Tony Bobulinski, the former business partner of Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his brother James Biden in their dealings with China (2015-2017) while Joseph Biden was VP and influenced foreign policy, is scheduled to testify before the House Impeachment Committee tomorrow. In the process, Hunter Biden and his associates – allegedly including then Vice President Joseph Biden – received $9 million from CEFC, the Chinese energy company with links to the Chinese military. The entire story is exquisetly laid out in a report from Miranda Devine in the New York Post HERE.

Concurrent with the Biden family’s treasonous policy of selling US influence with Communist China for personal enrichment, it’s equally important to recall Hunter Biden’s ties to Ukraine via Burisma. The following FBI document (FD-1023) is dated June 30, 2020, and contains first-hand information about the Hunter-Joe Biden plan of personal enrichment at the expense of the United States. The Department of Justice was loathe to turn over the document, but ultimately did so in redacted form. PLEASE READ THE DOCUMENT BELOW – AND SHARE THIS COLUMN (& the New York Post report) WITH OTHERS.

Ukraine/Burisma – Hunter Biden is “not smart” but needed for access to Joe Biden & US

Some key excerpts:

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