle.  Inexplicably, after giving up, Kennedy did not report the accident, but instead walked back to the cottage, where he conferred privately with several of his closest aides, who also failed to report the accident.

 Small three-car capacity ferry running from Martha’s Vineyard toward Chappaquiddick Island on May 12, 2004.  This is the body of water that Kennedy swam in the early morning hours of July 19, 1969 to get back to his hotel after the accident at Dyke Bridge. 
Photograph © by Peter Barry Chowka.

Without informing the other partygoers about what had just happened, the aides drove Kennedy back to the accident scene, where they said they made additional unsuccessful attempts to locate and free Kopechne from the still submerged car.  They then drove Kennedy to the deserted and now closed Chappaquiddick ferry landing, and he wound up swimming across the channel back to the Vineyard and spent the rest of the night at his hotel.  The next morning, after making a series of calls from pay phones to confer with some of his top political advisers or fixers around the country, Kennedy finally reported the accident to police.  By the time rescuers reached the car, Kopechne had expired – but not from drowning.  

According to People magazine (December 29, 2017):

“I know she suffocated when her oxygen ran out,” the diver [who removed Kopechne’s body from Kennedy’s car], John Farrar, said in Senatorial Privilege: The Chappaquiddick Cover-up, a 1988 book about the incident by Leo Damore. “She didn’t drown.”

Farrar claimed that Kopechne could have been alive for some time after the accident and alleges that she could have been saved if Ted had summoned the police earlier. “She could have lived a good while after the car went off the bridge,” Farrar said in Senatorial Privilege.

The district attorney’s request for a belated autopsy was opposed by Ted’s camp and by Kopechne’s parents at the time. It was rejected by a Pennsylvania judge following a hearing.

A Slap on the Wrist

The subsequent legal proceedings and a variety of journalistic accounts over the years also suggested that if the accident had been reported in a timely manner, Kopechne might have survived.  Incredibly, Kennedy was not charged criminally with vehicular manslaughter; instead, he was given a slap on the wrist – allowed to plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident causing personal injury, a misdemeanor for which he received a two-month suspended jail sentence and had his driver’s license suspended for six months.

 Mary Jo Kopechne’s late 1960s passport photo

This account is a bare-bones summary of an outrageous and tragic event and its aftermath that were essentially wrapped (or covered) up in little more than one week.  Meanwhile, the country was preoccupied with and distracted by the breaking news about the first successful landing of two American astronauts on the Moon that was occurring at the same time.  The questions that the Chappaquiddick incident raised about Kennedy’s character and behavior that night in July 1969, however, dogged him for the rest of his life.  The incident further embellished his reputation as an out-of-control womanizer, and he was unsuccessful in his only serious try at the presidency, when he challenged incumbent President Jimmy Carter for the Democratic Party’s nomination in 1980.

Although he never made it to the Oval Office, Kennedy’s career in the U.S. Senate lasted for over 40 more years until the day he died from a brain tumor in 2009.  Over time, the details of the 1969 incident at Chappaquiddick largely faded, and Kennedy – in life and after his death – was lauded by Democrats and Republicans alike, constantly celebrated and honored as the “Lion of the Senate.”  Hopefully, Scandalous: Chappaquiddick‘s new four-hour-long deconstruction of the events almost a half-century ago will add some much needed clarity to the hagiographic, airbrushed revision of the real history that has dominated political discourse ever since.

Peter Barry Chowka writes about politics, media, popular culture, and health care for American Thinker and other publications.  Follow him on Twitter at @pchowka.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

I understand what the family of Seth Rich is feeling better than most, as I too lost a close family member to a homicide that went unsolved for five years. Near the five-year anniversary of my uncle’s murder, my family hired a private investigator; it was me. More accurately, it was my PI firm led by me and my partner. Six months later, an arrest was made. The perpetrator was convicted in a jury trial, and is now spending the remainder of his life in prison.

I lived with the pain of my family. I saw it up close, especially with every news update that we gave. I watched my father hold back tears as we discussed the case in private. I saw and at times, was the recipient of his anger and angst, and from other family members as well, as the private life of my uncle was laid bare by the media. Accordingly, I feel I can write with some authority about the unsolved murder of Seth Rich and the publicity surrounding it.

A decade later and as my father lay dying of cancer, less than a week before his death, I was sitting next to him in the quiet of his home. It was one of those father-son moments for which Hallmark makes no cards. It was sheer reality, in all of its brutality. It was a time when true feelings can no longer be hidden, when every second is more precious than the last. My father was more lucid than I had seen him in a while when he spoke to me about his brother, my uncle, who had been savagely murdered, and my role in solving the case.

“I never really said thank you,” he said just above a whisper.

“For what?” I asked. A tear formed in his eye as he pointed to a picture of my uncle.

“For helping the family. For the work you did. It was a horrible time, but it brought the family closer. Thank you for that,” he said as he drifted back into a morphine-induced sleep.

Resolution of this case is critical not just for the sake of justice, but for the nation

That was one of the last coherent conversations I had with my dad. He died 4 days later.

I feel for the family of Seth Rich. It brings back painful memories. However, the resolution of this case is critical not just for the sake of justice, but for the nation.

Without an honest investigation and arrest, Seth Rich will have no justice, the family no peace, and the nation no answers. I understand the pain. I also understand the stakes.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Until we demand accountability and forsake all else for the truth without fear of marginalization, without fear of retaining our lifestyles and living standards, and with the personal honesty and integrity expected of us by our Creator, we will continue to be deceived unto our deaths.

Doug Hagmann

It was on a hot and humid Washington afternoon exactly 21 years ago today that the lifeless body of Vincent W. Foster, deputy White House counsel and personal attorney to both President William Jefferson Clinton and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was found in Fort Marcy Park, located on the outskirts of Washington, DC. The cause of death was a single gunshot wound to his head fired from a small caliber weapon.

The cause of his death was officially ruled as a suicide, and except for a small number of truth-seeking investigators, the case has long been closed. This, despite the forensic evidence that is indicative of homicide, and the proven fact that individuals tampered with not only the crime scene, but the office and personal effects of Mr. Foster.

Considering the seriousness of the news headlines of today, it is reasonable to ask why valuable print space should be given to an apparent tragic incident that happened over two decades ago, and recalled only by people now reaching “middle age.” The reason, I contend, is that the American people were sold—and readily bought into—a lie with regard to the death of Mr. Foster.

Of critical importance, it was a lie perpetrated by many of the very same people who still hold the reins of power and influence inside and outside of the DC Beltway. It is an incident, one of many, that is reflective of a continuing course of criminal conduct by our elected leaders and appointed officials. It is an illustration of the ineffectiveness of a so-called free press, or worse, its collusion with leadership to hold the government accountable on behalf of the American people they are supposed to serve. It is an example of how we, as Americans, possess short attention spans. It is an illustration of how the majority of Americans so readily accept absurd explanations to avoid the embarrassment of being labeled a member of the “conspiracy fringe.” It is an illustration of how many political pundits with large audiences have squandered, or perhaps more accurately abused their platforms by deliberately being misleading or even being AWOL in holding those in power accountable for their lawlessness.

The blatant lies surrounding the death of Vince Foster

The blatant lies surrounding the death of Vince Foster over two decades ago, left unchecked by the corporate controlled media, partisan pundits on both sides of the political spectrum, and the “average” American’s acceptance of those lies, however readily or reluctant, have collectively emboldened the criminal cabal within our government to continue their malevolent agenda. We see the results of this in today’s headlines.

Today, some Americans are finally voicing their outrage over the lawlessness of the IRS, the attack in Benghazi, Libya, that exposed the largest weapons running operation in history in direct violation of U.S. and international criminal law under the Clinton State Department, and other headlines of horror. Yet, these very same people, whether they occupy positions behind a podium, a microphone, or a keyboard, remained silent about the glaring inconsistencies associated with the death of a high ranking White House official.

Why, then, should we expect anything different from this same clique of criminals and their fact-challenged facilitators today?

These are the same people who have readily embraced the forgery of the Renegade-in-Chief’s bona fides of constitutional eligibility, calling us “birthers,” racists and bigots for merely demanding the truth amid a sea of lies. From the Foster murder to the Obama eligibility issue and every criminal activity between and beyond, many pseudo-conservatives have chosen the path of least resistance for the sake of their careers and the futures promised to them, selecting silence over exposure, misdirection over truth. Their search of the truth, if at all, has been placating and gratuitous.

At least the push from the Progressives has been more transparent in its deceptiveness. The Progressives, or those closest to the Renegade-in-Chief and his assembly of anarchists, and those who have made him their messiah, shamelessly lie with impunity. Without even the slightest objection from a captured and castrated press, they look into the cameras and tell Americans that our borders are secure, the economy is recovering, and the planet has never been as peaceful as it is today. Much like the forensics relating to the murder of Vince Foster, their assertions remain unchallenged.

The situation would be almost laughable if it were not so serious. It would be the subject of mockery if our future, and the future of our children and grandchildren, did not hang in the balance.

When an individual or group is given the ability to kill with impunity and manipulate the media through collusion or coercion, while permitted by the people to remain in positions of power, we should not be surprised by our descent into tyranny. In many ways, our descent is with our consent, either by commission or omission.

Until we demand accountability and forsake all else for the truth without fear of marginalization, without fear of retaining our lifestyles and living standards, and with the personal honesty and integrity expected of us by our Creator, we will continue to be deceived unto our deaths.

It’s been 21 years since the murder of Vincent Foster, yet we have never been told the truth about his death. Obviously, the liars and their lies existed for decades previous and in the decades since. By not demanding the truth then, before, or after, the purveyors of perjury have only accelerated their perversion of truth.

We must stop “fostering” the lies.

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